Knowing the properties and benefits of the food you eat is of the utmost importance so that you can manage a balanced and highly effective diet to prevent and cure many ailments and obtain health , in this opportunity you will know everything about broccoli , a marvel of green color that Nature has gifted us to meet the needs of vitamin C and manage to fight free radicals through its antioxidants , as well as against anemia thanks to its high nutritional content .

Broccoli Properties

Cataloged as the emblematic food of today’s healthy food , broccoli is perfectly rooted in Mediterranean gastronomic culture since Roman times, achieving significant and extraordinary contributions of vitamin C as well as folic acid and vitamin A. In addition to maintaining excellent amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium, copper, iodine and the entire vitamin B complex, which is why it is especially favorable for combating iron -deficiency anemia and many types of cancer .

In addition to this wide range of healthy and necessary substances, broccoli is a low-calorie food, so it does not represent any type of danger to gain weight and its sulfur compounds , among which sulforaphane stands out, which does not allow precancerous cells can mutate to malignant and inducing diseased cells to die, slowing down or eliminating the progress of any tumor.

Broccoli as a multi-benefit food

In addition to being an incomparable gastronomic ingredient capable of providing you with an immense variety of possibilities for your dishes, broccoli is indicated for a large number of situations, such as its anti-carcinogenic, anti-anemic , thyroid function-reducing, intestinal transit-regulating and protective effects. of the digestive system .

Excellent protector against cancer

Numerous studies demonstrate its effective protection against cancer cases, in addition to providing you with great chemoprotection capable of neutralizing the various chemical agents that cause many types of cancer. It also contains glucosinolates capable of stimulating the immune system so that it achieves an efficient elimination of the cells that cause tumors.

Likewise, being a hormonal regulator, this vegetable allows estrogen levels in women’s blood to remain within accepted limits, thus reducing the chances of breast cancer.

A natural antibiotic

Broccoli acts at the stomach level as an effective natural antibiotic , managing to radically reduce the presence of the harmful Helicobacter pylori , one of the main causes of stomach ulcers.

Say goodbye to anemia

Thanks to its high content of iron, folic acid and chlorophyll , it is an outstanding food in the fight against anemia caused by iron deficiency. This also allows the body to have a correct production of red blood cells and thus maintain first-class health.

Regulates annoying menopausal symptoms

A food of great help for women in the menopausal stage , thanks to the fact that broccoli contains phytoestrogens, ideal compounds to give you a perfect antiestrogenic action which allows you to reduce the annoying symptoms of this stage of female life.

A perfect cleanser

Those who consume broccoli on a regular basis are helping the liver directly, since this vegetable exerts a highly complex hepatic action capable of achieving an incredible purification of accumulated toxins in the body. This purifying and eliminating action of these accumulated harmful products allows the liver to reduce its work, achieving a much greater effectiveness in its performance.

Broccoli and its nutritional value

It is very important to know in detail the nutritional value of this food, this will allow you to achieve great effectiveness by being certain of the calories and nutrients and being able to determine the exact amounts for an effective and precise diet.

For every 100 grams of broccoli you can have:

  • Calories: 35 calories (142 kJ)
  • Carbohydrates: 6.6 grams
  • Fats: 3.2 distributed between Omega 3 and omega 6
  • Folate: 62 mcg
  • Fiber: 2.7 grams
  • Sugar: 1.6 grams
  • Vitamin A: 624 IU
  • Protein: 2.7 grams
  • Vitamin C: 89.1 milligrams
  • Iron: 0.69mg
  • Vitamin K: 103mcg
  • Potassium: 315mg
  • Calcium: 48.0mg

Broccoli as the perfect ally in the kitchen

In addition to providing flavor and color, broccoli is magnificent for achieving recipes of great nutritional value and of great simplicity, thanks to its great contribution of nutrients, minerals and vitamins and that allows great flexibility to be used in simple dishes as well as in complex ones. and of course for remineralizing and depurative diets .

One factor that comes down to cooking time

If you want broccoli to flood your body with its multiple benefits , you must cook it respectfully and without abusing it, since its healthy compounds, such as glucosinolates, are highly sensitive to heat and are also soluble in water. For this reason, it is feasible to lose half of its properties if you cook it for more than 10 minutes and preserve them to the maximum through rapid cooking or in the form of sprouts.

The ideal is to consume it steamed, achieving cooking times that do not exceed 7 minutes and use olive oil, lemon juice, aromatic herbs and ground pepper. You can also add it as a moderately sautéed garnish very much in the Asian style and dress it with ginger , enhancing its benefits and preserving all its qualities.

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