Afghan Hashish Oil: Benefits and Side Effects

Afghan Hashish Oil

The main benefit of cannabis oil is due to the presence of marijuana , which works to treat many diseases such as nausea, infections, etc. Of course, all of these benefits do not come from just applying the oil or eating it, but rather through chemical extraction processes for its active ingredients and the substances it contains. Then it is made as a customized drug that is taken in different ways. Here are the benefits of Afghan cannabis oil as follows:

  • Arthritis pain relief

The oil was tested as a pain reliever for arthritis for the first time on mice suffering from arthritis, and the results of its therapeutic ability to relieve pain without any side effects appeared in 2016. The active substances in it work to relieve pain. Cannabis oil is placed on the area affected by inflammation and through… Spread it on the area and massage it until the pain disappears.

  • Relief of atherosclerosis pain 

There is a disease called multiple sclerosis, and this condition does not only control a specific place in the body, but rather affects the entire body. This disease is called an autoimmune condition, which causes very strong muscle spasms that are difficult for the body to tolerate, and it causes constant pain through the work of the nerves. And the brain. Doctors have recently discovered that the active ingredient CBD found in hemp oil, or hashish oil as it is known, can reduce the rate of muscle spasms and relieve the pain felt by the affected person.

  • Reducing the symptoms of cancer medication

Research was conducted in 2010 on the effectiveness of CBD and THC extracts extracted from cannabis oil in relieving the pain of chemotherapy for cancer patients, and the side effects it causes to them, such as severe pain, vomiting, and loss of appetite. The extract is taken orally through sprays, and studies have proven CBD also has a role in treating cancer, in addition to managing the pain resulting from it.

  • Reducing symptoms of epilepsy

The active ingredient in cannabis oil, CBD, was approved for use in treating epileptic seizures. This was in 2018, as CBD proved its ability to treat two rare cases of epilepsy, namely Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. About 516 epilepsy patients received treatment containing this substance. Which led to a decrease in the frequency of seizures.

  • Reducing diabetes complications

It has been proven that, through the property of biodiversity present in the components of cannabis oil, it has the ability to reduce the effects of high levels of sugar present in the cells in the body, which leads to the significant development of diabetes and other complications. A small experiment was conducted on 13 diabetic patients. Of the second type, in the experiment they were not receiving insulin but rather CBD, and they found that CBD worked to reduce the level of insulin resistance and stimulate natural insulin-stimulating hormones through the food eaten.

  • Improve hair and skin condition

Cannabis oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6, both of which are essential fatty acids, which play an important role in providing health benefits to the body. They help improve hair health, treat split ends and frizz, and help to effectively lengthen hair. They also play a role in strengthening nails and protecting them from damage. It also contributes to treating skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and skin freshness. Omega 3 and Omega 6 also help treat blood clotting and inflammation, and they also play a role in the body’s immune response.

  • Protein biosynthesis

Cannabis oil contains the amino acid arginine, which plays an important role in protein synthesis, which the body reacts and converts into the chemical nitric oxide, which in turn helps in preventing heart disease. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow, and stimulates insulin secretion.

  • Antibacterial

We also know that cannabis oil has the ability to relieve the pain of inflammation, and this happens through its ability to inhibit the action of bacteria and germs that cause bone infections and pneumonia. In 2017, cannabis oil extracted from the hemp plant was estimated to inhibit harmful bacteria particles in their various forms.

Harmful effects of cannabis oil

As we know that just as there are benefits to the product, there are certainly harms, even if cannabis oil does not have serious harm, especially on the skin and hair, but there are some side effects that can occur when using it excessively, or when there is an allergy to it, and here are some side effects of cannabis oil. :

  • Cognitive impairment occurs due to its ability to sedate.
  • High blood pressure may occur.
  • Feeling stressed accompanied by hallucinations.
  • Memory impairment may occur.
  • Weakness in movement.
  • Dizziness and fainting occur.
  • Mood swings.
  • Occurrence of psychosis.
  • Mild diarrhea.
  • Skin irritation.

How do I know the original Afghan hashish oil?

Cannabis oil is known for its many benefits, due to its extraction from the hemp seed or the multi-use hemp plant, from which many skin and hair care oils are extracted. Cannabis oil is used for hair , to improve hair density, lengthen it, and treat split ends and frizz. Although cannabis oil is known As a narcotic or mind-numbing plant, it does not pose any danger or any narcotic effects when used as a hair care product or as a medical extract. Through this article, we will learn about the benefits and harms of Afghan hashish oil and how to know the original one. The original Afghan hashish oil can be known from In terms of its appearance, its most distinctive characteristic is its color, as it is known for its pure green color. As for the consistency, it varies according to use: some are light, some are sticky and solid, some are creamy or ointment. Cannabis oil is filtered in healthy and safe ways to provide us with many diverse health benefits.

Specifications of original cannabis oil

The original cannabis oil contains a high percentage of unsaturated fats, essential acids, and many benefits that we will talk about later in this article. The cannabis oil extracted from the hemp plant contains one hundred active ingredients extracted from medicinal plants. It contains the active ingredient cannabidiol and THC, or as it is known as hydrocannabinol , is effective. This substance is considered a recreational substance, meaning that it may be related to use in skin or hair care. As for CBD, it is considered the medicinal substance or responsible for the health benefits of cannabis oil. Cannabis oil also contains linoleic acid in It reaches 55% and alpha-linolenic acid by 16%. It also contains saturated fats by a small percentage of up to 9%. It also contains marijuana, which is responsible for concentrating the oil. Here are some of the oil’s components:

  • The oil contains linoleic acid up to 55%.
  • Alpha-linolenic acid: 16%.
  • Saturated fat as little as 9%.
  • Folic acid 22 micrograms.
  • Phosphorus 330 milligrams.
  • Potassium 240 mg.
  • Magnesium 140 mg.
  • Calcium 14 mg.
  • Iron 59 mg.
  • Zinc 98 milligrams.
  • Carbohydrates 73 grams.
  • Fat 75 grams.
  • Protein 31 grams.

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