What Do Pet Rabbits Eat?How is it fed?

What Do Pet Rabbits Eat

Today we will talk about how our little friends are fed rabbits. Therefore, we can say that this article is prepared for those who keep rabbits at home or those who want to be fed.

There are two possible answers to the question “What do rabbits eat?” the first is packaged feed specially prepared for rabbits, and the second is some greens and vegetables. Can rabbits be kept at home? Of course it can be fed. You can feed this cute animal, whether it’s a puppy or an adult, at home. However, we recommend that you do a detailed research on the questions “what do rabbits like to eat” beforehand.

What Do Rabbits Eat? How is it fed?

Rabbits are herbivorous animals. They eat most grasses, wild plants, tree branches, nuts, roots and fruits. Their instincts are very strong; They know very well how much of each plant they should eat. Thanks to their strong sense of smell, they immediately understand and do not eat poisonous herbs.

Here are the plants and foods that rabbits love to eat…

1) Rabbit Food

  • Whether it’s a baby or an adult… You can feed your rabbit with ready-packaged rabbit food.
  • These feeds are sold as vitaminized rabbit food.
  • It contains essential vitamins and minerals, carob, barley, wheat, oats, corn and sunflower seeds.
  • Some feeds contain flaxseed, safflower, marigold, soybean shell, seaweed, yucca, carrot, pea, cranberry, mung bean and probiotics.

2) Greens

  • Rabbits are a total green lover!
  • If you have rabbits at home, you can give plenty of greens.
  • Lettuce, cucumber, dill, parsley, radish, artichoke leaves, cabbage leaves and fresh grass are among rabbits’ favorite greens.
  • The point to be considered here is that the greens are given with foods such as dry grass and dry straw.
  • Because eating an excessive amount of greens causes diarrhea in rabbits.

3) Vegetables

  • Since rabbits are herbivores, they also love vegetables. You can give almost any vegetable in your house to the rabbit.
  • Carrots, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and green beans are rabbits’ favorite vegetables.

4) Dry Foods Like Dry Grass, Dry Hay

  • Rabbits need dry foods such as dry grass and dry hay, along with greens due to their digestive mechanisms.
  • Especially the baby rabbits should be given dry food with greens starting from the 6th month. Otherwise, they may have diarrhea and die.

5) Salt

  • Rabbits’ bodies also need salt like other living things.
  • Rabbits roaming in nature take the salts from the rocks. However, since pet rabbits do not have such an opportunity, salt supplements should be made from time to time.
  • For this, you can put a small amount of iodized salt in the feeding corner of the rabbits at certain intervals.

Some frequently asked questions about rabbit nutrition:

Do rabbits drink water?

  • Yes, rabbits drink water.Water is also vital for them. You can get a 1 liter water container for the rabbit you keep at home.
  • We recommend that you place this bowl in a suitable place in the house so that the rabbit can drink water whenever it wants. The rabbit’s water should be changed daily, and the water bowl should be washed frequently.

Do rabbits eat bread?

  • Yes, places. In addition to greens, rabbits should also be given foods such as dry bread and dry hay. Because their bodies also need this kind of dry food.
  • Especially for baby rabbits, dry bread, etc., as well as greens should be provided. Food should also be given.
  • Otherwise, they may have diarrhea. Diarrhea, unfortunately, can lead to death in these small bodies.

Do rabbits drink milk?

  • The rabbit should not be given the milk of another animal.

Do rabbits eat meat?

  • Rabbits do not eat meat when they are herbivores. Their digestive systems cannot digest meat and dairy products.

What do baby rabbits eat?

  • Newborn rabbits are fed with breast milk for the first 30-45 days.
  • Mother’s milk is very important for rabbits like every living thing. During this period, we recommend that you do your best so that the rabbit can get breast milk.
  • If the baby rabbit cannot get breast milk, you can give rabbit feed specially prepared for them. Never give cow’s or goat’s milk to the baby rabbit.
  • After 15 days of age, rabbits can consume dry alfalfa, dry hay or rabbit food in addition to breast milk.

How to Feed a Pet Rabbit?

  • The most important thing you should know about rabbit nutrition is that their digestive systems work differently from ours.
  • When rabbits eat, they need another food to push the food they eat.
  • In other words; The food they eat afterwards pushes the food they eat first. For this reason, it is very important for rabbits to be fed frequently.
  • If you are keeping or planning to feed rabbits in your home, you should make sure that they do not starve for a long time.
  • In order to achieve this, a large amount of dry grass, straw, etc. is constantly kept in one corner of the house. You can have food.
  • You can safely feed your rabbit with the foods listed above. However, there are some points that you should pay attention to at this stage.
  • For example; Excessive consumption of cauliflower, cabbage and rapeseed can cause goiter in rabbits.
  • Spinach and chard can cause contractions when consumed in excessive amounts.
  • Soybeans can stop their growth.
  • Therefore, when feeding rabbits, you should take care to ensure that they consume little by little from each food.

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