Benefits of Onion Skin You Didn’t Know

Onion Skin

Onion peel is usually thrown away after chopping the onion used in many dishes in the kitchen. In fact, discarded onion peels are one of the most effective remedies for your health. Onion is a versatile vegetable used in Turkish cuisine and many other cuisines. It can be cooked by adding to meals as well as consumed raw. Salad, soup and many delicious meals are prepared with onions.

You can easily find vitamins A, C and E in onions, which are rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, if you consume onions, the phosphorus, iodine and magnesium your body needs will be well met. Those who want to take precautions against winter infections, those who want to keep their body vigorous at all times, and those who cannot get rid of the pain, can look for the remedy in onions.

Thanks to this article, you will find healing not only with onions, but also with the skin of the onion. The benefits of onion peel will amaze those who hear it. Let’s find an answer to the question of what is the use of onion peel. These lines describe the miracles in onion peel!

You Can’t Stop Throwing Onion Skins! You ask why? Here are 10 Benefits!

1) Clears the Throat Path

  • The germicidal substances in the onion peel undertake the task of clearing the inflammation in the throat tract.
  • If you prepare and consume a cure with onion peel, you can eliminate respiratory tract problems and have a healthy day.
  • It draws attention as an effective and beneficial food for throat infections, especially in winter days.

2) Nutritious for Houseplants

  • Onion peel contains a lot of vitamins. These vitamins are effective not only for humans, but also for plants.
  • If you care for your flowers with onion peel juice, your flowers will look healthier and more vibrant.
  • You can also prevent the formation of insects with onion peel.

3) Protects Oral and Dental Health

  • Onion peel, which has an antibiotic effect, also shows antioxidant properties.
  • It is also effective in tooth and gum care.
  • With the oral care cure prepared with onion peel, you can prevent cavities and destroy the bacteria in the mouth.
  • Thus, stronger smiles and a healthy tooth structure will be yours.

4) It is an edema shooter

  • Onion peel has the effect of activating the intestines. Thus, it will relieve people on the days when edema is collected.
  • With onion peel, you can prevent swelling in the hands and feet and get a more spacious body. It’s time to use onion skins for this!

5) Cell Renews

One more reason not to throw away the onion skins!

  • Onion peel, which has a cell-repairing effect, provides immediate healing of wounds and acne.
  • It shows the antioxidant effect and eliminates the factors that cause skin problems and provides a healthier skin.
  • You can use onion peel for minor wounds and cuts.

6) Regulates Sleep

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, let’s explain a method to get you to sleep right away!

  • Thanks to the cure prepared with onion peel, your nerves will calm down and you will feel comfortable in a short time.
  • At the end of this cycle, you can sleep comfortably.
  • You can see the sleep regulation effect of onion peel when you try it.

7) Balances Blood Sugar

  • Onion peel has the feature of keeping blood pressure in balance.
  • When blood pressure is balanced, blood sugar will be at an ideal level.
  • When blood sugar is in balance, the person will feel less hungry. This situation concerns those who eat a lot.
  • With onion peel, you can control blood sugar and eat less food.

8) Cleanses the Kidneys

  • You may need onion peel for the kidneys to function better.
  • It keeps your body fresh by removing all the wastes that will harm the body.
  • If you are afraid that kidney stones or sand will form, you can regularly prepare and consume a cure with onion peel.

9) Relieves Infection

  • Another miracle effect of onion peel is that it is an anti-infective.
  • When you have a respiratory or urinary tract infection, you may remember that you can find healing from onion peels.
  • Onion peel is a substance that cleanses and regenerates the body.
  • It makes your body cleaner and healthier.

10) Grill Cleaner

  • An unknown benefit of onion skin, which is effective for health, is that it is used to clean irons such as grills.
  • If you are preparing for the barbecue, you can clean the barbecue wires with onion skins and cook the meat better.

Benefits of Onion Peel Ahmet Maranki Treatment of Menstrual Irregularity

Menstrual irregularity is a stressful situation experienced by many women. In some cases, you may have to postpone your plans due to the imbalance in menstrual days. In order to eliminate this health-threatening situation, Ahmet Maranki recommends an herbal treatment with onion peel. According to Ahmet Maranki, the effect of onion peel on menstrual irregularity is as follows:

  • Cysts that will form in the uterus and cervix are prevented with the herbal cure prepared from onion peel.
  • The growth of cysts that begin to form in the uterus is prevented. Inflammation in the uterus is also cleaned with onion peel in the same way.
  • Onion peel cure, which is considered appropriate to start 1 week after the menstrual day ends, should be consumed 1 cup per day for 15 days.
  • At the end of this process, your menstrual periods are fixed and the irregularity disappears. Onion peel is also health-friendly with its menstrual-regulating feature.

What are the Benefits of Onion Skin for Hair?

Hair care is also done with onion peel, which has many effects for body health. The effect on the hair can be expressed as follows:

  • The use of onion peel alone or together with oak leaves prepares an effective hair care water. Onion peel, which is full of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, B vitamins, has the power to protect your hair roots.
  • If you think that your hair color has faded lately, how about coloring it? When you boil the onion peel and care for the hair, you can see that the hair tone is one tone darker. If you use the skin of the white onion, you can see a slight darkening, if you use the skin of the red onion, you can see a more intense darkening.
  • Onion peel is effective enough to give vitality to withered and damaged hair. It has nourishing properties from root to tip. It meets the vitamin that hair needs without chemicals.

Does Onion Skin Make You Weak?

It is possible to lose weight with onion peel. If we explain the effect of onion peel on weakening, you will hear the following information:

  • Minerals and enzymes in onion peel are substances that increase body temperature. When the body temperature rises, the metabolism starts to work. When the metabolism works, your weight loss process progresses more easily.
  • If you boil the onion skin and drink the onion skin juice, you can accelerate the fat burning with this water. Antioxidants are also found in the peel of the onion. You can easily get rid of edema and lose weight more easily.
  • As long as you pay attention to a healthy diet and stay active, you can see the weakening effect of onion peel.

How to Boil Onion Skin?

If you want to benefit from the benefits of onion peel, you can follow these steps:

  • Pour 2 handfuls of onion skins into a saucepan or deep bowl.
  • Add 1 liter of boiled water on the onion skins.
  • Close the lid of the container used and let it brew for 10 minutes.
  • Afterwards, you can filter this water and consume 1 cup of onion peel cure per day.
  • You should take care to wash the onion skins well. You can keep the prepared onion peel juice in the refrigerator in a cool way. It is recommended to be prepared fresh for greater effectiveness.

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