What diet should we follow for gastritis?

Gastritis is an increasingly common health condition that affects the upper layer of the stomach lining. This disease affects a large part of the population and typically manifests itself in momentary paroxysmal irritations.

The condition gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining. Inflammation leads to the manifestation of a number of unpleasant symptoms, which can be of a different nature – pain, malaise, heartburn, burning sensation, swelling and heaviness of the abdomen, as well as impaired digestion. As a result of the symptoms, it can cause nausea, lack of appetite , abdominal pain, hiccups, etc.

Gastritis is a treatable disease, and the conventional method involves taking antacids or modern inhibitors. The medication method has a short-term palliative nature. It temporarily stops inflammation of the mucous membrane, but does not completely cure the condition.

Nutrition is important for the treatment of gastritis . Proper eating habits during gastritis can contribute to the suppression or complete prevention of the condition.

What should be the diet during gastritis?

  1. Mandatory intake of foods that kill the bacteria causing stomach inflammation:

Such foods are:

– broccoli – vegetables contain the nutrient sulforaphane, which destroys the bacteria causing the inflammation;

– garlic – the vegetable has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which make it the ideal food for gastritis.

  1. Mandatory intake of foods that reduce the damage caused by the use of medications for the treatment of gastritis. Such foods relieve unpleasant symptoms during gastritis, suppress pain and prevent bloating.

– ginger ;

– oregano;

– turmeric;

– cranberry juice ;

– pineapple;

– Apple vinegar.

  1. Mandatory intake of foods with vitaminA. Vitamin A is important for the full regeneration of tissues and mucous membranes. It is important to include products rich in this vitamin in the diet, such as:

– spinach;

– sweet potatoes;

– peaches;

– apricots;

– carrots;

– asparagus;

– vegetables;

– liver.

  1. Foods that should not be present in the diet for gastritis. In order to follow an optimal diet during gastritis, it is imperative to exclude certain products from your menu. They can damage your gastrointestinal tract and damage your immune system.

Yeah, they’re like that:

– dairy products and milk;

– soybeans, beans, beans, corn;

– sweets;

– carbonated drinks;

– energy drinks;

– alcohol;

– excessive amount of coffee;

– spicy foods;

– hard-to-digest foods .


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