What are the Benefits of Black Nuts?

Black Nuts

If you’ve heard the name of black nut for the first time or if you haven’t eaten it yet, you should try this unique fruit without wasting time. Being a full health store with many substances in its content, blackberry offers a very different flavor with its sour tasteThis fruit, which is very common in the Black Sea, will be an important part of your table habits with its products such as fresh, dry and molasses.

Black nut varieties, which are not known enough outside the Black Sea region, deserve to be more popular with their high nutritional value. Blackberry fruit is also known as “ta flank” in many regions. Although it looks like cherry in appearance, it has a bitter taste. The fruits turn dark red, dark purple and black as they mature. Once you get used to the different and pleasant taste of this juicy fruit, you will not want to quit.

If you pay attention to your diet and take care to consume healthy foods, do not miss the black nut fruit. The fruit, which is easy to digest, can be easily eaten in its fresh form. Black nut fruit varieties, which are also pickled, can be found in abundance on the Black Sea tables. Black nut jam, which will make a difference with its intense aroma, will also be a very good choice to enrich your breakfast table.

You can enjoy this exquisite fruit whenever you want with the blackberry jam or molasses that you can make at home.

What Is a Blackberry Tree? When Does It Fruit?

The blackberry plant, which is from the Rosaceae family, blooms with white flowers. It is an evergreen tree that bears fruit around July. The trunk of the tree is grayish or dull black. The branch system of the black nut tree, whose wood texture is hard, is also strong. The roots of the tree, which usually grows upright and properly, can also go quite deep.

When the berry buds open, they create a pleasing appearance with their whiteness. The nut tree is an early flowering plant species. If you happen to come across the blooming season of the berries, you can immediately notice the uniquely beautiful white flowers.

Blackberry sapling is a sapling that can grow ideally in nutrient-rich soils. Saplings, which are not very selective in terms of soil type, can grow to an average of 6 meters when they become a tree.

Where Does the Blackberry Fruit Grow?

Blackberries have a structure that likes to grow mostly in shade and damp places. Although the trees can grow in all kinds of soil in general, the yield that can be obtained in deep soils is much higher.

In terms of the taste and quality of the fruit, it shows some slight changes according to the sub-varieties. It is possible to come across the plant, which likes a temperate climate, intensively in the coastal zone of the Black Sea. In this region, where it is located as a natural habitat, you can come across self-grown nut trees in different corners of many fields.

Karayemiş, which has a unique structure with its flowers, tree structure and fruit flavor, reflects the unique atmosphere of the Black Sea. Karayemiş, also known as “ta flank”, which is indispensable for Black Sea gardens, stands out among the fertile products of the region. The unique aroma of this fruit, which may seem familiar in appearance, will really impress those who try it for the first time. The berry tree, which looks very aesthetically pleasing, can also be grown to beautify the appearance of the gardens.

What are the Benefits of Black Nuts?

  • Antioxidant structure, which provides protection against diseases, is among the benefits of black nut .
  • Consumption of ripe black nut fruits ensures that digestion is regulated.
  • Consumption of black nut fruits in fresh or dried form is thought to be beneficial for diabetics.
  • Many vitamins and minerals in black nut have the effect of supporting the nervous system to work comfortably.
  • Consumption of dried or molasses-turned berries in winter will also help in the treatment of ailments such as colds.
  • Consumption of nutmeg in the appropriate amount provides many benefits in processes such as bone structure and regular functioning of the muscles.
  • It can also be used to relieve abdominal pain and nausea.
  • Thanks to its high iron content, it helps to eliminate the deficiency of this mineral in the body.
  • Black nut helps to solve the intestinal laziness problem.
  • Minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium in the berry fruit make it easier to maintain the body’s resistance.
  • It is also known that black berries, which have a healing effect on many issues, have diuretic properties.
  • The use of nutmeg can be beneficial in skin diseases such as eczema.
  • The benefits of the dried nutmeg kernels with the fruit enable it to be used frequently, especially in respiratory tract ailments. Consult your doctor before using nutmeg for therapeutic purposes in respiratory tract or other ailments in the body.

How to Dry Black Nuts?

Blackberries can be consumed in dried form as well as fresh. Dried black nut is used extensively because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. With traditional drying processes similar to those of other fruits, products harvested in summer can be easily eaten dry throughout the year. The drying method is also an ideal storage method for berries. Just like its fresh and juicy form, its dry form is also very successful in keeping it full.

To answer the question of how many calories in a berryit can be said that there is about 75 kcal of energy in 100 grams. You can enjoy the dry form of ta flank, or ta flank, which offers many forms of consumption from pickles to jams, during the day with pleasure.

How to Consume Black Nuts?

Karayemiş is an incomparable blessing for those looking for unusual tastes. It can be eaten in its fresh form alone or as a dried snack with walnuts or hazelnuts. The pickles, specially made in the Black Sea region, are roasted with onions and served with meals. The molasses of the black nut, which is a very delicious breakfast in jam, is also very beneficial for health. It is also possible to make a compote of berries, which offer a bitter taste between sweet and bitter.

Thanks to their unique taste and smell, berries are among the fruits that are also used in cakes and pastries. There are points to be considered among the properties of the black nut leaf, which is also made into teaFresh leaves should never be used while preparing tea, as the berry leaf contains some poisonous substances. Black nut leaf tea, which will be prepared by experts with leaves that have been dried with special methods, should only be drunk in consultation with doctors.

Where is Karayemis Sold?

Karayemiş fruit, although not very well known outside the Black Sea region, a fruit can be found in some grocery. In the Black Sea, it is widely sold in markets and on the roadsides, especially during the harvest season. Although there are not many specially produced orchards, it usually grows spontaneously in the fields where local farmers grow hazelnuts or similar products.

It is possible to buy and consume the black nut, which has many useful properties, in different ways. You can buy molasses or jam, or you can take advantage of the beneficial effects of this fruit with dried fruit. It is necessary to consume the black nut carefully, as with any fruit. If your digestive system has a sensitive structure and you have questions such as does black nut cause gas, you should not consume this fruit without consulting your doctor.

What are Karayemis Prices?

Although the price of blackberry may differ from region to region, it is sold at an average price of 10 TLAlthough the dried black nut can keep a little more, there can be markets in the Black Sea region where it is sold more appropriately. You can eat a black nut, which you can come across in abundance during your visits or trips to the Black Sea, or you can buy it in various forms for the winter.

These products, which are close in price to molasses and jams of other fruits, stand out with their high nutritional values.

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