Calories in Hamburger: How Many Calories in Which Hamburger?

Calories in Hamburger

Prepared with meatballs, chicken or fish fillet or nuggets, hamburger is a kind of fast food product that has long been established in our culture. Hamburger patty is served with lettuce, tomato, fresh, caramelized or crispy onions, pickles and cheese in 2 slices of pastry bread called hamburger bread. If you say we already know these, we say let’s examine the short history of the hamburger with interesting information, what do you think? So that we know what we are eating…

What if we say that there is a trace of Central Asian lands at the source of the hamburger? Hamburger meat, known as Tatar beef, was a type of meat frequently consumed by Tatar communities living in the Central Asian steppes. At that time, Tatar society consumed meat raw. During the war, the meat in the horse saddle somehow became cooked and softer during the rush. Seeing this, the Tatar soldiers realized that the meat could be eaten more easily, and added onions and spices to enrich this meat.

So, how did Tatar beef turn into hamburger? A merchant from Hamburg, who went to Central Asia for trade at that time, discovered this steak and served it as Hamburg steak in Germany. Afterwards, Hamburg steak was changed to Hamburger, meaning belonging to Hamburg. It turned out to be a fast food that spread to America and then to the whole world by German immigrants.

Well, how many calories are in an easy-to-reach hamburger, which has almost become a habit today, can be found at every price in many cafes, restaurants and fast food chains? Hamburger calorie values ​​have been collected in this article, enjoyable reading!

How Many Calories in Hamburger?

As can be expected, it is a very high calorie food with the excess of ingredients, hamburger bread prepared with white flour and the fat content in its meat. Of course, it will be healthier if you prepare the hamburger, which attracts some doubts about mass production, freshness and hygiene, in your own kitchen.

The nutritional value of a classic medium-sized hamburger prepared with hamburger patties, lettuce, tomato, cheese; It contains 37.78 g carbohydrates, 13.34 g protein, 11.62 g fat, 3.04 g fiber, 52.73 g cholesterol, 255.52 mg sodium, 329. 83 mg potassium, 48.02 mg calcium, 119.92 iu vitamin A, 11.45 mg vitamin C, 2.5 iron. Since it contains dangerous values ​​​​in terms of cholesterol, fat and carbohydrates, it is beneficial for those who are on a diet to consume it carefully and in open intervals.

So, how many calories in a hamburger? How many calories in a hamburger? Let’s examine:

  • How many calories in 1 hamburger? 1 medium size (190 gr) hamburger 313 kcal
  • 100 grams of hamburger 165 kcal

How Many Calories in a Wet Hamburger?

The type of hamburger that is consumed quite frequently in sandwich buffets and small fast food shops, peddlers and hamburger restaurants is the wet hamburger. Hamburger bread and meatballs soaked in tomato, garlic and tomato paste sauce are served hot. Unfortunately, the calorie value of this hamburger, which is consumed with pleasure, especially at night, does not make you smile as much as its taste. So, how many calories in a wet hamburger?

  • 1 wet hamburger 400 kcal

How Many Calories in Hamburger Bread?

Since hamburger bread, which is one of the main ingredients of hamburger, is prepared with white flour, it has a high glycemic index and calorie. Due to its high glycemic index, it mixes quickly with the blood and raises blood sugar quickly. Although it is prepared with large portions and plenty of ingredients, it has low satiety quality in this respect. If it is to be prepared at home, whole wheat flour, wholemeal flour or gluten-free flour can be preferred. So, how many calories in hamburger buns?

  • 1 (42 grams) hamburger bun 142 kcal
  • Homemade 1 portion of hamburger buns (50 g) 135 kcal
  • Sesame ready-made hamburger buns (85 gr) 239 kcal

How Many Calories in Hamburger Patties?

Frozen and shaped hamburger patties are sold in the markets as discs. If you wish, you can also prepare healthy hamburger patties in your own home. Hamburger patties, which are ideal in terms of protein value, can be consumed by frying and placing them between hamburger buns. So, how many calories are in a hamburger patty?

  • 1 (45 gr) hamburger patty 28 kcal
  • 1 pack (100 gr) hamburger patty 62 kcal

How Many Calories in McDonald’s Hamburger?

The world-famous fast food chain McDonald’s produces hamburgers suitable for the tastes of many countries with its hamburger menus. Different hamburgers are frequently consumed in our country, from cheap and low-material hamburgers to expensive and abundant menus. It is a food that those on a diet should avoid, as it can cause many dangerous diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, vascular occlusion and so on. So, how many calories in McDonalds hamburger?

  • 1 piece (98 gr) McDonald’s hamburger 245 kcal

How Many Calories in Chicken Hamburger?

Meatballs prepared with red meat do not appeal to your taste, you can not give up chicken meat or you may be looking for different varieties. Of course, fast food businesses offer a solution for this as well. You can choose the ‘chicken (chicken) burger’ menus prepared with chicken fillet and nuggets. Hamburgers prepared with chicken meat can also be diversified with additional ingredients, just like the others. So how many calories are in a chicken burger?

  • 1 medium (245 gr) chicken hamburger with cheese 404 kcal

How Many Calories in Hamburger Menu?

In the list below, you can find the calorie values ​​of the best-selling hamburgers in fast food chains:

Burger King Hamburger Calories

  • Whoper 659.57 kcal
  • Double Whoper 871.67 kcal
  • Whoper Jr. 349.38 kcal
  • Double Meatball Burger 460,30 kcal
  • Big King 600.69 kcal
  • Texas Smokehouse 804.06 kcal
  • BK Steakhouse 815.94 kcal
  • Chicken Royale 612.44 kcal
  • King Chicken 471.34 kcal
  • Double King Chicken 599.76 kcal
  • Chicken Burger 448.0 kcal
  • King Fillet Chicken 575.19
  • Cheeseburger 313.09 kcal


  • Small Coke 105.25 kcal
  • Medium Coke 168.40 kcal
  • Large Coke 210.51 kcal
  • King Coke 315.76 kcal


  • Small potatoes 213.86 kcal
  • Medium potato 335.24 kcal
  • Large potatoes 410.38 kcal
  • King size potato 491,30 kcal


  • Ketchup 21.24 kcal
  • Mayonnaise 66.50 kcal
  • Mustard 20.16 kcal

McDonald’s Hamburger Menu Calorie Values

  • Big Mac, medium potato, 400 ml cola 940 kcal
  • McChicken, medium potato, 400 ml cola 900 kcal
  • Quarter Pounder, medium potato, 400 ml cola 980 kcal
  • Mc Royal, medium potato, 400 ml cola 990 kcal
  • Double Meatballsburger, medium fries, 400 ml cola 949 kcal
  • Double Cheeseburger, medium fries, 400 ml cola 890 kcal
  • Double Quarter Pounder, medium potato, 400 ml cola 1294 kcal
  • Double McChicken, medium potato, 400 ml cola 1170 kcal

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