How Many Calories in Pudding?


Pudding is an easy-to-make milk dessert that is loved by all ages. Pudding, which is actually an English dessert, can be prepared in a short time and served chilled for a while. This dessert, which consists of milk, starch and flavors, is even sold ready-made on the market shelves due to the high interest. It is a dessert especially loved by children. Because it contains sugar, it is among the sweets that should be consumed in moderation by people who are under weight control. An alternative is presented to include pudding in diet nutrition. Puddings with chia seeds are considered healthier and easier to digest.

The calorie information of pudding, which flavors the palate with banana, cocoa, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, mastic and many more types, has been examined and prepared for you on this page. It’s time to take a look at the details you need to pay attention to before eating pudding!

How Many Calories in Cocoa Pudding?

Recommended for chocolate and cocoa lovers, cocoa pudding partially ends their sweet crisis. When chocolate and cocoa are consumed, serotonin hormone is secreted and the person feels happy and peaceful for a while. That’s why when blood sugar drops, people want to eat desserts like cocoa pudding. Let’s take a look at the calorie information of cocoa pudding:

  • How many calories in 1 package of cocoa pudding: 203 calories
  • 1 cup of cocoa pudding: 99 calories
  • 1 serving of cocoa pudding: 132 calories

How Many Calories in Banana Pudding?

Banana pudding, which leaves a pleasant taste on the palate with its banana flavor, can also be used as a cream in various desserts. You can also use banana pudding while making a cake. This will give your cake a banana flavor. If you are wondering about the calorie information before eating banana pudding, you can remember our list:

  • How many calories in 1 bowl of banana pudding: 154 calories
  • 1 package of banana pudding: 154 calories

How Many Calories in Vanilla Pudding?

Vanilla pudding is the lightest and simplest of the pudding varieties. It is prepared by adding vanilla flavoring. Vanilla pudding is also a popular delicacy. Before serving the vanilla pudding, you can sprinkle cinnamon on it to make it more delicious. If you pay attention to your portions, you should definitely consider the numbers in the list:

  • How many calories in 1 bowl of vanilla pudding: 154 calories
  • 1 package of vanilla pudding: 154 calories

How Many Calories in Strawberry Pudding?

Strawberry, the delicious fruit of the summer season, is here with its pudding flavor. Strawberry pudding that smells like summer can be a good idea to spice up your sweet hours. Even just a bowl of strawberry pudding can meet your daily energy needs. If you pay attention to your calorie intake during the day, you can also take a look at the calories in strawberry pudding:

  • 1 serving of strawberry pudding: 163 calories

How Many Calories in Chia Pudding?

Chia seeds are a sought-after grain in dietetic diets. Due to its effect on metabolism, it is used in every way from salad to dessert. In recent years, there is no flavor that has not been tried with chia seeds. This time, chia appears in pudding. But this pudding is nothing like the sugary and heavy puddings you know. When you consume chia pudding, which is prepared very easily and with few ingredients, we can express the amount of calories you will receive as follows:

  • 1 tablespoon of chia pudding: 10 calories
  • 1 serving of chia pudding: 191 calories

How Many Calories in Biscuit Pudding?

Biscuit pudding is almost everyone’s childhood cake. Its preparation in minutes has added this dessert to practical recipes. Moreover, it has made itself loved by its delicious taste. It is an ideal dessert suggestion for tea pleasures and sudden guests. In time, biscuits and pudding in dessert cups and one-person desserts began to be prepared. If you’re wondering how many calories are in this sweet getaway prepared with biscuits and pudding, let’s make a calculation:

  • Small slice of biscuit pudding: 188 calories
  • A thick slice of biscuit pudding: 269 calories
  • 1 serving of biscuit pudding: 269 calories

Does Pudding Make You Gain Weight? Can it be eaten on a diet?

  • Pudding is a dessert containing sugar. For this reason, dieters and diabetics should know some details that need attention.
  • Pudding, which is prepared in a very sugary way, is not among the very healthy foods as it will increase blood sugar suddenly. In addition, starch added for consistency contains calories, so it is recommended to be consumed in a small amount.
  • If you are looking for the taste of pudding in diet nutrition, we can say that you can eat healthy pudding prepared with chia seeds.
  • You can add any fruit you wish to this healthy flavor prepared with milk and chia seeds. Thus, you make a lower calorie dessert preference.
  • Since excessive pudding consumption in a very short time can impair the health of the intestines; It can harm your metabolism. Therefore, “A dessert with pudding milk will not make me gain weight.” If you say so, we would like to remind you that you made a mistake here.
  • During the diet process, we recommend that you reward yourself with a spoon or two from time to time.
  • There is a calorie difference as well as a flavor difference between packaged puddings and homemade puddings. Packaged powder pudding and instant puddings contain sweeteners and preservatives.
  • Therefore, when you want to eat pudding in your diet, it is recommended to choose homemade puddings. You can prepare healthier desserts by using natural ingredients such as milk, molasses and flour in homemade pudding.


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