How to lower blood pressure at home

How to lower blood pressure at home

There are many causes of hypertension. And it happens that you need to reduce the pressure at home with improvised means.

Despite the existing opinion that hypertension is mainly suffered by older people, now this disease has become “younger” and can occur in 25-30 year olds. Therefore, more and more inhabitants of the planet are faced with the question of how to reduce blood pressure.

What helps to quickly lower blood pressure and what causes it to rise

Elevated blood pressure is considered to be higher than 140/90. Although research conducted by the American Heart Association lowered this bar to 130/80. At the same time, it is worth remembering about the individual characteristics of the body, so to understand what pressure is the norm for you, consult a doctor.

There are many reasons why the pressure rises. It can also be the result of diseases, a consequence of stress, lack of sleep or nervous tension. Therefore, we will focus on the question of how to reduce blood pressure at home, because in the current turbulent time it is not always possible to quickly consult a doctor or run to the nearest pharmacy.

How to lower blood pressure in 5 minutes – simple methods

First, let’s emphasize – do not engage in self-medication and be sure to consult a doctor. Especially with such a serious problem as high blood pressure, because hypertension can lead to serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack and others.

One of the ways to quickly lower blood pressure is to take medical drugs. A doctor should choose the right medicine and dosage for you. In addition, some of them affect not the pressure itself, but the cause of its increase.

Of the conditionally safe ones, corvalol or valerian can help lower blood pressure . However, they can be taken only if there is no allergy to any components in their composition.

But if there is no first-aid kit at hand, here is something else that helps to quickly reduce pressure:

  • Breathing exercises. Try to relax and take slow, deep breaths, counting to five, and also slowly exhale. Repeat this for a few minutes.
  • Foot bath. Fill the basin with hot water and immerse your feet (or hands) in it for 10 minutes. The blood vessels will expand and the pressure will decrease.
  • Flowing water. If there is no hot water, cold water will do – wash and hold your hands for about a minute or two.
  • Salt bath. Fill the bath with water at a temperature of 37-38 degrees, add up to 10 tablespoons of salt, and lie in it for up to 15 minutes.

If the pressure is very high, put the person in a semi-recumbent position and call an ambulance. If there is, you can give a tablet (or less) of Captopril, Andipal or Capoten under the tongue .

How to lower blood pressure with folk remedies – “grandmother’s” life hack

If the first-aid kit turned out to be empty, and there is a curfew outside the window and it will not be possible to run to the pharmacy, the question arises, how to lower blood pressure without pills. And the bathtub may not be at hand. And here folk methods come to the rescue.

Among the ways to quickly reduce blood pressure without medication, it is recommended to drink non-hot green tea . Mint tea or carcade can also have a positive effect . There are also various herbal teas on sale , including those for reducing pressure.

You can make a compress from apple cider vinegar –  apply a cloth soaked in it to your forehead or feet for 10-15 minutes.

With regular intake, viburnum can help lower blood pressure – use two or three tablespoons per day (can be in the form of juice or juice).

Not very fast, but also a good way to fight high blood pressure – ginger . Pour a teaspoon of crushed root with a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours. Drink the solution two or three times a day before eating.

People suffering from hypertension are recommended to include in their diet fish, nuts, bananas, as well as foods rich in fiber, for example – fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals such as oatmeal, buckwheat or lentils.

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