How to Cook Goat Meat So It’s Soft and Doesn’t Smell

Cooking goat meat can be a challenge, especially if you want the meat to be tender and free from the typical prengus aroma.

Eid al-Adha celebrations are often accompanied by the slaughter of sacrificial animals, including goats, so many families have abundant stocks of goat meat.

Many people avoid cooking goat meat because of the difficulty in processing it. However, with the right techniques and some practical tips, you can serve delicious and appetizing goat meat dishes.

In this article, we will share effective ways to cook goat meat so that it is soft and doesn’t smell, so you can enjoy delicious goat meat without worrying about the texture or aroma.

  1. No need to wash meat

According to Dr. Devia Irine Putri , you do not need to wash goat meat before processing or storing it in the refrigerator. This recommendation was also expressed by the USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture ).

“Goat meat does not need to be washed if it is to be cooked or stored. “This aims to prevent the spread of bacteria in the meat to cooking utensils or other food sources,” said Dr. Devia .

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  1. Slice the Goat Meat Correctly

The key to cooking tender goat meat is to slice the meat properly. You can follow the method of cutting goat meat below:

  • To make the cutlets soft, check the direction of the muscle fibers. Cut crosswise or perpendicular to the muscle fibers of the meat.
  • Do not cut the meat along the muscle fibers, as this can make the meat tough when cooked.

These tips for cutting goat meat also help break down tough proteins and make the marinade absorb more easily.

  1. Marinate the meat for a long time

Then, how to cook goat meat to make it tender is to use raw papaya. Soak the goat meat in mashed raw papaya for about 2-3 hours.

Apart from that, also use kiwi or lemon marinade mixed with pepper and salt so that the goat meat doesn’t smell and is tough.

This mixture can help the process of breaking down the dense fibers in goat meat. When the fibers break down, the meat will be more tender and ready to be cooked. Marinating also makes the goat meat more delicious and juicy !

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  1. Boil or Grill Meat

According to Dr. Devia , the healthiest way to cook goat meat is by roasting and boiling. Avoid frying meat because it can add fat.

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Then, simmering the goat meat slowly for more than three hours at a low temperature can help make the meat more tender. What is delicious boiled goat on the menu? You can try making curry or mutton soup!

Then, according to the USDA, use temperatures up to 71 degrees Celsius to cook ground lamb. Meanwhile, grilling lamb steaks can be done at temperatures up to 62 degrees Celsius.

So that the goat meat is not gamey and is more delicious, don’t hesitate to add other spices such as coriander, garlic and shallots, ginger, and so on according to taste.

Well, you are no longer confused, right, how to cook tender goat meat that doesn’t smell gamey? If you want to know other safe and healthy meat cooking tips, download the KlikDokter application !

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