10 Anti-Aging Foods

anti-aging foods
Aging well also goes through the plate! Some foods have the advantage of delaying the effects of time on our body and face. Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you how old you are…

10 Anti-Aging Foods


A squeezed orange  juice every morning wards off wrinkles and doctor. Its richness in vitamin C promotes the synthesis of collagen , one of the constituents of the skin essential to its suppleness and elasticity.

In addition, orange repairs skin damage from the sun and protects against oxidative stress , one of the factors of early aging.

Vitamin C is found in all citrus fruits  : grapefruit, lemon, clementines, etc.


Grapes , and more particularly grape seeds, are used in the manufacture of certain anti-aging cosmetics. Its high content of polyphenols , molecules rich in vitamin E, slows down oxidation of the skin by acting as a barrier to free radicals.

It also promotes hydration of the skin . However, well hydrated skin marks less quickly.


Broccoli, white cabbage, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts , whatever variety of cabbage is excellent for your health.

It contains antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles . To preserve all its benefits, prefer cooking al dente because the vitamins it contains are sensitive to heat and therefore to overcooking .


Tomato contains lycopene , a powerful antioxidant that is part of the carotenoids . It is present in the skin of the tomato and is released under the action of heat. Lycopene  protects the skin from free radicals and fights against oxidative stress to which the body may be subjected.

Rich in vitamin A, B, C and E as well as in trace elements , the tomato is also excellent for the rest of the body.


Avocado , thanks to its richness in vitamins, especially B, C and E, is a powerful collagen activator . It boosts the elasticity of the fibers of the skin, which makes it supple and beautiful.

To benefit from all its benefits, you can consume it as it is or reduce it to a puree before applying it directly to your skin as a mask to nourish dehydrated and/or parched areas.


Garlic is very rich in antioxidants (beta-carotene, vitamin E and flavonoids), which gives it anti-aging properties. It protects against free radicals , responsible for oxidative stress.

In addition, it contains many trace elements and minerals , such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and selenium, which are excellent for health.

Their consumption is however to be moderated in diabetics because of its glucose content.


Fish but not just any fish . It is necessary to favor oily fish , rich in omega 3 .

Among them, salmon , mackerel and herring (rich in vitamin A, selenium and copper) are packed with antioxidants.

To increase its benefits, you can combine it with foods rich in vitamin C , beta carotene and plants rich in selenium such as leeks or endives.


Tea helps maintain a good level of hydration in the skin and flushes out the toxins responsible for a dull complexion and the appearance of early wrinkles.

All teas are excellent for your health: green tea fights skin aging, loss of elasticity and brown spots. White  tea , on the other hand, prevents the destruction of elastin and collagen, both of which promote skin suppleness.


The liver , thanks to its content of vitamin B and trace elements is excellent for health.

Its richness in vitamin A and folate promotes cell renewal and helps fight against skin infections.

Prefer calf’s liver , which is richer in nutrients than the others.


Walnuts are rich in zinc , selenium , vitamin E and omega 3 .

They protect the cells against inflammatory lesions and help maintain the elasticity of the skin longer.

They are to be associated with foods rich in vitamins E and A to reinforce its benefits.

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