What is Margarine? Is it harmful? How is it done?

What is Margarine

Margarine: The Secret to Crispy Recipes

Margarine, which is one of the indispensable products of kitchens with its fragrant and unique taste, is one of the main ingredients of many recipes. One of the first names that come to mind when oil is mentioned, margarine also draws attention with its high nutritional value.

Although margarine resembles butter with its appearance, they are different products. However, in recent years, margarines with similar flavors and properties to butter have also been introduced to the market. Although margarine is generally seen as a complementary element to recipes , it is actually an important ingredient that adds flavor and consistency to the dish.

Breakfast Pancakes Recipe

What is Margarine?

  • Derived from the word margaron, which means pearl in the Greek language, margarine is remarkable for being a truly valuable product. It is difficult to imagine a kitchen without margarine, which is made from ingredients such as cottonseed oil and soy.
  • There are varieties of margarine that can be spread on bread and eaten for breakfast, as well as edible varieties. Margarine, which is also used to make pastries, is also a popular food.
  • It would be correct to say that margarine oil, which is the leading oil among the oil types, is perhaps the most used type.
  • If you want to say what is margarine and what its structure is when it is examined from the perspective of biology, first of all, it is necessary to briefly talk about the oil groups.
  • Fats are divided into saturated fats, which are usually solid, and unsaturated fats, which are usually liquid.
  • For the question of whether margarine is a vegetable, we can say that it is generally 60-70% vegetable.
  • margarine; It is produced by adding skimmed milk, water, vitamins, milk proteins to vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, canola and palm.

What are the Harms of Margarine?

  • Although margarine has been in a unique position in the kitchens for years with the taste it adds to the dishes, some harmful aspects can be seen. “Is margarine harmful?” The subject matter differs according to the individuals and their bodies. For people who need to stay away from fatty foods, margarine can cause various harms.
  • “Why is margarine harmful?” When the question is examined, it is seen that the situation is related to the production process. Although the oils, which are the raw materials of margarine, have vegetable properties, the production process is synthetic and artificial. As a result, it can cause adverse conditions such as heart disease over time.
  • Raising the cholesterol rate is another negative effect. It can reduce the milk of new mothers. Considering these reasons, it is necessary to be careful about the consumption of margarine.
  • “Is margarine unsaturated fat?” The question may also come to mind. As with all types of fat, this product also contains both saturated and unsaturated fats.

How Is Margarine Made?

  • Margarine has an important place in world history. Margarine production started years ago as a result of the search for a product to replace butter.
  • During the preparation of margarine, various oils become different as a result of chemical applications. After this process, a yeast-like result is obtained.
  • Classical margarine making can be explained in this way.
  • Today, with the advancement of technology, this process has become faster and easier.
  • After the chemical processes, cooling and thickening stages, the packaging process begins. In this way, margarine that we often see in markets and grocery stores are formed.

What are the Ingredients of Margarine?

  • Margarine is formed as a result of the combination of different types of oils, water and non-fat milk . It is fair to say that most of the product contains oil.
  • Those who want to get to know margarine better will answer the question “Is margarine animal or vegetable?” she might be wondering. As an answer to the question, it should be said that margarine has vegetable content.
  • “What is margarine raw material?” The answer to the question can be explained in the form of vegetable oils. Especially cotton oil and soybean ratio is quite high.
  • “Why is margarine made?” When the question is examined, it is seen that water, milk, sweetener and aromas are intense. Of course, the biggest ingredient is oil

How Many Calories in Margarine?

  • When the calorie value of margarine is examined, it is seen that it contains 710 calories per 100 grams.
  • A gram of margarine is around 7 calories.
  • Since margarine is high in calories, it is important to adjust the amount consumed correctly.
  • As a result of adding too much to the food, negative conditions such as weight gain may occur.
  • The caloric value of margarine in question is especially seen in industrial type margarines.
  • Among the benefits of margarine, the energy it gives to people who consume it is remarkable.
  • In addition, it is another useful aspect of being in an ideal condition in terms of vitamin and mineral properties.

How to Melt Margarine?

