Best sleeping position for breathing problems

Best sleeping position for breathing problems

Best sleeping position for breathing problems; A good sleeping position for breathing is very important to understand. Because the correct sleeping position also plays a role in maintaining health.
Sleep is a necessity for every living being. Because when you fall asleep your body can rest and when you wake up you feel fresher. However, when we are experiencing respiratory problems sometimes we find it difficult to sleep. So, what is the best sleeping position for breathing? Let’s see the following explanation.

Best sleeping positions for breathing problems

For those of you who have breathing problems, a good sleeping position is important to note. The wrong sleeping position can reduce the quality of sleep. Based on the explanation on, here are some best sleeping positions for breathing problems that you can practice.

1. Supine

The supine sleeping position will make the head, neck, and spine more comfortable. It would be better if you add a small pillow under your head for added comfort and prevent neck pain when you wake up in the morning.

You can also try sleeping on your back with your feet elevated. You can place a pillow under your feet. This is useful for overcoming the symptoms of swelling in the legs after a day’s activities.

Although it has several benefits, this way of sleeping can cause you to snore.

2. Side sleeping

The correct way to sleep for breathing is to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side is known to reduce the risk of snoring and other sleep disorders.

This sleeping position can also make the pain in the body subside. Sleeping facing the side is also a good sleeping position for pregnant women.

Unfortunately, sleeping on your side is quite dangerous for internal organs. The force of gravity can make the organs that are crushed have a greater burden. In addition, sleeping on your side can also cause shoulder and back pain.

3. Stomach

The prone sleeping position can also be a good choice of sleeping position for breathing. You can place your chest and stomach on the mattress with your face on one side. Please note that to sleep in this position, you must use a soft and soft mattress.

However, sleeping on your stomach should not be done for a long time. This is because lying on your stomach for too long can compress the lungs and make this organ not fully expand. Stomach down can also increase pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

4. Half-sitting sleeping position

A good sleeping position for breathing is to sleep in a semi-sitting position. You can place the pillows higher so that the head rises about 20-30 degrees.

This sleeping position can prevent snoring during sleep. You can also be more relaxed when you sleep half-sitting. Not only that, a half-sitting sleeping position can also help relieve back and shoulder pain.

However, this body position can only be done in one direction and not too long. That means, you can’t move right or left if you want to change positions.

5. Snuggle

The sleeping position curled up or similar to the fetus in the mother’s womb can be a good sleeping position for breathing. This position is also recommended for people with snoring sleep habits and women who are pregnant.

However, sleeping curled up can cause pain in people with arthritis. Curling up can also make your back like a turn. A way to reduce pressure, you can add pillows around your back and legs.

Breathing Problems That Require Special Sleeping Positions

The best sleeping position for breathing problems is necessary for people with certain respiratory disorders. According to the explanation on, here are some respiratory disorders that require special sleeping positions.


COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease turns out to be a health problem that requires a special sleeping position. For people with this disease, the pillow should support the neck with the body sideways to the left. Then bend your knees partially with your feet against the mattress. Meanwhile, the legs that are not attached to the mattress are positioned straight. According to an explanation at the British Lung Foundation, this sleeping position can help when you lose your breath, especially when COPD symptoms come.

2. Shortness of breath

If you experience shortness of breath, then you also need a good sleeping position for breathing. When you are experiencing shortness of breath, it is better to sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs. While the head is supported by a pillow. When short of breath, you can also sleep in a supine position. But make sure to use a comfortable pillow and place another pillow under your knees. Meanwhile, the knees are in a bent position.

3. Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a health disorder when breathing occasionally stops while sleeping. To overcome this problem, you must pay attention to your sleeping position. For people with sleep apnea , make sure to sleep on your left side. This sleeping position can also be one way to overcome insomnia and GERD. Both of these health problems are triggers for sleep apnea. Not only that, the side sleeping position is also believed to help improve blood circulation.

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