Jalapeno Pepper

Jalapeno Pepper
  • The jalapeno pepper, which belongs to the Capsicum annuum family, is a vegetable of Mexican origin.
  • Known as gin pepper, jalapeno is grown in green and red colors. It is the ripening period that determines the colors.
  • The average size of a jalapeno pepper varies between 5 and 9 cm.
  • This pepper, which has a slightly meaty structure, also draws attention with its high fiber structure.
  • Jalapeno peppers are more juicy than other hot peppers.
  • In our country, you may know jalapeno peppers from pickle companies. Jalapeno is used to give moderate bitterness to pickles and to ferment pickles more deliciously.
  • For those who ask how to use jalapeno pepper, different alternatives are offered. If you like to eat some hot pepper; You can add this pepper to salads by chopping them raw.
  • You can use it during cooking to get a very delicious aroma in meals.
  • Jalapeno, which has a place in the choice of dip sauce, can create a delicious sauce with various ingredients when pureed.
  • Jalapeno pepper, which is a sought-after ingredient in some sauces and dishes in Mexican cuisine, is also consumed as a flavor detail of pizzas when sliced ​​very thinly.

Is Jalapeno Pepper Hot?

  • The bitterness of the jalapeno pepper varies according to the taste. If you love bitter flavors; jalapeno peppers won’t give you too much of a bitter taste.
  • This pepper, which suppresses its bitter taste somewhat thanks to its juicy structure, has a milder bitterness compared to gin pepper.
  • Green jalapeno has a sweeter flavor than red jalapeno peppers.
  • If you are going to consume jalapeno pepper for the first time, you can take the bitterness for a short time. The bitter taste on your palate will not bother you.

Jalapeno Pepper Varieties

Two different types of jalapeno peppers are known.

  • Green jalapeno peppers: This type of pepper is dark green in color and is harvested before it matures. It is less bitter than red.
  • Red jalapeno pepper: It is red in color and is harvested after the green jalapeno pepper has matured in the sunlight for a while. It has a sharper bitterness than its green color.

Jalapeno Benefits: 7 Features You Haven’t Heard of

1) Revitalizes Metabolism

  • Capsaicin is present in the structure of jalapeno pepper. This substance is a useful substance sought by those who want to lose weight.
  • You can increase your metabolic rate by consuming jalapeno peppers in moderation throughout the day.
  • When the metabolic rate increases, you can start fat burning.

2) Contains High Fiber

  • Jalapeno pepper attracts attention with its fibrous structure. Fiber supports the healthy functioning of the intestines.
  • It is recommended to consume fibrous foods for a strong intestinal flora. You can meet your fiber needs by consuming jalapeno peppers in meals or in pickles.
  • Thanks to the fibrous jalapeno, you can make the functioning of the organs healthier.

3) Accelerates Blood Circulation

  • Jalapeno peppers have the power to preserve body heat. It delays the feeling of cold as it will increase blood circulation.
  • Jalapeno pepper, which accelerates blood circulation, also prevents vascular occlusion.
  • As a result of moderate consumption, you can protect cardiovascular health.

4) Clears Infection

  • Jalapeno pepper, which has a diuretic effect, accelerates the clearance of infection in the body.
  • It is recommended to consume jalapeno peppers, especially for the rapid elimination of bacteria due to urinary tract infection.
  • You can place this pepper in your kitchen, which has the feature of stopping the spread of infection and cleaning the infection.

5) Vitamin C Store

  • Vitamin C is known as a vitamin that should be taken by people of all ages.
  • Vitamin C, which is supplied from many fruits and vegetables, is also obtained from jalapeno peppers.
  • If you consume this pepper regularly and in moderation, you can keep your body away from various diseases.
  • Vitamin C strengthens your body’s defense system.

6) Source of Magnesium

  • If you take a certain amount of magnesium, you can minimize the risk of pain and cramps in your body.
  • Jalapeno peppers are also a source of magnesium. If you consume it in moderation, you can relieve pain naturally.
  • You can overcome problems such as muscle and bone pain and cramps thanks to the effects of jalapeno pepper.

7) Strengthens the Immune System

  • It has been observed that those who consume jalapeno pepper have a stronger immune system.
  • Thanks to a strong immune system, you can minimize the risk of serious diseases such as cancer.
  • You can have a healthier life by choosing jalapeno peppers raw and cooked, in pickles.

Jalapeno Pepper Cultivation

  • The original home of the jalapeno pepper is known as Mexico.
  • It is known that it has been grown in the Aegean lands in Turkey in recent years.
  • This pepper, which ripens and reddens in the heat of July, is sent to various regions of Turkey.
  • The grown jalapeno peppers are also supplied to pickle companies and offered to consumers as pickles.

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