How To Eat Passion Fruit? Spoon, In Salad, In Smoothie

Eat Passion Fruit
Eat Passion Fruit

The passion fruit is a very tasty sweet fruit from the passion tree. These mainly grow in tropical areas. There are many types and sizes of passion fruit. In the Netherlands, we usually have passion fruit with purple skin. But how can you eat passion fruit?

How To Eat Passion Fruit?

You can eat the passion fruit by cutting it in half and then spoon it out, just like a kiwi. You can also add it to a delicious fruit salad or add it to your smoothie with, for example, mango. You can also make ice creams with it.

This fruit is very tasty and has a sweet taste, but only when the passion fruit is really ripe. If you want to know if your passion fruit is ripe, read our blog about ripening passion fruit and you will know immediately. It also describes how to store passion fruit.

Passion Fruit Food How

The passion fruit is a tropical fruit with a sweet taste. The riper the fruit is, the less moisture it contains, the stronger the sweet taste. The passion fruit is only tasty to eat when it is really ripe. The passion fruit is a special fruit that you can eat in several ways. The fruit combines well with other ‘yellow’ fruits such as pineapple, banana and mango.


Spooning is the first way to eat your passion fruit. To do this, cut the passion fruit in half or remove only the top of the passion fruit.

Now you can spoon with a spoon, you can eat the pulp and the many seeds in no time. They are healthy and the passion fruit is a real vitamin bomb.


Passion fruit is also a delicious addition to a tasty fruit salad. It is a different combination than the normal fruit salads and certainly with other yellow fruits such as pineapple and mango it is a real addition and you serve your guests a real surprise.


You can also eat passion fruit by adding it to the yogurt. Put the yogurt in a bowl, spoon out the passion fruit and add it to the yogurt. That way you don’t have to add refined sugar.


Another way to eat your passion fruit is to add it to your smoothie. The sweet taste and healthy seeds make for a surprisingly different smoothie than you are used to.

You can also make it into a smoothie along with mango. Both flavors enhance each other and it is a delicious combination. Pineapple and bananas are also fruits that taste good with passion fruit, so you can also make a delicious smoothie with them.

Passion Fruit Food Peel

You can eat the pulp and seeds of the passion fruit. The skin is not edible.

Passion fruit ice cream

Finally, I would like to mention that you can also make delicious ice creams with passion fruit. Especially with mango, this is a delicious combination to make ice cream. I will tell you how to do this. You have to determine the proportions of the ingredients yourself, because some like sweet and others less sweet.

  • Remove the pulp from the passion fruit and place in a bowl.
  • Cut the flesh of the mango and do this in a mixer with a little water.
  • Mix the mango and water together. Now taste if it has a good taste. It should not be too watery.
  • Place the blended mango in the bowl with the passion fruit and mix well. Use a fork for this.
  • Then put the mango/passion fruit in the ice cube mold or the ice cream mold and place it in the freezer.

Now you can enjoy your homemade mango/passion fruit ice cream on a balmy summer evening.

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