What Are the Benefits of Currants?


What is the Currant Plant?

Grape, which is known as “ribes nigrum” in botanical science, is a herbaceous fruit from the Grossulariaceae family. The current tree, which has white flowers and black fruits, is usually 30-40 cm in size.

The black fruit of the plant, which has a very low acidity level, is suitable for drying. Juicy and delicious, small fruits take on a soft and sour taste when dried. It contains some natural substances such as solanine, tannin, saponin and sugar.

Where Are Currants Grown?

Seedless and nutritious herbaceous grape is a natural and organic food type that has been grown since ancient times. It grows on the island of Zante in the south of Greece and is exported to the Mediterranean via the port of Corinth. Therefore , you can come across that it is also called Zante or Corinth grape in foreign countries.

Its homeland of production is Anatolia. Although it grows in almost every region of Turkey, it finds the most ideal growing conditions in Manisa, Gulnar in Mersin and Senir in Isparta. The currant plant, whose root parts are in the form of fringes and do not go too deep, is in the form of dwarf shrubs that usually shed their leaves in winter. Its branches are weak and fragile and give new shoots from the bottom every year. The fruits of the grape plant are located on these new shoots. Therefore, when growing currants, you must be careful about pruning.

How to dry currants? Currants are dried by evaporation of the water in their contents after pre-treatment. What remains is the pulp of the fruit, thus increasing the vitamin value.

How Many Calories Are in Currants? What is the Nutritional Value of Currants?

Currants, which have hand-shaped leaves, contain many nutritional values ​​necessary for the body. The most important of the rich nutritional values ​​is undoubtedly vitamins and minerals. Among the nutritional values ​​of currants, especially vitamin C is of great importance. It contains twice as much vitamin C as an orange. It is also rich in vitamins A and B. As a mineral variety, it contains plenty of calcium.

Currants grown in mild climates are a full source of healing thanks to their natural and fresh taste. 1 cup corresponds to approximately 112 grams. Because it is light and healthy, diet experts often recommend it to people who want to lose weight. The amount of energy taken from 100 grams is 62 kcal, and the amount of calories taken from fat is 3.69 kcal. The other 81.96 grams is water.

If you want to lose a healthy weight or keep your weight in balance, you can add currants to your nutrition program in line with your doctor’s recommendations.

What Are the Benefits of Currants?

  • When consumed regularly, it protects the digestive system and makes it easier for you to have a stronger metabolism.
  • When boiled, it provides relief of some upper respiratory tract diseases such as sputum and cough .
  • It strengthens the immune system and prevents you from getting sick quickly in the winter months.
  • It has a strong effect against anemia. Therefore, if you have anemia problem, you can consume one or two handfuls of currants a day.
  • Thanks to the seeds in its content, it balances blood pressure, makes vascular structures stronger, and helps to eliminate nerve and heart diseases.
  • It can also be eaten for the purpose of removing skin blemishes, tightening and rejuvenating.
  • When its large leaves are boiled and drunk, it kills intestinal infections and cleans your digestive system . It is also a very useful food for constipation.
  • It supports the balance of diseases such as cholesterol and blood pressure.

Where to Find Currants?

You can reach the food options that stand out with their brightly colored clusters and fruits from many places. Herbalists, markets and dried fruit clerks are among the places that sell currants. You can order from anywhere according to your usage area and consumption frequency.

Today, it is also possible to order currants through some online platforms that sell nuts and organic food. Depending on your usage area and frequency of consumption, you can buy it in closed packages or by weighing it by weight in open form.

Currant Time and Price

The fruit, which is generally resistant to cold, is sensitive only in the harsh winter months. Especially in frosty months, its durability is more risky. It is the earliest blooming currant among grapefruits. Since it starts to bear fruit in the early spring season, currant seedlings should be planted in the autumn months at the earliest.

Currant price options are determined depending on the dry-wet condition of the products. Market and market prices can sometimes differ from each other. However, crop prices often fall within attractive and accessible ranges that appeal to your budget..

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