How to store peanuts

How to store peanuts

A distinctive feature of all types of nuts, including peanuts, is the ability to release oil after prolonged or improper storage. This nuance directly affects the appearance of bitterness in aroma and taste, and also leads to the appearance of fungi. As a result, nuts become not only unsuitable for human consumption, but also hazardous to health.

How to store peanuts at home :

  • it is necessary to store peanuts in a dry container with a lid (glass jars, ceramic or any other containers, except for plastic containers);
  • it is not recommended to store peanuts in plastic containers (nuts change their taste characteristics rather quickly and acquire a bitter smell);
  • peanuts can be stored in cloth bags, but the shelf life will be shorter than in glass jars;
  • peanuts should not be stored in polyethylene;
  • peanuts can be stored in their original packaging only until they are opened (after opening the packaging, the nuts must be placed in a more suitable container, and when opened, they will quickly deteriorate);
  • before preparing peanuts for storage, the nuts must be inspected and sorted out (shell residues and debris can significantly reduce the shelf life and cause mold);
  • if the aroma of peanuts has changed, a plaque has appeared on the surface of the kernels, or the presence of insects has become noticeable, then such nuts should not be eaten in any case (harmful bacteria quickly penetrate the kernels, making them hazardous to health);
  • if the peanut looks fresh, but its taste has acquired bitterness, then the nuts are spoiled and unsuitable for human consumption (such peanuts are especially dangerous for the liver);
  • peanuts can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer (only nuts can be frozen without signs of oil release or spoilage);
  • it will not be possible to store peanuts in crushed form (oil will be quickly produced from the kernels, which will change their taste and aroma);
  • open peanuts cannot be stored either at room temperature or in the refrigerator (at room temperature, open nuts will quickly deteriorate due to environmental influences, and in the refrigerator, they will absorb the smells of other products, which will also negatively affect their shelf life );
  • Inshell peanuts are stored longer than peeled kernels;
  • when preparing peanuts for storage, it is imperative to remove spoiled nuts, kernels with signs of damage by parasites or mechanically, as well as with a darkened shell or wrinkled surface;
  • it is better not to store roasted, salted or sweet peanuts (any ingredients and roasting will shorten the shelf life of the nuts several times, the maximum period of preservation of the original taste properties will be 2 weeks, after which the kernels will begin to become bitter and too oily);
  • regardless of whether it is planned to store peanuts in the shell or without it, it is recommended to warm the nuts in the oven (the temperature should be approximately 50 degrees, and the calcination time should not be more than 10 minutes);
  • if the nuts are stored in glass jars, then it is recommended to sterilize the containers before placing peanuts in them.

How much and at what temperature can peanuts be stored

The shelf life of peanuts is on average 12 months. This indicator applies only to inshell nuts. If the casing is removed, the shelf life is reduced. Without shells in a dark and cool place, peanuts will remain fresh for 6-9 months.

Peanuts can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator for several months. This method is more suitable for kernels of this type of nuts. On the refrigerator shelf, peanuts will not lose their taste characteristics for 4-6 months, and in the freezer this period will increase to 9 months.

If peanuts are purchased in a package, then they must be opened before eating the nuts, and they can be stored for the period specified by the manufacturer. After opening the package, the nuts must be transferred to a container with a lid, placed in the refrigerator or frozen. It is not recommended to freeze roasted peanuts. In an open package, the nuts will retain their flavoring properties for several weeks.

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