Olive oil and ginger, does it really help to eliminate gray hair?

Olive oil to remove gray hair

Over time, the skin changes, wrinkles appear and gray hair begins to populate the hair . Although it is a normal process, it can become a strong aesthetic annoyance, especially in the female public that is always looking for remedies to stop its proliferation and among these, olive oil is one of the most famous.

It may seem incredible, but this product, in addition to being a fixed recommendation from experts due to its high level of nutrients, is also perfect for preventing those white hair from doing their thing, as long as it is mixed with other ingredients.

Olive oil to remove gray hair

Generally, dyes are the means used to cover gray hair; however, the downside of this is that they contain toxic ingredients and can sometimes cause all kinds of allergies and even burn the scalp.

This remedy with olive oil and ginger is highly effective when it comes to removing gray hair , or rather toning it down. Here are the ingredients and steps to take advantage of this remedy:


  • Olive oil
  • Ginger (root)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 cup of water


The first step is to grate the ginger root and bring it to a simmer in a pot. Once everything is integrated, let the mixture cool and strain. Then mix with the olive oil and honey and when you have a homogeneous paste as a result, store it in a container

How to use

Using this anti gray hair remedy made from olive oil is very simple and you just have to divide your hair into sections to apply the mixture from the roots to the ends. For a better application, use a tinting brush.

You have to leave the cream for 40 minutes and after this time has elapsed you just have to rinse it well with cold water until it is clean.

Additional habits

The appearance of gray hair is associated with old age, however in some people they take time to come out or from youth they already have the characteristic colorless strands. Many times gray hair comes from skin damage.

According to Harvard University, gray hair occurs as hair follicles age . When these are “very old” they stop producing the characteristic color of the hair.

Now, the first step to end gray hair may be prevention, because although the cream with olive oil that we show you is effective, it does not completely finish with this hair.

It is essential to avoid tobacco and reduce alcohol consumption, as both habits release toxins that cause cell oxidation. It is also vital to avoid stress and anxiety. In situations of extreme tension, we recommend resorting to relaxation and meditation techniques to keep the body relaxed and gray-free.

Diet is also related to the appearance of gray hair, so do not hesitate to consume foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients ; since they can slow down the oxidative process that hardens as the years go by. Do not forget to regularly massage the scalp to stimulate hair growth and the secretion of natural substances.

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