Apple syrup: Is apple syrup healthy?

Is apple syrup healthy
Is apple syrup healthy

Is apple syrup healthy? and the answer is yes because apples are very healthy, many people expect that apple syrup is also good for health. However, this doesn’t always turn out to be true. In many cases, apple syrup is made with the help of sugar beets, so that the apple syrup mainly consists of refined sugar. Research by the Consumers’ Association showed that of the 21 types of apple syrup studied, there was only one apple syrup that was not made with sugar beets. All other brands consisted of 70% sugar beet syrup and only 30% apple syrup.

Sugars from sugar beets are many times unhealthier than the sugars from apples because these sugars are processed and are more difficult to absorb by the body. Many people think that apple syrup is also very healthy because it contains a lot of iron. However, this iron does not appear to be naturally present in apples and is also difficult to absorb by the body. Apple syrup that is mainly made from apples and contains hardly any sugar from sugar beets is healthier than apple syrup that is made from 70% sugar beet syrup.

Natural or refined sugar

Sugar that comes from sugar beets is also called refined sugar. Refined sugar has been stripped of all vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The fiber normally ensures that the sugar is slowly absorbed by your body. The lack of fiber makes it very difficult for your body to process this form of sugar. The sugar will be absorbed by your body very quickly. Normally, vitamins and minerals ensure the processing of sugar. Because refined sugar is stripped of vitamins and minerals, the body must extract this from its own body. If you then take too few vitamins, there is a chance that a vitamin deficiency will arise.

Sugar that comes from the fruit itself, such as an apple, is also referred to as the fruit’s own sugar. Fruit sugar is a natural sugar and is therefore many times healthier than refined sugars. Fruit sugars are healthier because they are not processed in the same way as refined sugars, so they still contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Non-heme iron in apple syrup

Apple syrup often contains a lot of iron and is therefore quickly considered healthy. However, the iron in apple syrup does not come from the apples but from the sugar beets. How much iron there is in apple syrup depends in particular on the number of sugar beets used. When apple syrup contains hardly any sugar that comes from sugar beets, it will contain considerably less iron than an apple syrup that consists largely of sugar beet syrup. The iron in apple syrup comes from sugar beets and is non-heme iron. Non-heme iron is an iron that cannot be properly absorbed by the body. To promote the absorption of this iron, it is recommended to consume vitamin C, for example, orange juice. Calcium slows down the absorption of non-heme iron.

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