Why You Get a Headache After Orgasm

Have you ever had a severe headache after sex, especially after orgasm?

In fact, the condition that is often considered a myth is not unusual. The cause of headaches after sex can be explained scientifically.

Generally, complaints of headaches after orgasm are not a serious condition or caused by a dangerous disease.

However, this complaint can interfere with the sufferer’s quality of life. Let’s learn more about the causes of dizziness after orgasm.

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Types of Headaches After Orgasm

In general, headaches are divided into two types, namely primary and secondary. Headaches due to sexual activity in the medical world are called orgasmic or pre-orgasmic headaches.

This condition is a rare primary headache, but the symptoms can be very disturbing.

Orgasm headaches are categorized as primary headaches because they are not caused by disease or disorders outside the head.

Often you feel dizzy after orgasm or after having sex, usually originating from the back of the head.

After orgasm is over, a headache usually appears immediately and lasts from 1 minute to 24 hours with a severe level of pain.

This condition continues for the next 72 hours with the pain getting lighter and lighter.

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Causes of Headaches After Intercourse

Based on research, it turns out that men experience headaches three times more often after orgasm than women.

Although it is not related to serious illnesses, this complaint should be immediately consulted with a neurologist to find the cause.

Here are some causes of headaches after orgasm:

  • Pre-orgasmic Headache

Pre-orgasmic headaches, or headaches felt during intercourse before orgasm, are usually caused by contractions of the head and neck muscles.

This generally occurs due to increased sexual desire. This then causes a sensation of pain and headaches.

  • Orgasmic Headaches

Orgasmic headaches, or those experienced during and after orgasm, are often caused by a drastic increase in blood pressure.

This condition then causes the blood vessels to widen. This headache usually gets worse if you move a lot.

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Dealing with Headaches After Orgasm

Like other diseases, headaches after orgasm can be treated by first knowing the main cause.

However, generally, these headaches can be relieved with pain relievers that are sold freely on the market.

If you have a history  of migraines , you can also relieve headaches after orgasm with regular medication.

Although rare, headaches after orgasm can be a symptom of another, more serious illness.

If your headache is accompanied by other symptoms, such as a stiff neck or nausea and vomiting, you may have a more serious condition. For example, a brain hemorrhage, stroke , tumor, or heart disease .

If you have a history of frequent headaches, nervous disorders, or other related illnesses, consult your doctor about sexual activity.

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