  • Since margarine has a soft consistency and is suitable for melting, it can be melted without much effort. If you keep the margarine you buy from the market at room temperature for a while, you can see that it will reach a melted state in a short time.
  • As a different alternative, you can choose to melt the margarine in the pan.
  • Add margarine to the pan you have brought to medium heat and wait for a while, and you will see that the product enters the melting mode.
  • When necessary, the bain-marie melting method can also be used, but generally, margarine is melted in a pan or directly in a saucepan.

What to Use Instead of Margarine?

  • Butter is almost the only alternative to margarine.
  • Since margarine is a product of vegetable origin and butter is a product of animal origin, both can provide the desired satiety in pastries and cakes, although there is a difference in aroma and taste.
  • Using oil instead of margarine is not recommended because oil cannot give the fullness of margarine, especially to pastry recipes.
  • If the butter is to be used as a margarine alternative, you should first keep in mind that the smell of the two will be different.
  • While the fat ratio of butter is 80% on average, this ratio can vary in margarine.
  • Considering this situation, it would be good to adjust the number of other materials.
  • For those who have cholesterol problems and those who are trying to lose weight, the use of margarine may be prohibited. In these cases, if you can’t give up on pastries, you can try margarine-free cookie recipes.
  • Of course, you can’t get the taste of margarine cookies, but you can meet your sweet cravings in a lighter way.

Is Margarine Halal?

  • One may wonder whether margarine is permissible, that is, is there any religious objection to cooking margarine?
  • “Is margarine haram?” Those who think of the question can consume any type of margarine without hesitation. It is only necessary to examine the ingredient section on the product and pay attention to whether there is lard.
  • Since lard is haram, products containing this substance should not be consumed.
  • However, the issue of halal certification should also be examined. This certificate is given specifically to some products.
  • The foods with the said approval can be added to the recipes with peace of mind, considering that they are halal.

Does Margarine Deteriorate?

  • Since breakfast margarine types contain substances such as milk powder, they can spoil in a shorter time.
  • If a yellowish color starts to form on the margarine, you can understand that it is spoiled.
  • As the amount of deterioration increases, the color becomes more pronounced and a thick layer is seen to form.
  • The change in smell and color of margarine along with its external appearance is a sign that it has deteriorated.
  • After a period of about ten days, it is understood that the margarine is spoiled. In order to use it for a longer time, you can put the margarine in the freezer section.

How Much Margarine Price?

  • Since margarine is an extremely popular product, its prices are also economical. It is possible to find margarine in many places, from large markets to neighborhood grocery stores. Prices vary according to margarine type and brands.
  • The value of margarine products, which start with an average of 3-4 TL , increases according to the amount.
  • Some brands are campaigning by selling two margarine packages together. Olive oil and butter varieties are also sold. “How many grams of margarine should be purchased?” The answer to the question depends on the recipes to be made.
  • Margarine price also varies with factors such as whether the product is packaged or in a box, and whether it is close to the taste of butter.

Fragrant Recipes That Double the Flavor with Margarine

When margarine is used in the right amount, it will add extra flavor to any recipe you make. You can also feel that it helps the dough to have a good consistency.

1) Curd Cheese Pastry with a Margarine Touch

Poğaça is a classic recipe that many people love to consume. It makes you feel very pleasant to taste the pastries, where you will feel the delicious taste of curd cheese, accompanied by delicious buttermilk chilled in the refrigerator.

Margarine pastry

2) Make the trenches you see in the patisseries at home

You should definitely remember the cheese and olive trenches that you add to your table for breakfast by buying patisserie from places. You can easily open it at home by following the steps in the link.

3) Wonderful Yeast Pastry Recipe with Margarine

It is easy to create a pastry with a soft consistency inside and outside. When the aroma and smell of margarine are combined with the ingredients, a flavor is created that you and your children will love to consume. You can also serve it to your guests with coffee or fruit juice.


4) One of the Most Ideal Uses of Margarine: Classic Cake Recipe

One of the indispensable ingredients in cake making is margarine. It is possible to achieve a better consistency with the help of margarine you add to the cakes. While tasting the cake recipe in which you will feel the heartwarming smell of margarine, you will also see the effect of oil on other ingredients.

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