6 Little-Known Benefits of Soybean Sprouts

6 Little-Known Benefits of Soybean Sprouts

Recently, many recipes include soybean sprouts. Soybean sprouts, which are frequently mentioned in healthy nutrition lists, have become an indispensable ingredient in salads. Soybean sprouts, which are offered for sale in markets in various countries of the world, have now become popular in Turkey as well.

So, what is soybean sprouts? Where is it used? Is it consumed during the slimming process? Now is the time to find answers to these questions! To eliminate any question marks about soybean sprouts; You can start reading the article immediately.

What are Soybean Sprouts?

  • Soybean sprouts are a food that is widely consumed in Japan and China and spread to many countries over time.
  • Soybean sprouts, known as moyashi, are a must-have vegetable, especially in vegan cuisine.
  • It is the sprouted form of soybean known in the food field. Soybeans are harvested during the sprouting period before they grow and are used in many recipes as soybeans.
  • Soybean sprouts, which is a one-year-old agricultural plant, are specially packaged after being collected and distributed to the markets.
  • After finishing the growing and harvesting period of soybean sprouts, it is offered to the consumer by the producers.
  • It is a little difficult to find soybean sprouts in the markets. It will be easier to get it from big markets.

6 Important Benefits of Soybean Sprouts

1) Supports Bone Development

  • Thanks to the benefits of soybean sprouts, muscle and bone health is preserved.
  • Soybean sprouts, which contain calcium, help keep bones stronger.
  • You can add soy sprouts to your meals to prevent bone pain and muscle diseases.

2) Protects Heart Health

  • Soybean sprouts contain vitamin K. Vitamin K is a vitamin that protects heart health.
  • Soybean sprouts, which have the task of cleaning the vessels to the heart, eliminates the possibility of diseases such as heart attack.
  • If you add soy sprouts to your diet regularly, you can have a healthier body.

3) Increases Body Resistance

  • Soybean sprouts, which contain vitamins B1, B2, E, and K, help increase the body resistance of people of all ages.
  • If you have a strong immune system, many diseases will stay away from you.
  • Cleanse your body of toxins by consuming soy sprouts and get a stronger body.

4) Protects Eye Health

  • Vitamin K is a vitamin that protects eye health and is found in soybean sprouts.
  • It is recommended to consume soybean sprouts to prevent eye diseases, see better and stay away from retinal damage.
  • When you add soy sprouts to your table, you take a step towards protecting the health of your eyes.

5) Prevents Stress

  • Soybean sprouts, a food rich in antioxidants, provide spiritual purification.
  • It has the task of relieving stress, anxiety, and anxiety caused by stress.
  • It is recommended to add soy sprouts to your meals to feel better.

6) Helps Weight Loss

  • Soybean sprouts contain figures suitable for diet lists in terms of calorie content.
  • 100 grams of soybean sprouts is 122 calories and it is recommended to be included in the meals of dieters.
  • Thanks to the recipes you will prepare with soy sprouts, you can consume lighter and more satisfying tastes. Thus, it helps you lose weight by providing satiety.

How to Grow Soybean Sprouts?

If you are wondering how soybean sprouts come to your plate from production; It should be noted that it went through the following stages:

  • Some soybeans are provided.
  • Soybeans are rested for 1 day in a closed glass jar filled with water.
  • After 1 day, it is put on the strainer.
  • First, a paper towel is placed on the strainer and soybeans are placed on the towel.
  • Another layer of paper towel is covered over the soybean. This system is repeated for several days. The goal is to create a moist environment for soybeans to sprout.
  • Paper towels are renewed for a total of 4 days and the soybeans are kept moist.
  • After 4 days, it is noticed that the soybeans have sprouted.

How to Cook Soybean Sprouts?

Soybean sprouts can be used both raw and cooked. If you want to cook, you can try the steps in the list:

  • Soybean sprouts are a food that should be cooked in a very short time.
  • If you are going to add it to your meat dishes, you can add the soybean sprouts 2 minutes before taking meat dishes such as sauteed from the stove.
  • The soybean sprouts, which are heated for a few minutes over medium heat, are cooked and ready for hot consumption.

Soybean Sprouts Calories and Nutritional Information

Nutritional values ​​of soybean sprouts, one of the rarest foods of Far Eastern cuisine, have been examined under this title for you. See what vitamins are in soybean sprouts?

  • 1 serving of soybean sprouts: 15 calories
  • 100 grams of soybean sprouts: 122 calories

Vitamins and minerals in 100 grams of soybean sprouts:

  • 9.57 grams of carbohydrates
  • 13.09 grams of protein
  • 6.7 grams of fat
  • 1.1 grams of fiber
  • 14mg sodium
  • 484 mg potassium
  • 67mg calcium
  • 11 IU of vitamin A
  • 15.03 mg of vitamin C
  • 2.1 grams of iron

How to Eat Soybean Sprouts

If you want to consume soy sprouts and benefit from their properties, you can go to the kitchen and try the ideas we suggest. The use of soybean sprouts will be as follows:

  • You can add it to vegetable soups. It will increase the nutritional value of the soup.
  • Soy sprouts on your pasta you deneybil adding flavor pasta.
  • Soybean sprouts are mostly consumed in salads. Don’t forget to take advantage of soy sprouts while preparing your salad.
  • You can choose soybean sprouts while decorating the dishes.
  • You can just sauté the soybean sprouts with some olive oil and consume it.
  • You can use soybean sprouts a few minutes before turning off the stove when preparing sauteed chicken, fish, or meat.

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