Breakfasts that you can surprise your loved ones with: 15 recipes from Eat at Home


When Valentine’s Day approaches, most of us remember that we haven’t pleased a loved one with attention for a long time. The Eat at Home team wants to remind you that the best way to express love is to cook a delicious dish with your own hands and, of course, say a few nice words. An unusual breakfast will help to cheer you up in the morning. 

Let scrambled eggs and sausage sandwiches wait – get acquainted with a selection of special breakfasts and delight your loved ones with them, whether it’s a weekend or a weekday.

Oatmeal with spinach

A savory version of oatmeal that lovers of porridge for breakfast will appreciate. In this recipe, you will not find sugar and berries, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of cheese, avocado and eggs. Delicious, balanced and unusual!

Quesadilla with egg

A quesadilla is a Mexican fast food snack that consists of a tortilla stuffed and pan fried. Quesadillas with egg and salami are a great option for breakfast.

Caucasian scrambled eggs kukyu

Kyukyu is a cute name for a dish of eggs lightly beaten and mixed with chopped herbs. And for a more interesting taste, we recommend adding cheese. By the way, not only the composition is important for this dish, but also the serving – prepare neat baking tins.

Apfeltash – apple omelette

You definitely haven’t tried this omelet yet! In fact, this dish is a quick apple pie in a pan. For a bright aroma, do not spare cinnamon. 

Yorkshire pudding

Traditional English pudding is made from batter and served with roast beef and gravy. The pudding turns out to be neutral in taste, somewhat reminiscent of pancakes, so you can eat it with sweet or unsweetened topping. Alternatively, you can take curd cheese and fresh berries or red fish and ham – be guided by your taste..

Viennese waffles with cherries

Even the simplest dish will sparkle in a new way, if you add a twist to it. The whole point of these waffles is in cherry sauce. Be sure to try!

Cottage cheese casserole with banana

Such a casserole is good both for a festive menu and for a quiet breakfast in the circle of loved ones. Everything is perfect in it: fragrant, healthy and beautiful! Garnish with honey and nuts if desired.

Mini pancakes for breakfast

Mini-pancakes do not differ in taste from ordinary pancakes, but they delight both adults and children with their appearance. Surprise your significant other with this cute breakfast dish.

Lacy pancakes on kefir

A simple recipe for pancakes on kefir. Products are thin and lacy. Serve with banana, strawberries and chocolate spread. 

Chocolate pancakes with sour cream

Chocolate pancakes soaked in sour cream transform from an everyday dish into a festive dessert. Here it is important not only to follow the recipe during cooking, but also to try during the assembly process so that the dish looks beautiful.

Liver cream with cranberry jelly

The technology for making such a pate is a little more complicated than usual. Make the base and jelly the night before and serve chilled in the morning. A loved one will definitely appreciate the efforts!

Bruschetta with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Hearty omelet-based bruschettas with curd cheese, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. Agree, this is much more interesting than the usual scrambled eggs.

Salad with poached egg and avocado

Who said that salad is not the place for breakfast? Especially when it has avocado and poached egg in it. Buy good cherry tomatoes and pine nuts – they perfectly emphasize the main ingredients.

Coffee with figs

If you like coffee and experiments, then this recipe will allow you to take a fresh look at the traditional drink. Coffee is quite sweet, slightly tart and very aromatic.

lingonberry tea

Lingonberry tea with juniper, ginger and orange will invigorate you in the early morning and please the eye with a pleasant pink tint. 

Of course, we all know that you don’t need a reason to be happy. But people are so arranged that from time to time they forget about it. Perhaps that is why any holidays are so valuable – both our state and foreign ones. February 14 is just another reason to move away from the routine and fill life with new colors. We wish everyone delicious pancakes and waffles, and certainly with cherry sauce!

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