Benefits of Pine Gum

Benefits of Pine Gum

Pine Gum: Perfect for Respiratory Diseases

The pine gum, which comes to mind with the phrase “the shepherd’s gift of mastic,” is almost a natural source of healing. This gum, which is seen on spruce and fir trees in high altitudes, is mostly found in Artvin Borcka in our country. The pine gum, which occurs naturally in nature, is collected and chewed by hand one by one. It has a sharp and bitter taste.

Today, unfortunately, the benefits of pine gum, which does not see the value it deserves, are innumerable! This gum, which is good for respiratory diseases, also heals wounds. The benefits of mastic gum is a topic frequently brought up by İbrahim Saracoğlu.

What is Pine Gum?

  • Pine gum is a gum that comes out of the bark of spruce and fir trees, members of the pine family.
  • It is actually produced by the tree. Its task is to protect the tree against external damage and to close the cracks in its trunk.
  • It is in the form of a paste and in the form of marbles.
  • It is honey-colored. It turns purple as it is chewed.
  • It has a sharp and bitter taste.
  • It is obtained by hand-picking one by one by people.
  • It usually occurs in high-altitude areas. It is known that it is mostly found in the Borcka district of Artvin in our country.
  • The only downside to pine gum is that it sticks to the teeth. Especially fresh pine gum sticks to the teeth. It is not possible to remove the parts adhering to the teeth by brushing. As you eat and drink water during the day, these pieces will come out on their own.
  • Pine gum has no known side effects. Therefore, it can be safely consumed by people of all ages. However, pregnant women are not recommended to chew. It can also cause nausea when chewed on an empty stomach.
  • Today, you can easily obtain pine gum from markets, delicatessens, and various internet sites.

Pine Gum Benefits: 6 Properties You Have Never Heard Of

Pine gum has a strong odor. Also, like other chewing gums, balloons cannot be made while chewing. In addition to these features, this completely natural gum has dozens of health benefits. So what does pine gum do? Here are the benefits of pine gum…

1) It is antiseptic

  • Pine gum, which has natural antiseptic properties, thus helps to heal wounds.
  • From past to present, it is known that it is rubbed on wounds to heal them in a shorter time.
  • Pine gum acts as a natural antibiotic and prevents the wound from becoming inflamed.
  • The wound crusts over and heals in a very short time without scarring.
  • Since pine gum has a hard structure, it is applied to the wound after softening with water.

2) Strengthens Teeth

  • When pine gum is chewed regularly, it cleans the plaque that forms on the teeth.
  • It is also known to care for the gums and strengthen the teeth.

3) Good for Cough and Respiratory Problems

  • The most well-known effect of pine gum is that it relaxes the respiratory tract.
  • It dries the inflammation in the lungs and opens the respiratory tract.
  • If it is thrown into the water and inhaled, it opens the breath.
  • Relieves cough.

4) Relieves Stomach Disorders

  • Pine gum is especially good for indigestion. It can be chewed after heavy meals to aid digestion.
  • It is also known that pine gum relaxes and strengthens the stomach.
  • It reduces the complaints caused by stomach diseases such as reflux and gastritis.
  • It is almost a stabilizer for gastric juice. It regulates the pH value of gastric juice.

5) Nourish the Skin

  • Pine gum activates the facial muscles by enabling them to move.
  • It is used to develop facial muscles during the rehabilitation process of people who have had facial paralysis.
  • It prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  • Nourishes and regenerates the skin.
  • It is known to be good for skin dryness.

6) Reduces Risk of Cancer and Colds

  • Powdered pine gum can be used by mixing it with honey. In fact, we can say that this usage is quite common.
  • The benefits of pine gum and honey mixture are quite high. When consumed regularly, it reduces the risk of developing cancer.
  • It cleanses the body by removing toxins.
  • In case of a cold, it helps to soften the throat.
  • It relieves coughing and opens the airways.
  • It softens the chest.

Other benefits of pine gum include:

  • It helps in the treatment of eye diseases.
  • It is used in making wax.
  • It is known to be used in perfume making.
  • Turns up the sound.

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