How to store quail eggs

How to store quail eggs

Store quail eggs in a cool kitchen (up to 20 degrees) for up to 40 days, and in the refrigerator they can be stored for up to 2 months. It can be stored for longer – even if some eggs have gone bad, it is very easy to determine this.

We store fresh quail eggs

Quail eggs should be refrigerated after purchase. Please note that even in the store, packages with quail eggs are in rooms ventilated by cold air. Before you put the package in the basket, look at the day of sorting – as a rule, the expiration date officially begins from this day, so the closer this date is to today, the better. It is better to open the package with quail eggs and make sure of the quality of the product: even though the eggs in the package are separated from each other by the sides of the cell, there are broken ones. Also, keep in mind that smaller eggs are stored less than large ones.

We store boiled quail eggs

Fully boiled quail eggs are best kept in their shells – they will keep perfectly in the refrigerator for a couple of days. It is better not to store for longer – the eggs will definitely begin to dry out and become tight. Do not store soft-boiled quail eggs for more than a few hours – a half-boiled egg is not suitable for subsequent storage.

How quail eggs go bad

– an egg with a broken shell and a thin white film under it – the egg is not suitable, as air has entered and the egg has dried up.
– after cleaning, the egg has a tight rubbery consistency.
– the egg is withered and occupies only 50% of the space in the shell that is in the shell.
– bad smell.
– the weight of a large egg is halved.
– eggs float strongly in the water.
– if you break an egg, the protein is opaque, with a sharp unpleasant amber.

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