What is macrobiotic veganism?

Macrobiotic veganism comes as a term from the macrobiotic diet developed by a Japanese philosopher in the 1920s. It is not only a diet, but also a way of life, an understanding, a philosophy.

The macrobiotic diet rests on the view that by consuming simple, healthy food that is plant-based, harmony can be created between human life and nature. Also, macrobiotic nutrition will help to cure some diseases, for example, such as cancer.

Lose weight with macrobiotic cuisine

The main purpose of this diet is to avoid toxins in food. Some of the diet’s followers are supporters of pure veganism without dairy and meat foods, while others consume organic fish specialties. But besides everything, he is also losing weight.

Foods in macrobiotic veganism

A macrobiotic practitioner should always eat a planned diet that usually includes:

– Whole grains of brown rice, barley, oats and buckwheat , which make up half of the food in quantity

– Locally grown fruits and vegetables make up a quarter of the diet by quantity.

– Soups with vegetables , seaweed, bean soups , pea soups , lentil soups and fermented soybeans, which are also up to a quarter of the meal.

– Small portions of nuts, seeds can be included.

A rule in the diet is that food is taken only when hunger is felt.

Food should be chewed for a long time until it becomes a liquid in the mouth.

Vitamins and supplements should not be taken.

More rules of macrobiotic veganism

The food is cooked in a certain way, here is what it is:

– Food is cooked and stored in wood, glass, stainless steel or ceramic containers only

– Microwave ovens should be avoided, also do not cook with electricity

– Food should be prepared in a quiet and peaceful place

– Water for cooking and drinking must be purified

– Water is also drunk only when feeling thirsty.

Other features of the macrobiotic vegan diet exclude foods of animal origin, so that there is no obstacle for the body to receive all the necessary nutrients. Weight is also lost with this diet.

Some cancer patients use the macrobiotic diet as a supportive therapy in their treatment, but this should be done under strict supervision. It should not be forgotten that this type of nutrition must be prescribed and monitored by a specialist.


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