Metabolism Age: How is Metabolism Age Calculated?

Metabolism Age

Every person has both a birth age and a metabolic age. Birth age is calculated from the day he said hello to the world. Metabolism age is determined by the traces left on the body by nutrition and living conditions. When it comes to age, the age of birth is undoubtedly used in official institutions. However, when it comes to performing daily routines; your metabolic age reminds you of itself there.

Metabolic age is calculated individually for men and women. Thanks to this age, which is calculated on very different criteria from the identity age, it is determined how dynamic or disease-prone you are. Let me put it this way: A 50-year-old individual may feel 25 years old in terms of body and soul. Likewise, a 30-year-old’s body and soul may be 70 years old. There is something that affects these criteria and that is the age of metabolism.

When you say nutritional preferences, life rushes, genetic factors, and diseases experienced, the age of identity keeps watching you. In such cases, the metabolic age comes into play and shapes your life. Now, let’s turn to the subject of calculating the metabolic age, which many people are curious about. Here you can find what you want to know about calculating metabolic age.

What is Metabolism Age?

  • metabolic age; it is the age of your organs in a way. If you eat healthy and pay attention to increase your quality of life; Your metabolic age is calculated younger than your ID age.
  • This age type represents the age at which your soul feels, the body being energized and dynamic.
  • If your metabolism has been working well for a long time; If you have chosen a healthy way with your daily routine and nutrition, your metabolic age will always remain young.
  • However, if you choose poor quality food, habits that harm health and a sedentary life, your metabolic age will be quite old.
  • Age, which represents the body and spirit of men and women, taking into account their biological status; known as metabolic age.

How is Metabolism Age Calculated?

Many people in the society are wondering about the metabolic age calculation and measurement information. Apart from the age he is in, he wants to know how old his organs are and how old he is to adapt to life. This age is actually determined by the body. A few signs will help you estimate your metabolic age.

To calculate the metabolic rate, you need to be examined by an expert with some information. When your weight, height, diseases, genetic factors and diet are examined by the doctor, your metabolic age other than the age you belong to is also determined by data.

In addition, the metabolic age is determined according to the ideal calorie expenditure situation. For this, the following method is followed:

Minimum calorie expenditure rate = (height x 6.25) + (weight x 9.99) – (age x 4.92) – 161

If we give an example based on these data:

Height 170 cm
Weight 55
Age 25

(170 x 6.25) + (55 x 9.99) – (25 x 4.92) – 161 = 1327 calories.

When the results are interpreted by the expert, the metabolic age becomes clear.

In addition, the elasticity of the skin gives information about the metabolic age. Let’s explain this information as follows:

  • Hold the skin on your hand with two fingers and pull for 1 minute.
  • Release the skin after 1 minute. Count the relaxation time of the skin. Your metabolic age is determined by seconds.
  • Between 1 – 2 seconds: 30s
  • 3 – 4 seconds: 40s
  • 5 – 10 seconds: 50s
  • 11 – 30 seconds: 60s
  • 31 – 45 seconds: 70s
  • Over 45 seconds: You might think you’re in your 80s.

What Should the Metabolism Age Be?

Metabolism age is examined in different results for everyone. Because not everyone’s living conditions are the same. Some have the opportunity to do sports throughout the day, while others have never even run in their lives. An ideal metabolic age cannot be given for every individual, including the diet and the drugs used. However, according to experts, there is an answer to the question of what metabolic age should be:

  • During the period from birth to 1 year of age, the metabolic rate and age progress very high. Because babies want to grow up fast. Their diet also supports their growth.
  • After the age of 1, the metabolic rate progresses slowly until the age of 20. Children and young people in this process are not metabolically very old. If they do not carry a genetic disease.
  • Between the ages of 20 and 60, the metabolic age can be determined at an advanced age if individuals do not make an effort to stay young.
  • After the age of 60, if people have a healthy diet and have an active life, the metabolic age can be felt younger.

How to Lower Metabolism Age?

High metabolic age is an undesirable event in some cases. The fact that young people have a metabolism older than their identity age also affects health. In such cases, the question of how the metabolic age drops in everyone’s mind comes to mind . The answer to this question is very simple!

If your body and soul are feeling quite old, let us now explain the techniques to rejuvenate your metabolic age. If you apply the information we will give to your life, you will always stay young no matter what your age!

  • You should pay attention to sleep. If you complete the daily sleep time efficiently, your body will stay away from aging.
  • Drink lots of fluids. The first of the nutrients that help organs work is water. Drink water frequently throughout the day. Each individual should drink an average of 3 liters of water per day.
  • Focus on the consumption of vegetables and fruits. If you make cleaner choices by avoiding foods that tire the body, you can help both the soul and the body stay young.
  • Avoid laziness. Move more. If you choose an active life in this way, your metabolic age can always remain young.
  • Smoking increases the metabolic age, so try to stay away from smoking. If you can’t do it alone, you can quit smoking by getting expert support.
  • Alcohol addiction causes an increase in metabolic age. It ages the body as it affects the functioning of organs. Because of alcohol intake in your 20s, your metabolic age can sometimes go up to your 40s. The choice is yours!
  • Try to get fresh air. Lungs get tired in industrial and dusty environments. Try to stay in a natural and airy environment as much as possible, as lung health determines the age of metabolism.
  • Be careful climbing the stairs. Don’t be intimidated by the steps. If you regularly climb stairs, you can rejuvenate your metabolic age by doing the exercise your body desires.
  • You can solve puzzles. The brain needs to work for mental fitness. Enrich your general culture and rejuvenate your metabolic age by solving puzzles.
  • Start your day with green tea. If you want to drink something hot when you say hello to the day, you can start by drinking antioxidant green tea, which has very little collagen. Thanks to green tea, your body will be purified from toxins and you will have a younger metabolism.
  • Another habit that is effective in rejuvenating the metabolic age is tooth brushing. Brushing your teeth helps remove bacteria in the mouth. When these bacteria go through the mouth, your body relaxes too. Every action that relaxes the body helps to keep the metabolic age young.

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