Almond Paste Calories and Nutritional Value, Benefits, How to Make?

Almond Paste

Almost everyone knows the almond fruit, which is called cagla when fresh, as a dried nut. There are 5 known types of almonds included in dried nut dishes. When you want to consume it fresh, it is known as cagla, which is sold on street corners with mobile carts. When it is out of season, it comes to our table in dried form, as nuts. After a little processing, it leaves a delicious taste on the palate as almond paste .

We are a country with a culinary culture that makes pastes, jams and compotes of every fruit. Of course, we cannot leave almonds alone. We have prepared this article to introduce you to almond paste, a flavor originating from the Ottoman culinary culture. Let’s take a detailed journey about almond paste, which was frequently made in Edirne during the Ottoman period and consumed as a source of healing.

How to make almond paste with a traditional recipe, almond paste calories and nutritional information, and even the benefits of almond paste will be waiting for you in this article!


What is Almond Paste?

  • Marzipan, a flavor originating from the Ottoman Empire, has created a culture integrated with Edirne.
  • When it comes to almond paste, Edirne comes to mind first.
  • Since it does not contain flour, it offers a healthy dessert choice.
  • You will have a very healthy reason to choose almond paste as your sweet treat during holidays and invitations.
  • Marzipan, which adorns the sweet hours of Ramadan evenings with its fragrant scent, is a very light dessert consisting of only 3 ingredients.
  • This dessert, consisting of water, sugar and almonds , does not upset the stomach.
  • Since this traditional flavor, which has survived from the Ottoman Empire to the present day, does not contain any additives, it remains in memory as the healthiest dessert.
  • Organic almond paste, which has been given to babies as food since ancient times, especially in Edirne, has become famous for the healing properties it contains.
  • It is consumed not only as almond paste but also as a cookie flavor, and almond paste cookies leave a delicious taste on the palate.
  • Making almond paste is quite practical in today’s conditions, and you can also buy the famous paste online.
almond butter calories

How to Make Almond Paste?

  • Your ingredient list to make almond paste, a healthy dessert, will be quite short.
  • Let us give you tips on making almond paste at home so that you can try this flavor made from powdered almonds .
  • Since it is made with sherbet, it is made like a sweet sherbet.
  • The materials required for this are quite familiar. The first step is taken with the trio of water, lemon and sugar.
  • The second stage is the meeting of sherbet and almonds.
  • Powdered almonds are used for this dessert, which is made by using almonds in powder form.
  • Sherbet and powdered almonds are slowly mixed and solidified.
  • After it thickens, it is kept in the refrigerator to cool.
  • After cooling, it is cut into slices and ready for serving.
  • Consumption life is approximately 1 week.
  • Instead of using sugar, you can sweeten your almond paste recipe with honey.
  • You can separate a small portion of the almonds and briefly grind them to prepare almond paste with a light particle structure.

how to make almond paste

Almond Paste Calories and Nutritional Values

  • The nutritional value of almond butter , which is a high-calorie food, should be kept in mind when you consume it.
  • 1 piece of almond paste is worth 33 kcal .
  • It is useful to be a little careful when consuming almond paste, which contains vitamins A and C. Making almond paste does not contain flour, but it is also very high in calories.
  • Consuming almond butter during the diet and weight control process may make you gain weight.
  • It is a dangerous snack for diabetics and people with the onset of diabetes.

Almond Paste Nutritional Values ​​– 1 slice of 12 grams

  • 2.77 g carbohydrates
  • 0.73g protein
  • 2.12 g fat
  • 0.59 g fiber
  • 32.87 potassium
  • 10.08 g calcium
  • It contains 0.3 g sodium.
almond paste recipe

What are the Benefits of Almond Paste?

The benefits of crushed almonds, known for their effects on heart and brain health, are also very effective. Let’s examine together what benefits almonds, which are consumed as a snack choice in diets, have when consumed as almond paste.

  • Almond paste protects the resistance of your body as it succumbs to the cold of winter months.
  • It protects against flu, colds and other upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Your body, which gets tired during intense work tempos, will need energy. You can get the necessary energy by consuming almond butter.
  • You can also get the energy and vitamins you get from almond butter during the day by consuming almonds. Moreover, it is the healthiest dessert to be preferred for anemia.
  • It protects your heart health thanks to the high potassium it contains.
  • Vitamin E found in almonds also manifests itself in its paste. Vitamin E eliminates the risk of getting cancer. Thanks to almond butter consumed regularly and in a controlled manner, you can eliminate your cancer risk and have a healthier body.
  • Almond, which is frequently used in cosmetics, is also beneficial for the skin when consumed as paste.
  • Since it gives energy, it will relieve your tiredness and stress during the day. The contribution of almond paste to making you happier and calmer should not be forgotten.
  • Rather than packaged, sweet snacks with additives, almond paste prepared in your own kitchen can serve as a healthy snack for your home, school or work hours.

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