5 Herbal Remedies for Swelling of the Spleen

5 Herbal Remedies for Swelling of the Spleen

The spleen, which is one of the organs that support the immune system, may encounter swelling from time to time. When the spleen, also known as an organ that shares the task of fighting bacteria, begins to enlarge, it indicates certain health problems. In this article, we will talk about spleen enlargement to offer you healthier days.

How Is Spleen Swelling Treated?

  • ginger water
  • rose tea
  • cabbage leaf
  • grape compote
  • asparagus tea

In this article, you can find the answer to the question of how the swelling of the spleen goes and a lot of information about the spleen.

The question of what is good for spleen swelling is one of the health issues that many people wonder. In addition to the treatment that your doctor deems appropriate for you, you can try herbal solutions. As soon as you ask how the swollen and uncomfortable spleen pain will go away, you can apply the methods in the list.

What is Spleen?

  • Sometimes people who are very tired may use expressions such as “my spleen is swollen”. This statement is actually not wrong. Because the spleen is an organ that can swell in some cases.
  • When you think about where the spleen is; Let’s say it stays in the upper left corner of the abdominal cavity.
  • The spleen, which is under the ribs, is a very important internal organ for the immune system.
  • The spleen has a soft and spongy texture due to its structure. If swelling is observed when you go to the doctor’s control, appropriate treatment is started without delay.
  • Protecting spleen health will be effective in preventing diseases that will occur. For this, it is recommended to eat healthily and pay attention to your quality of life.

What Does the Spleen Do?

  • When the body system is examined, each organ cooperates with another organ.
  • The spleen also has a serious role in our body, where there is a perfect division of labor.
  • The spleen is active in many subjects due to its duty. Now you can see what the spleen does from our list.
  • Helps protect white blood cells.
  • It helps to clean the blood from harmful microorganisms.
  • It ensures that the embryo, which begins to grow in the mother’s womb, has red blood cells.
  • It helps to release the necessary energy when energy is needed. In moments that require a lot of energy, the spleen comes into play and controls the circulatory system.
  • It protects the body against possible infections. In case of infection, it purifies the body from infection by cleaning the blood.

How Is Spleen Swelling Treated?

1) Ginger Water

  • Ginger water, which is like a medicine for many diseases, is also on the agenda for spleen enlargement.
  • Thanks to ginger water, the growth in the spleen is prevented.
  • If you feel a heaviness and pain in the spleen area; Put a slice of ginger in warm water and drink this juice.
  • If you want to use powdered ginger; Add a pinch of powdered ginger to the water bottle and consume this water by constantly renewing it.
  • Ginger will help relax the spleen.

2) Rose Tea

  • Thanks to the dried rose petals, you can heal the swelling in the spleen.
  • Fill a cup of your desired size with hot water. Add a few dried rose petals to the hot water.
  • Wait a few minutes for the leaves to infuse and consume rose tea 2 times a day.
  • Since rose tea is a tea that helps to relax the internal organs, it also helps the spleen to reach normal size.

3) Cabbage Leaf

  • Those who want to solve the problem of spleen enlargement in a herbal way should boil and consume fresh cabbage leaves.
  • Antioxidant minerals in cabbage leaves prevent swelling of the spleen and help you feel more comfortable.
  • In the cures recommended by experts, it is recommended to mix the cabbage leaf with grape compote and drink it.

4) Grape Compote

  • In case of an enlarged spleen, immediately boil grape compote and drink warm.
  • The spleen enlargement problem of those who drink grape compote is eliminated.
  • If you regularly drink grape compote; You will prevent spleen swelling during running and sports.

5) Asparagus Tea

  • Asparagus is an herb that clears infections that interfere with spleen growth.
  • If you brew asparagus in hot water and drink its tea; You can clear the infections that cause growth.
  • You can also prevent spleen enlargement caused by blood diseases.
  • You can drink asparagus tea in 2 cups during the day.

Why Does the Spleen Swell?

  • Most of the patients who come to the specialists apply to the hospital because of the swelling of the spleen. So why does the spleen swell? Have you ever thought about the factors that trigger the swelling of this organ?
  • Doctors state that the spleen can swell for many reasons.
  • We have listed the answers to the question of why the spleen swells for you.
  • Viral infections cause the spleen to enlarge.
  • Pressure on the liver or spleen triggers swelling.
  • Diseases such as Gaucher disease and Niemann-Pick cause swelling of the spleen.
  • Serious conditions such as leukemia or blood cancer make the spleen swollen.
  • Parasitic infections also cause swelling of the spleen. For example, malaria.
  • Swelling of the spleen is more common in patients with anemia. Anemia types increase the risk of this condition.
  • Expending high energy suddenly inflates the spleen. It’s like running suddenly.

So why does the spleen hurt?

When you ask if swelling and pain are related, remember that these two conditions are related. Due to the reasons mentioned above, the swollen spleen may ache after a short time.

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