What Is Yarrow? What are the Benefits?

What Is Yarrow

Gynecologist Yarrow

Yarrow, which means thousand and one leaves and whose Latin name is Achillea millefolium, is also known by the names of common acorn, oil lamp, white-headed, binbirleaf, barkwort . The history of the plant, which has a special place among medicinal plants, dates back to the ancient Greeks. Yarrow pills, ointments, oil, tea and essences made with yarrow, which is the first medicinal plant used by human beings , are also used.

Yarrow works wonders with its benefits, especially for women. Whether a young girl with irregular menstrual bleeding or a woman in the menopause period, yarrow tea is remarkable for its positive effects on gynecological diseases.

Yarrow plant, which plays an active role in all disorders that may occur in the uterus of women, has positive effects on ovarian inflammation, fibroids, depression symptoms seen during menopause and many other female disorders.

What Is Yarrow?

  • Yarrow, a plant belonging to the daisy family, has 80 varieties.
  • Yarrow, a perennial herb, has white and reddish flowers, soft hairy leaves and a single branched erect stem.
  • Yarrow, which has different names according to each region, grows in 40 different varieties in our country.
  • Yarrow, which carries bluish volatile fatty acids such as sesquiterene, pinene, borneoli cineol, limonene, azulene, is rich in potassium.
  • Antioxidant components such as millefolin, Cumarine and tannin are components that increase the value of yarrow. The young leaves and newly opened flowers of the plant, which has a unique smell, are used.
  • You can grow yarrow, which is stored by drying in the shade, together with its root, and grow it in your garden if you wish.
  • Yarrow, which is a plant that can be grown easily in all kinds of soil, can also be used as a spice in dishes.

What Are the Benefits of Yarrow?

What is the use of the yarrow plant, which can be grown in almost every region of our country?

  • Yarrow, which has positive effects on the digestive system, relieves indigestion. It is a stomach protector in problems such as heartburn, ulcers and gastritis. It even has the effect of stopping stomach bleeding.
  • It accelerates the work of the intestines, prevents constipation and relieves gas problems.
  • It has a positive effect on anemia due to its high potassium ratio and has an active role in cleaning the blood.
  • The flavonoid content of yarrow has the effect of accelerating blood circulation. It prevents the formation of blood clots. Due to its strengthening effect on blood vessels, it has a supportive effect in the treatment of varicose veins, thrombosis and inflammation.
  • When yarrow is consumed as a tea in the winter months, it supports the treatment of infections such as colds, colds and flu . It is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • The essential fatty acids in its content support the body against ailments such as stress, tension, anxiety, restlessness and weakness .
  • Yarrow, which has diuretic properties, is also effective in reducing kidney stones.
  • Yarrow plays an important role in reducing the pain and symptoms experienced during menstruation .
  • Yarrow is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids .
  • Yarrow is perfect for hair growth . The aromatic oils contained in it nourish the scalp and roots.
  • Yarrow is used as an ointment in the treatment of acne, wounds and burns .

Yarrow and Gynecology

  • Yarrow, which stands out with its benefits for gynecological diseases, is frequently used by women who experience menstrual irregularity .
  • Yarrow is an expectorant in the delay of menstrual period.
  • Many women go to the gynecologist with complaints of pain and aches during their menstrual period. Various suggestions are offered in order to end this aches and pains as soon as possible and to have a happier menstrual period.
  • Yarrow herb, one of the herbal suggestions, is a natural method that will relieve women’s menstrual pain.
  • Yarrow will be a savior for many women to strengthen the uterus and relieve pain in the groin.
  • If you feel very bad during your menstrual week; You can use yarrow herb.
  • Well, in how many days does yarrow remove menstruation? It is not possible to give clear information about this subject.
  • Every woman’s hormonal structure is different. Supporting women’s regular and healthy menstrual periods, yarrow also has a positive effect in the treatment of ovarian cysts .
  • Also yarrow fibroids is effective in shrinking uterine cysts known as harmless.
  • Sitting baths prepared using yarrow are beneficial in ovarian inflammation, uterine prolapse and intrauterine canals.
  • For vaginal itching, it is recommended to take a vaginal bath with water prepared by boiling yarrow.
  • Yarrow is an herb that is not recommended for use during pregnancy.
  • This situation immediately brings to mind the question of whether yarrow causes abortion . The fatty acid content of yarrow can interfere with the basic functions of the baby in the womb.
  • Yarrow is an herb whose use during pregnancy can cause undesirable consequences.

