10 Foods to have a Flat Stomach

foods to have a flat stomach
Some foods, if they do not make you lose weight as such, promote the destocking of fat and elimination. Here are which ones.

10 Foods to have a Flat Stomach


The apple is the slimming food par excellence. Thanks to its high fiber content, it facilitates digestion and prevents annoying and unsightly bloating .

In addition, its high pectin content helps prevent cravings through mechanical action. At 50 calories , it can therefore be eaten at any time of the day.


Pineapple , thanks to its bromelain content , facilitates the assimilation of proteins.

It thus makes it easier to digest, guaranteeing a flat stomach .

If it does not make you lose weight as such, its high fiber content optimizes the elimination of waste and detoxifies the body.


Almonds are certainly caloric but they are stuffed with fiber and antioxidants which provide essential nutrients to the body and limit cravings.

Their high fiber content contributes to the drainage and elimination of water and abdominal fat… provided you consume only a small handful per day…


The melon is low in calories (34 calories per 100 g), which makes it a food to be favored as part of a balanced diet.

In addition, its mineral content promotes renal elimination.

Finally, its potassium level facilitates drainage, which makes it possible to obtain a flatter stomach.


Although it is not a food as such, water  is essential to maintain a flat stomach .

The body, sufficiently hydrated, can thus drain the tissues and promote the proper functioning of the organs, especially the digestive system.

It is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of water per day, or even 2 liters as part of a weight loss diet.


At a rate of 20 calories per 100 g , asparagus is a slimming food to be preferred.

It allows in particular to obtain a flat stomach thanks to its diuretic effect .

It promotes elimination and fights against water retention which, by accumulating in the tissues of the belly, can seem swollen.


Like asparagus, cucumber fights against water retention thanks to its diuretic action .

In addition, rich in antioxidants , it facilitates digestion.

It is thus one of the superfoods to always have in your fridge to rebalance the body and fight against excess.


Drinking lemon juice in the morning diluted in a large glass of water is a slimming trick that helps keep the line 

Thanks to its diuretic and detoxifying effect, lemon  eliminates waste from the body and helps keep your stomach flat .

In addition, its richness in vitamin C and antioxidants helps maintain tone and vitality.


Ginger aids digestion and fights water retention.

It also makes it possible to spice up dishes without adding fat .

As an express cure for a flat stomach quickly, just grate ginger in its green tea which will thus be more fragrant and will increase its slimming action tenfold.


Oats are recommended in most slimming diets because of their high fiber content and vegetable protein content .

Made up of slow carbohydrates , it promotes slow digestion and thus avoids the p’tits hollows of 4 p.m.

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