8 Easy Ways to Understand Fresh Fish

8 Easy Ways to Understand Fresh Fish

How to Choose the Freshest Fish Quickly?

Fish consumption is one of the secrets of achieving a healthy body. When consuming fish, it is recommended to consume it in season and fresh. Fish, which is rich in omega fatty acids and phosphorus minerals, is beneficial for health only when fresh. That’s why investments made for the fresh fishery, tradesmen, and sales points that take care in this regard are very valuable.

How to Tell Fresh Fish?

  • the sea smells
  • their eyes are alive
  • Its texture is hard
  • Coins don’t spill easily
  • Color is bright
  • Gills are dark red
  • His stance is straight
  • The abdomen is clean and not swollen

Consumption of stale and perishable fish can lead to many serious problems, from poisoning to the body.

Bacteria on fish multiply in their breeding environment every 20 minutes. If a fish is kept in the same environment for a long time outside of hygienic conditions, the number of bacteria increases exponentially within 1 hour, and results that threaten health may occur. In other words, knowing the answers to the question of how to store fresh fish and methods of preserving fish, as well as catching and selling the fish fresh, are among the important links of the healthy fish consumption chain.

The fish offered in a variety of fish stalls should be chosen in the best way. So, how do you know if the fish is fresh? On this page, we will tell you about the easy answers to the question of how to choose fresh fish. How to tell if the fish is fresh at a glance, you will solve them all. Before you stop by the fish stalls, you should read this article to the end.

It is recommended to consume fish twice a week to maintain body resistance and have a healthier life. Before consuming fish, we will eliminate the question marks in the minds of those who say how fresh fish is and how to understand non-fresh fish. Those who say how to understand the freshness of fish will learn a lot from this page!

How to Tell Fresh Fish? 8 Easiest Methods

1) Fresh Fish Smells of the Sea

  • Fresh fish has a fishy smell. If you feel a sour smell in the fish you want to buy, it indicates that the fish is stale.
  • The answer to the question of how to identify fresh fish is most clearly hidden in the smell.
  • Fresh fish smells of sea and seaweed.
  • When choosing fish, you should choose fish that is far from sour and acidic odor. Therefore, you should smell the fish you will buy. You can safely choose the fish you smell in the sea.

2) Fresh Fish Have Lively Eyes

  • The most common method of fish selection is to look into the eyes of the fish. A fish’s eyes tell you everything about its freshness.
  • Fresh fish’s eyes are bright and lively. Stale fish look pale and there is some bleeding around the eyes.
  • For those who are wondering how to choose fresh fish, we should especially mention that you should never fish with bloody eyes.
  • You should not choose fish with bloodshot eyes.
  • Fish caught in the season is fresh and therefore their eyes are bright.
  • For example, if you are not sure how to identify fresh red mullet, the information that this species is caught between July and October and comes to the counters fresh will be useful to you.

3) Fresh Fish Has Hard Texture

  • Fresh fish has a firm texture. When buying fish, you should choose the fish yourself. If you notice a softened texture, this fish is not fresh.
  • To get the answer to the question of whether the fresh fish will disperse, hold the fish in the middle and press it with your fingers.
  • If there is hardness, you can safely take the fish. The fish is fresh.
  • If your fingerprint remains on the fish and the fish does not return to its original shape, it may be stale.
  • If you touch soft meat when you touch it, the fish can be said to be stale.

4) Fresh Fish Scales Are Not Easy To Shed

  • Scales of fish are used to distinguish between freshness and staleness. In a fresh fish, the scales are highly attached to the skin.
  • If spillage occurs when you touch the scales with your hand, this fish is not fresh.
  • Fish with shiny and adherent scales are fresh. You can pay attention to this detail when buying fish.

5) Fresh Fish Is Brilliant

  • Every part of a freshly caught and fresh fish is shiny.
  • It has a bright appearance in daylight.
  • Fish that do not have shine in their eyes and scales are not fresh.
  • You should not buy fish that are faded in color and have very frequent color transitions.
  • As information about fish, in response to the question of how to identify fresh salmon, we can say that the fresh meat of this species should be bright pinkish or orange in color and have white distinct stripes.

6) The Gills of Fresh Fish Are Dark Red

  • Another detail to consider when choosing fresh fish is to check the gills of the fish.
  • Fish with closed gills is fresh.
  • The gills of a fresh fish are dark red.
  • Some fraudulent tradesmen paint these gills. For this reason, it is recommended to buy fish from a trusted place.
  • Especially if you are wondering how to understand fresh anchovy fish, this item is very important.

7) Fresh Fish Has Straight Posture

  • The fish that attract attention in the fish stalls are stale if they have a very flexible stance.
  • A fresh fish should always stand straight.
  • Upright fish give notice of their freshness.
  • You can pay attention to the body and tail posture.
  • However, the method we mentioned in the previous article does not apply to all fish species.
  • If you ask how to understand fresh sole, can we use this method in chicken fish or haddock, the answer is no?
  • Because the meat of these fish is soft, they naturally cannot stand straight when you take them in your hand.

8) Swell the Abdomen of Stale Fish

  • To find the difference between stale and fresh fish, the abdomen of the fish should be examined.
  • The belly of the stale fish looks quite swollen due to waiting.
  • The belly of fresh fish is clean.
  • Stool may appear from the abdomen of the stale fish.
  • If you see a fish with a wrinkled stomach, it is stale.

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