Your diet! Rules for it to be really effective


  • Rules for an effective diet
  • How to choose the right diet
  • The most important thing for the diet to be effective

We won’t get into specific healthy recipes , but think about the big picture. The only truly effective means of losing weight is a well-thought-out diet. It is preferably prepared by an experienced nutritionist.

Rules for an effective diet

When you are on a diet, you must follow some rules:

– Eat more foods containing protein;

– Eat vegetables and fruits;

– Limit fats and carbohydrates;

– Exclude alcohol from your diet;

– Get enough calcium, iron, iodine and vitamins;

– It is good to add the intake of vitamins in tablets;

– Eat as little salt as possible;

– Try not to add spice to your diet meals;

– Don’t forget to do sports;

For the diet to be effective , eat slowly, chew food thoroughly and spend more time eating. Do not eat in front of the computer, TV or while reading. The person behind these processes, without noticing it, eats a lot.

Remember! You don’t have to eat when you don’t feel like it and you’re not hungry.

These are the simple truths when you want your diet to work .

How to choose the right diet

Today there are many diets and you just need to choose the right one. Your diet should suit you and not be chosen just to bother you. You don’t have to choose a diet with unpleasant foods or a small choice of foods.

Do not follow the example of names from world show business, such as Angelina Jolie’s diet, as well as any star diets. Often this is just a bluff – a menu made by a layman that may be dangerous to your health, or a regimen that is personally prepared for someone and that probably will not work with your physique and psyche.

The most important thing for the diet to be effective

  1. Counting calories. Calorie content should be slightly lower than your energy expenditure;
  2. Diet without carbohydrates. You can not eat any fruits, flour and sugar. Such a diet is fraught with complications in the work of the gallbladder and threatens the development of atherosclerosis;
  3. Egg diet. Success can be achieved, but complications are carb-free.
  4. Low in fat. Cut out the fat and feel light and good. A very healthy diet.
  5. Fasting days: Cottage cheese, apples, cucumbers, kefir, watermelon, fish, meat. We choose the day that suits you and chase the extra pounds. Unloading days should be done every week. It is important not to overeat immediately after the end of the day – this will put a lot of strain on the stomach and all efforts will go to waste.


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