How turns a pot of salty soup into a delicious soup

salty soup

When cooking, sometimes you will encounter problems, especially in seasoning food. What do you do when the pot is salty? Please refer to the fire fighting methods below!



There are many ways to extinguish the fire of salty soup

Use cloth to cover rice

The rice will absorb the salt particles that cause the salty taste in the soup, helping the soup to regain the sweetness it should have. But do not drop the rice grains directly into the pot. You can use a piece of cheesecloth or a cloth to wrap some cooked rice and drop it into the soup.

Use powder

Similar to the above, but instead of rice, you use rice flour mixed with flour to form small lumps into a small cloth bag tied and then put in the soup pot. After a while, the excess salt in the soup will seep into the bag and the soup will be sweet again.

Use egg whites

Put an egg white in the soup, cook it, and then remove it. The albumin of the egg white will absorb the excess salt, helping the soup to fade.

If this is a pot of bone broth, or mixed soup, you can take it all out, add the egg yolks and cook for about 15 minutes. After taking out the egg yolk, continue to cook the egg as usual.

Use potatoes

Potato slices can absorb salt very well if put in a pot of soup that is salty.



Potatoes absorb salt very well

Use young tofu

Drop a few pieces of young tofu into the salty soup if you have one in the fridge. It will help the soup to be less salty right away.

Use eggplant

Sliced ​​eggplant pieces are also a way you can use to soften the salty taste of the soup.

Use sugar

If the soup is not too sweet, you can add a little sugar to help reduce the salty taste of the dish.

More water

You can also add more water as a last resort if using the above methods and the soup is still salty. This means you have to accept that it will be diluted and not sweet.

Good luck with curing your delicious soup!

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