Is it bad to sleep with a girdle?

Is it bad to sleep with a girdle

It is important to consult with an expert to determine the appropriate hours for its use.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) points out that the girdle is a “long and wide strip of fabric that surrounds the body at the waist”, which is generally used by women as a shaper for the body, however, the male gender also wears it. used for aesthetic or sporting purposes.

Those who usually use it are those who seek to define their waist, and in some cases, burn extra fat, but the pressure exerted by this garment can be counterproductive when used for more than eight hours.

Girdle Damages

The Mundo Deportivo portal lists the damage to the body after prolonged use of the girdle:

Low sleep quality

While it is true that sleep is an important activity for the body, since it is restored and the brain is renewed, some adaptations are needed for this to work in the best way, such as moving away from mobile devices or household appliances that obstruct this weather.

Also the consumption of certain infusions can be effective to fall asleep, says Tua Saúde . However, a permanent intake is not recommended, but rather for a short period of time so as not to create dependency.

But not only sleeping in a completely dark environment, with a correct mattress or pillow can be favorable for this, even pajamas and each of the garments used in this activity, which are usually loose and comfortable, are protagonists. For this reason, the use of a girdle can affect the quality of sleep, preventing the body from breathing and cells from regenerating, because it makes breathing difficult .

Causes flaccidity and circulatory problems

As previously mentioned, the use of a girdle in the abdominal area has the purpose of shaping the body and seeks to eliminate extra fat, but if it is not used in an appropriate way, it can have an effect contrary to what was expected, such as flaccidity, as the muscles weaken and droop, the website claims.

In addition, the shortness of breath that it generates on some occasions is a sign of poor blood circulation due to the pressure it exerts on the torso, increasing the chances of circulatory problems, for example, the appearance of varicose veins, which according to the Mayo Clinic , “ they are twisted and enlarged veins” that become varicose when they are close to the skin.

Women are more likely to have them due to their different hormonal changes, which are present in menstruation or pregnancy. It is worth mentioning that the genetic factor has a great influence.

Prevents good intestinal transit

One of the digestive problems that most afflict humans is constipation, which can trigger other types of conditions when it is not treated. For this reason, the use of a girdle can be an unfavorable factor to counteract it, since the pressure it exerts on the abdomen and stomach inhibits the flow of fecal matter, complicating an optimal evacuation.

It is worth mentioning that self-care is the best solution for constipation, but it is important to consult with a health professional.

The use of the girdle is recommended no more than the recommended hours, allowing the body to breathe and improving each of its functions.

However, its use has benefits such as good healing when used after certain surgeries such as liposuction, among others. Also during a workout it helps the correct posture of the back while lifting weights and, generally, it is men who use them.

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