Does Yarrow Weaken?

  • Yarrow, which has antioxidant properties, helps to remove toxins from the body. Since toxic substances are generally stored in adipose tissues, the elimination of these substances from the body facilitates the loss of adipose tissue.
  • Yarrow, which has the effect of accelerating metabolism, also provides the removal of excess water from the body with its detox effect.
  • With its regulating effect on bowel movements, it supports those who have weight loss problems. Along with an adequate and balanced diet, the application of yarrow cure several times a year helps to lose weight.
  • Sweeteners such as sugar or honey should not be added to yarrow seed tea, which has a very bitter taste .
  • Yarrow is among the plants that should be used with caution by those with an allergic body.
  • Long-term use of yarrow, especially for individuals with white skin, can increase their sensitivity to the sun.
  • It is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor before using yarrow for slimming cure.

How to Use Yarrow? Yarrow Cure

  • Yarrow is a plant that is frequently recommended by İbrahim Saracoğlu . Especially İbrahim Saraçoğlu’s yarrow cure is perfect for menstrual cramps and menstrual cramps.
  • For yarrow cure, 1 teaspoon of dried yarrow is thrown into 1 glass of boiling water on the stove.
  • Cover the mouth and cook for 2-3 more minutes on low fire. The yarrow, which is then taken from the fire, is cooled and filtered after cooling.
  • Prepared yarrow tea is consumed daily in the morning and evening in the form of a glass 3 days before the menstrual period. It is important for its effectiveness to be prepared fresh daily.
  • Yarrow cure applied until the end of the menstrual period is repeated in each menstrual period.
  • If your menstrual complaints have not stopped thanks to yarrow; We recommend that you see a gynecologist as soon as possible.
  • You should not neglect the doctor’s control in case of a serious health problem.
  • Thanks to the yarrow cure, menstrual pain is minimized. It is ensured that the menstrual week passes without pain.
  • Female hormones are regulated and your bodily functions work at their best.

Where to Find Yarrow?

  • Yarrow, whose homeland is the Northern Hemisphere, can be grown in almost every country from Asia, North America and Europe, and from England to China.
  • It grows widely in Eastern Anatolia and Black Sea in our country. Yarrow, which is often located on mountain slopes, meadows and roadsides, loves sunny and warm environments.
  • Yarrow grown by the roadside is not recommended for consumption as it is exposed to exhaust fumes.
  • Yarrow, which can grow anywhere from cereal fields to the bottom of walls, emits a distinctive pungent odor around the evaporation of essential oils at noon when the sun is active.
  • In order for yarrow to be more effective, it is recommended to collect it at exactly noon.
  • It is believed among the people that the healing power of yarrow, which is collected at noon, is higher.
  • Yarrow, which has a durable structure, begins to grow and flourish in the spring.
  • It attracts attention with its yellow rosette-shaped flowers between the leaves of the plant that are fully mature between May and October.
  • Flowers and leaves collected for drying are dried in shaded areas that do not see the sun and stored in an airtight glass jar in a dark environment.
  • Those who want to meet the healing aspect of yarrow can visit the nearest herbalist. You can buy this useful plant, which has a very affordable price, in any amount and consume it at home.
  • If there is no transfer in your location and you have not reached yarrow yet; you can get it online.

Yarrow Price Information

  • Yarrow, which adds a different meaning to dishes with its extraordinary aroma and antioxidant components, is an authentic herb.
  • Dried yarrow, which is consumed fresh or dried, is more preferred.
  • Yarrow, which is sold in big markets, markets, herbalists, shops selling organic products and on the internet, is consumed especially as tea.
  • You can get yarrow from the nearest herbalist or from the website you trust.
  • The current price information of 1 kg of yarrow is different in each city. However, to talk about the average figures; 1 kg of yarrow varies between 50 TL and 80 TL.
  • It can be sold in packages of 50, 100, 200, 250, 500 grams and as tea bags.
  • It is also offered for sale as fresh or dried bundles in neighborhood markets.

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