How to calm a headache without pills?

How to calm a headache without pills

If your head hurts continuously for several hours or even more so for days, consult a doctor!

How to calm a headache without pills

Do you feel like your head is starting to hurt? Don’t rush to take the pill; one of these simple remedies may help.

Relax your jaw muscles

Often we ourselves do not notice how our jaw tenses, especially in those moments when we are alarmed by something. Meanwhile, jaw muscle tension is one of the most underestimated causes of headaches in adults.

The small muscles that control your jaw pull toward your temples, and their spasm can lead to headaches.

By the way, check: is your jaw relaxed now?

Drink some water

Yes, it’s that simple. Dehydration is a very common cause of headaches, and not just in the summer. During the heating season, when the air in our apartments becomes drier, we actively lose moisture and do not always have time to replenish its deficiency. And another reason for the lack of water in the body, which causes a headache, can be a recently drunk cup of coffee: this drink actively removes moisture from the body.

So if you feel an ache in your temples, drink water – perhaps this will be enough.

Stretch your pectoral muscles

Poor posture, the habit of slouching and a love of hanging on a mobile phone lead to a deterioration in the blood supply to the vessels of the head and neck – and we feel a headache.

Straighten your shoulders, do a few exercises to stretch your pectoral muscles – blood circulation will improve and the headache will go away.

Give your eyes a rest

Often headaches are associated with vision. Many of us feel it after a long day in front of the computer, watching TV for a long time, reading, or even after long trips while driving a car. This type of headache is more likely at the end of the day, after a busy work week, and less likely in the morning and on weekends. To relieve headaches caused by eye strain, try taking frequent breaks while working on the computer.

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