Is green tea good for you?

Benefit of mint tea
Benefit of mint tea

Is green tea good for you? Yes, green tea is very healthy and is even called one of the most healthy drinks. This is evident from the many healthy properties of green tea, including promoting sleep and strengthening the immune system. Green tea is produced from the leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. In particular, the young shoots of the plant are used for making green tea. The leaves of the tea plant are heated after harvesting, which inactivates the enzymes and prevents oxidation.

Green tea is gaining in popularity in the West, mainly due to its positive health effects. Many of these properties have not been scientifically proven, although green tea may well have some effects. One of the effects proven by science is that drinking green tea promotes mental alertness. This is caused by the caffeine present in green tea. These effects can therefore be compared to drinking a cup of coffee, but the effects will be less strong.

Is green tea good for you? Healthy properties

Green tea is said to have a number of healthy properties, which means that it can have good health effects. While these effects have not been scientifically proven, green tea is said to help prevent bladder, esophagus, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. In addition, green tea is said to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease, as well as dizziness when standing up and low blood pressure after meals in the elderly.

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In addition to these properties, green tea is said to lower the fat content of the blood and positively influence the metabolism. Many people are convinced that green tea also has an anti-bacterial, detoxifying, antiviral, and anti-fungal effect and that it promotes resistance. However, these properties have not been scientifically proven.

Is green tea good for you? Theine in green tea

Most teas contain caffeine. When tea contains caffeine, this is also referred to by the term theine. The amount of caffeine in tea is many times lower than the amount of caffeine in coffee. Caffeine in tea is absorbed by the body much more slowly than caffeine in coffee because it has a different composition and a lower concentration of caffeine. As a result, the caffeine in tea, the theine, will provide a more balanced effect.

Due to the amount of theine in green tea, it is recommended to drink about 3 to 4 cups of green tea in one day. Of course, it is always possible to drink more green tea, but it will then be more detrimental to your health. This has to do with the amount of theine in green tea. When making tea, it is also important to use water that is no warmer than 80 degrees Celsius. When you use warmer water, the good substances in green tea can be lost. It is also possible to drink green tea as iced tea. Because the green tea is not heated, the nutrients are retained and is, therefore, the best way to drink green tea.

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