What Does Argan Oil Do? How to use?

Argan Oil

Argan oil is an ideal source of healing for those who take care of their hair and skin. Argan oil, which emerged as a result of a very special and difficult process, makes a name for itself with its intense vitamin E.

Thanks to argan oil, which has become very valuable with its original structure and benefits, you can help strengthen your skin and hair.

What is Argan Oil? How to Obtain

For the production of argan oil, the seeds of the fruits of the “argania spinosa” tree, whose homeland is southwest of Morocco, are used. Argan oil plant is generally grown for its valuable oil used for cosmetic purposes. The fruits that ripen around May begin to fall in June and July.

This tree can live for a long time in dry and harsh climates. For Argan oil, the inner part of the kernels of the fruit is used. The process of obtaining oil from the interior has a unique method of the Moroccan region.

Today, these traditional ways are mostly used in the production of argan oil. For this process, the fruits collected from the argan tree are dried first. The seeds of the fruits are taken between two stones and peeled and their inner parts are roasted in pots made of soil. A pasty paste emerges from the roasted inner parts of the argan kernel, which is then ground in stone mills. The paste is carefully kneaded by adding water slowly, while the oil begins to rise to the surface. When deposited on top of the paste, this golden oil is argan oil.

The content of argan oil, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, makes this plant an important source of healing. Among the properties of argan oil, it is in the first place to support skin health. Argan oil is a product that stands out with its benefits for hair.

The smell of argan oil, which has a unique characteristic structure, is not very pronounced and sharp. While argan oil is consumed at the table, it is often added to salads; It is not used in dishes that require high heat such as frying. This oil, which can also be consumed by pouring on fried goat cheese, can also find a place for itself in local breakfasts in the region where it is grown.

Use of Argan Oil: What Does Argan Oil Do?

Common uses of argan oil are skin and hair. So,  how is argan oil used for hair and skin health?

You can apply two drops of argan oil, which you will take on your palm, to your skin, as if rubbing or massaging, immediately after showering. Since it is an easily absorbed oil, the sticky feeling will not be evident like other oils. You can also apply it to washed hair and scalp. You can wash your hair after wrapping it with a towel for a while and leaving it that way.

In addition to being applied in this way, Argan oil can also be found in different cosmetic products. Argan oil cream and argan oil lotion are among these products. Argan oil soap stands out as another product obtained from this medicinal vegetable oil.

Argan oil mask can be applied in different ways for both skin and hair. Argan oil masks that can be applied to the skin are easily absorbed and help the skin look better with its nourishing elements.

Products called argan oil hair spray or argan oil serum are also frequently used by those who care about hair care.

Argan oil clay mask is also very popular among face masks. This type of clay masks containing argan oil; It is applied to the face without touching the mouth, nose and eyes and rinsed after waiting for a while. There are many argan oil users and their comments on the internet.

A mixture of argan oil and coconut oil can also be preferred by those who are looking for supportive methods for damaged hair. Argan oil, like other vegetable oils, should be used in consultation with specialist doctors.

What Are the Benefits of Argan Oil?

  • Among the benefits of argan oil, the benefits it provides in terms of skin health are in the first place. The oil, which is also effective in purifying the pores, allows the skin to appear brighter.
  • Argan oil can also help reduce problems such as eczema. It is a very good moisturizer for dry skin.
  • Argan oil cream has many benefits. The cream, which is used by those who want to achieve a radiant skin appearance, can be applied to many different skin types, oily or dry.
  • Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it nourishes the skin deeply. It helps to reduce inflammation in the skin.
  • Some users may be asked questions such as whether argan oil is good for skin blemishes. Argan oil can be recommended for skin blemishes. It can help to fade skin blemishes.
  • Argan oil is also used in nail care. Supports nails to stay healthy and strengthen.
  • Argan oil and its use to support acne treatment have become quite common in recent years. In particular, argan oil, which nourishes the skin deeply with vitamin E, shortens the healing process of acne.

Consult your doctor before using argan oil.

What Are the Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair?

  • Among the answers given to the questions about what argan oil is good for, its benefits for the hair are in the first place. Argan oil is often recommended for those who have complaints such as hair loss.
  • Argan oil can also be effective in processes such as hair growth. Argan oil, which has a restorative effect, helps hair and scalp to be stronger.
  • Argan oil, which helps to keep the hair strands soft, is also recommended against hair breakage. The oil, which is especially beneficial against shedding by breaking off, will also make it easier to comb the hair.
  • It is thought to have very beneficial effects for the scalp as well. Argan oil is also used for dandruff-like problems.
  • Argan oil can also be included in shampoo ingredients. The use of shampoo containing argan oil extract or argan oil hair serum will help increase the shine of the hair.
  • Consult your doctor before applying argan oil to your hair or scalp.

What Are the Harms of Argan Oil?

Argan oil is a type of vegetable oil that can have side effects. Some side effects may occur, especially when used more than the ideal amount. Questions such as whether argan oil causes allergies or is argan oil used during pregnancy are also frequently asked.

Argan oil should never be used during pregnancy. In addition, argan oil can cause allergic reactions in some bodies. On the Internet, you can also encounter questions such as does argan oil tanArgan oil has no effect on tanning and should not be applied before sunbathing as it can be harmful to the skin.

Questions such as does argan oil cause hair growth or does argan oil grow beard should not be taken seriously. Argan oil does not grow a beard or mustache. The answer to the question of whether argan oil raises eyebrows is the same, and argan oil does not have an effect like eyebrows. Argan oil is also not effective for eyelashes and should never be applied around the eyes. To avoid the harmful effects of argan oil, consult your doctor before using it.

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