How to Cook Red Mullet?

How to Cook Red Mullet

How to Cook Red Mullet? Consuming fish regularly is extremely important for maintaining a healthy life. When it comes to fish, you have the chance to find plenty of varieties in our country. Red mullet is one of the most known and preferred fish species of different sizes and flavors.

Red mullet fish, which is crispy on your tables after frying, is a delicious option that you can’t get enough of by squeezing lemon and pouring salt or accompanied by a unique sauce. As you get to know the red mullet fish, which has a lot of medicinal aspects, you can learn about its benefits and interesting aspects.

How to Clean Red Mullet, How to Cook it?

  • With its heartwarming smell and mouth-watering meat structure, kidney beans are easy to clean before cooking. It is a fish that does not cause much difficulty in terms of cleaning and sorting process. If you want, you can choose to extract it after frying.
  • Since it is a type of fish with a large amount of scales on it, you can remove the scales by taking it to your kitchen counter before cooking. After cleaning the scales thoroughly, keeping them under water for a while is the other step of the cleaning process. You can pull the awns with a knife or with your hand.
  • How to cook red mullet is easily done, as in the cleaning process. Depending on the recipe you want to make, you can choose to fry the fish or bake it in the oven.
  • If you pay attention to some tricks, the frying process will be more successful. It is important to wait for the fish to dry thoroughly after washing it. Fish dipped in cornmeal or regular flour is placed in the hot oil in the pan.
  • Red mullet can also be cooked in the oven. You can bake the red mullet, which you just sauced with olive oil and salt, accompanied by bay leaves.

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