How to Make a Christmas Card? 4 Super Ideas

Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas Greeting Cards: Handmade, Easy Examples! Sending New Year’s greeting cards to our loved ones, which is an ageless tradition, has become somewhat digital with the effect of technology. New Year’s postcards, prepared to leave lasting memories, have remained in the memories as a small detail representing the cold winter days.

Although many cities do not experience snowy New Year’s nights due to seasonal effects; The centuries-old tradition of sending New Year’s cards continues. Such cards support social life by reinforcing love and respect. Especially when it comes to handmade products, their value increases even more.

christmas postcard

You can try making Christmas cards by getting together with your children and using easy materials at home. Thanks to these cards, your children’s motor development is supported and their self-confidence is strengthened as they prepare products. You can get help from this article to prepare Christmas cards at home that you will gift to your neighbors and all the people you care about. Because for those who are curious, we answer the question of how to make Christmas cards here.

New Year’s cards, which express the most sincere feelings, will put smiles on many faces when they are included in the cards you have prepared. To learn the techniques of preparing Christmas cards in a very practical way; You can read our article till the end. Christmas cards with many handmade details are here with you!

How to Make a Christmas Card?

  • Surprise Christmas Tree
  • Snowman Themed Wish Card
  • Pine Tree Themed Card
  • Cinnamon Christmas Card
christmas postcard

1) Surprise Christmas Tree


  • white and green paper
  • brown paper
  • yellow paper for star
  • Snowflake effect or pencil to draw
  • Glue or glue
  • Craft paper, you can choose blue as the color, completely according to your taste
  • scissors and paper cutter


  • To prepare this Christmas card, you must first cut the book part.
  • Cut the cardboard rectangularly to create a book in a color of your choice.
  • When you fold the cut piece in the middle, you will create two separate pages, right and left. Keep this piece on the table.
  • Now cut long strips of 1 inch thick from the green cardboard.
  • Adjust these strips to be 5 separate lengths.
  • Keep the cut strips folded using the fan method.
  • Arrange the fan you have prepared in 5 different lengths, one under the other, from the smallest to the largest, into the book you have just cut.
  • Apply glue to both ends of the fans and stick them inside the book. When you stick it one under the other, it will take the shape of a pine tree.
  • Now make a small square of paper using brown paper for the trunk of the tree. Fold this brown paper right in the middle and stick it to the bottom of the green papers for the tree trunk.
  • Let the notebook rest closed for a few minutes so that all the papers hold their shape. In the meantime, since the adhesives will dry, the colored details inside will become permanent.
  • When you open and close the notebook, you can see the Christmas tree saying hello to you. You can write down your New Year’s wishes for your loved ones in the spaces left in the notebook.
christmas card

2) Snowman Themed Wish Card


  • Straw cardboard
  • patterned fabric
  • white button
  • black cardboard
  • white glitter
  • Glue
  • Red and white thread


  • The snowman, which is the symbol of the New Year, takes place in the New Year’s greeting cards. To prepare this gift, cut the straw-colored cardboard into a rectangular shape. You can cut it to any size you want.
  • Adjust from the bottom of the cardboard and stick the white buttons so that they are right in the middle.
  • If you wish, you can create a short snowman by using 1 big and 1 small button.
  • To use on the neck of the snowman, cut a very short piece of colored yarn and make a bow and stick it between the two buttons.
  • Now you will make a hat out of black cardboard. Cut a rectangle and a square of paper according to the size of the button for the hat.
  • Lay the rectangular black paper and glue the square paper on it. A black hat will be ready.
  • Glue the prepared hat on the snowman’s head.
  • Make another bow using patterned paper. If you wish, to the right or left corner of the paper; If you wish, paste it on the upper surface of the cardboard in a wide form.
  • Write down your wishes on the empty space of the New Year’s card using a pen of the color of your choice.
  • In the last step, sprinkle some white or silver glitter on the cardboard and place it in the appropriately sized envelopes.
  • You can prepare this New Year’s card to gift your loved ones.
christmas postcard

3) Pine Tree Themed Card


  • Printed paper with notes
  • Straw cardboard
  • green color cardboard
  • black color cardboard
  • Glue
  • glitter glue


  • To prepare this New Year’s card, first cut straw colored paper into rectangles.
  • Cut paper with musical notes 2 cm smaller than the paper you just cut.
  • With the help of glue, stick the notes on a single color paper and wait for it to dry.
  • After these processes, remove the tree or any pattern you want from green paper.
  • Stick the green papers that you cut in the shape of a pine tree on the note paper you have just prepared.
  • Cut a star shape from a paper of your choice and stick it on the top of the tree.
  • In the last step, create small details by drawing a zigzag on the tree using glitter glue.
  • Don’t forget to add good wishes for your loved ones and drop the date on the bottom or blank part of this New Year’s card.
christmas card making

4) Cinnamon New Year Greeting Card


  • 2 sticks of cinnamon
  • 3-4 branches of pine tree leaves
  • Straw colored paper
  • Glue
  • Shimmer
  • black felt-tip pen


  • If you want to prepare greeting cards for your loved ones in the new year, let us offer you a method that you can finish in minutes.
  • Thanks to this card, which can be easily applied at any age, you can permanently express your New Year’s wishes to those around you.
  • To prepare the card, cut it to the size you want and shape it.
  • First of all, write down what you want to say with a felt-tip pen. Wait a few minutes for the pen to dry.
  • Now stick the cinnamon sticks diagonally on the upper right corner of the paper. At this stage, you can connect the two sticks together and stick them from the bottom.
  • Glue the green leaves of the pine tree in the lower left corner. After the glue dries, pour a very small amount of glitter. The glitter will add a little sparkle.
  • Here is your new year greeting card ready! You can make your loved ones happy by preparing the amount you want.

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