What is Zamzam Water, How to Drink it?

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Zamzam Water: The Sacred Miracle of 4000 Years

There are many elements that are very valuable spiritually for Muslims. One of these elements is the Zamzam water in the holy lands. We have prepared an article for you in which we answer questions about the miracle of Zamzam water.

Very few people go to Mecca and Umrah and return without bringing Zamzam water. The properties of Zamzam water, known as a panaceaand the benefits of Zamzam water will now meet you in these lines. If you have questions about Zamzam water, you should definitely review our article.

What is Zamzam Water?

  • Zamzam water is holy water that comes out of the well under the circumambulation area, located 20 meters east of the Kaaba, close to the Maqam of Ibrahim.
  • After the research on the healing of Zamzam water increased, in 2003, the landing place in the Zamzam well was closed in order to expand the circumambulation area. Instead of this landing point, the Zamzam drinking places around the circumambulation area were increased and expanded. Thus, more people started to benefit from Zamzam water.

The story of Zamzam water affects those who hear it. According to the narration, the story of Zamzam water is as follows:

Hz. Hacer was left without water with her children in the middle of the desert one day. In order to give water to her children, she ran between Safa and Merve hills under the influence of her motherly feelings. After running around 7 times, a well was dug with the help of Gabriel. Such water gushed out of the well opened by Gabriel; Hz. Hacer blocked the way for this water to accumulate and accumulated the water. Hz. When Hacer saw the water coming out, instead of saying “stop, stop” she said “Zem Zam” and the name of this fertile water has remained as Zamzam water until today. According to some sources, zam zam; means stop.

  • Among the properties of Zamzam water is that it will be beneficial for whatever purpose it is drunk. Even Hz. There is also the hadith of the Prophet about Zamzam: “Whatever Zamzam is drunk with, it provides benefits” (Ibn Mâce, Menasik, 78).
  • If you are wondering why this water is so important, let us give you some more information. According to what is reported from Hazrat Aisha, the Prophet used to have Zamzam water with him when he left Mecca. He was healed by drinking this water.
  • Zamzam water is water that has been flowing nonstop for almost 4000 years. Therefore, it is said that the Zamzam water is fertile.
  • According to researches, it has been explained that Zamzam water does not contain bacteria and has a feature that heals diseases.
  • Zamzam water, also known as Hemze, Tayyibe, Tahire, and Sharabu’l-ebbar, is located in the Harem-i Sharif in the Mecca region.
  • The well of Zamzam water resembles a funnel.
  • Zamzam water, which has a good balance of salt and minerals, has a very drinkable taste even though it comes out of an arid place.

How to Drink Zamzam Water?

Since Zamzam water is brought from the holy area, there is a particular way of drinking it. First of all, a prayer must be said while drinking. This prayer is as follows:

Recitation: “Allahumma inni es’elüke ilmen nafian ve rizkan vesian ve şifeen min kulli dein vesegamin bi rahimike ya erhamerrahimin”
Meaning: “O Allah, the most merciful of the merciful, from you, beneficial (beneficial) knowledge, ample healing, sustenance and every disease and sickness I pray.”

Drinking Zamzam water while standing is also known knowledge. So, why drink Zamzam water standing up?

Hz. Since Muhammad was standing while drinking Zamzam water, it is seen that those who drink this water drink standing up.
The hadith supporting this information is as follows.

Ibn Abbas (radiyallahu anh) says: “I offered Zamzam to the Messenger of Allah ( pbuh) , and he drank it standing up.” (Muslim, Esribe: 117; Ibn Majah, Esriba: 21)

What are the Features and Benefits of Zamzam Water?

  • Zamzam water is drunk as a panacea. It is known to have pain-relieving properties.
  • It has the task of clearing the parasites formed in the intestines.
  • It nourishes the hair and prevents it from falling out.
  • It prevents bacteria to form in the mouth. It prevents tooth decay.
  • Zamzam water, which relaxes blood circulation, balances blood pressure.
  • Thanks to Zamzam water, which has a satisfying feature, the feeling of hunger is suppressed during the day.
  • Hz. Hacer breastfed her children after drinking Zamzam water. For this reason, it is known that Zamzam water has an effect on the milk.
  • It has the task of preventing cancerous cells from entering the body.
  • It strengthens the body’s immune system.
  • It can be drunk as a preservative against aging as it will support cell regeneration.

Zamzam Water pH Value

  • Zamzam water is very beneficial for health. According to the investigations, the pH value of Zamzam water was determined as 10.
  • It has an effect that does not tire the kidneys and intestines and gives strength to the body.

Is Zamzam Water Reproduced?

  • Reproduction of Zamzam water is the most common practice in recent times. Because doing this i

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