10 Different Kitchen Items You Haven’t Seen

Kitchen Items

In every period of our lives, the kitchen is sometimes a port, sometimes a laboratory, and sometimes a workshop for us. In our geography, which has a rich culinary culture, cooking and kitchen utensils are of great importance. For these reasons, the industrial kitchen area in our country has started to develop rapidly and different and very different kitchen utensils have emerged.

These emerging products have achieved success by addressing both design and usage. Today, we will introduce you interesting kitchen tools and talk about very practical and decorative products that will make your work easier in the kitchen; After this list, we guess that the crazy cook in us will come to life! Moreover, with the prices of these interesting kitchen appliances, it is the kind that will not strain your budget too much.

Come on, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

10 Different Kitchen Items You Haven’t Seen

1) Avocado and Egg Slicer

The products are functionally similar to each other because these products, which serve the logic of time is money, are the savior when we are too lazy to cut something in the busyness of life or for perfect presentations.

2) Star Wars Toaster

Star Wars lovers beware! We all know that licensed and themed products always attract attention, and this product will be enough to energize you in the morning and start the day positively.

3) Strawberry Stalk Extractor

  • Yes, you heard it right, “strawberry stalk extractor”, you may be wondering how they thought of this, but remember that products are born from needs.
  • Especially interesting kitchen utensil designs come up when researching to make things really easy in the kitchen.
  • We are sure that there are many people whose fingertips hurt when removing the strawberries, or we can cause the strawberries to break apart while weeding.
  • This product, which has a very small volume, can provide great convenience especially for presentations.

4) Baking Potato Bag

  • Let this product come from us to those who love potatoes. We put one potato in its special bag without peeling it and throw it in the microwave. After 4-5 minutes, a warm baked potato will be waiting for you to be buttered!
  • The product, which is available on many websites, is worth trying for its affordable price.

5) Spray Lemon Squeezer

  • If you are one of those who cannot do without lemon, this product is for you!
  • No more cutting and squeezing to squeeze lemon into your soups and salads thanks to its spray-shaped nozzle!
  • The product, which has a small volume, is worth trying for its affordable price.
  • If you are wondering where are the places that sell this type of interesting kitchen utensils, we recommend you to look at the shops on the street or best of all, look at the internet.
  • For example, if you live in Istanbul, it is possible to encounter such interesting peddlers selling kitchen utensils on the street or on the ferry.

6) Chalk Mug

  • Wouldn’t you like to crown your messages with a coffee? This idea both prevents waste of paper and allows you to have fun moments.
  • With these mugs, you can write different messages to both yourself and the person in front of you every day, so you add a meaning to every sip 😉

7) Pan Shaped Decorative Wall Clock

  • Knowing how much you love thematic products, we can not pass without saying that this product is very sympathetic.
  • This clock, which has a very appetizing appearance with its fork and knife-shaped hour and minute hands, will suit kitchens very well.

8) Spiral Potato Slicer

  • If you want to feel yourself on the beaches of Los Angeles and want to eat crazy sliced ​​potatoes, this product is for you!
  • For the easy-to-use spiral potato slicer, all you have to do is pass the potato to the metal bar and turn the knife!
  • For our readers who think of the health dimension, we should mention that thanks to the stainless steel bars in the product, it is a product with a long service life, so you can have peace of mind 🙂

9) Corn Grain Extractor

  • Here is another tool that will be among the interesting kitchen gadgets, the corn sorter! It is really difficult to separate the corn kernels one by one by hand.
  • Just for this reason, we also have canned corn fields, but a part of us thinks that the fresh one is not a substitute…
  • You can end this doubling with the maize extractor and easily scrape the maize kernels from the stem.

10) Egg Yolk Separator

  • We are not sure whether this apparatus should be among the interesting kitchen materials , because it was actually an apparatus that solved the problem of years and should have been designed much earlier…
  • Especially in some dessert recipes, we need to separate the yolk and white of the egg, and this can be a really stressful process. Thanks to this device, you will not have to experience stress.

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