How Many Calories in a Pie?

Calories in a Pie

Börek is a legendary flavor that can be consumed at every meal in Turkish cuisine. It is the indispensable menu of invitations, breakfasts, picnics and tea pleasures. It can be prepared with hand rolled yufka as well as with ready-made phyllo dough. The flavor in it is entirely up to you. What kind of pastry do you cook most at home? Do you think how many calories you will get while eating your favorite pastry? The savory pastry opens up many kinds of appetite. With cheese, potatoes, ground beef, spinach and more. Especially since there is a lot of herbs in the Aegean region, Aegean people make pies in various ways. Now we are here to give you the calorie information of these pastries.

Since pastry is a very strong food in terms of carbohydrate and protein value, it is recommended that those who eat healthy should consume it in moderation. Dough, salt, oil and ingredients are among the foods that will make you gain weight. As long as you pay attention to the portion control, you can leave yourself to the indescribable taste of the pastry. It is recommended that you do not prefer acidic drinks as a drink with it. But first, you will need to get the answer to the question of how many calories in the burrito.

How Many Calories in Meat Pie?

The stuffing prepared with minced meat and vegetables meets with phyllo dough. After the final touches are given, the pastry tray sent to the hot oven returns with a wonderful visual. Meat pie, which opens the appetite, is enjoyed by many people. If there is a strong tea or ayran with it, there is no need to say more, but we have to explain the calories 🙂

  • How many calories in 1 slice of pastry with 100 grams of minced meat: 248 calories
  • How many calories in 1 portion of mince pie: 248 calories
  • 250 grams of minced meat pie slice: 620 calories

How Many Calories in Cheese Pie?

You may have ordered yourself a hot burrito while trying to get to work. In the first light of the morning, the cheese pie, which fills your stomach with its warm taste, is on your plate as a food that keeps you full for a long time. The feeling of the melted cheese on the palate makes you want to eat another slice. So how many calories are in a cheese pie?

  • How many calories in 1 thinly sliced ​​burrito: 130 calories
  • A medium slice of cheese pie: 194 calories
  • A thick slice of cheese pie: 259 calories
  • Medium serving cheese pie: 389 calories
  • Large serving cheese pie: 583 calories

How Many Calories in Spinach Pie?

Spinach is one of the winter vegetables that attracts attention with its health benefits. Spinach pastry will take a little longer to make. Since spinach grows on the ground and close to the ground, it needs to be cleaned very well. When cleaning is not taken care of, it prepares the environment for the formation of sand and stones in the kidneys. Those who meet the taste of spinach pastry can almost finish the whole tray. If you don’t pay attention to the size, the spinach pie can make you gain weight. Do you know the amount of calories you will get when you eat spinach pie? Here are those numbers:

  • Thin slice of spinach pie: 194 calories
  • A medium slice of spinach pie: 295 calories
  • 100 grams of spinach pie slice: 155 calories

How Many Calories in Potato Pie?

Potato pie, which is a popular flavor among the pastry varieties, is consumed with pleasure at tea parties. The fact that potatoes contain carbohydrates and starch may make people think of those who will consume potato pie. You ask why? Because the glycemic index of potato pie is very high. If you are on a diet and are afraid of gaining weight, you can make yourself happy by tasting a potato pie. When you exceed the portion limit, the numbers you see on the scale will also change. Here are the calories that the potato pie will give you:

  • Thin slice of potato pie: 136 calories
  • A medium slice of potato pie: 272 calories
  • A thick slice of potato pie: 408 calories
  • A 200-gram serving of potato fritters: 544 calories

How Many Calories in Raw Pastry?

Raw borek, one of the types of borek, is actually a Crimean-Tatar cuisine delicacy. The stuffing, which is prepared with minced meat, onions and spices, is added between the hand rolled dough and fried for a short time in plenty of oil. Its appearance has a unique feature. The raw pastry, which is closed in the shape of a half moon, is consumed very often in Ankara and Eskişehir in our country. We have added the calorie values ​​of raw burrito to our list for those who consume frequently and provide weight control:

  • One medium raw burrito: 264 calories
  • A 140-gram serving of raw burrito: 528 calories

How Many Calories in Puff Pastry?

An ideal dough for those who have little time and those who like crispy flavors, puff pastry is an extremely oily pastry dough. It is used not only in pastries but also in many desserts. The most distinctive feature of puff pastry dough is that it has many layers and is oily. You can create great flavors with puff pastry that you can prepare in a few minutes. Fillet pastry with cheese, olives, vegetables, pizza and herbs can cheer up your stomach. Of course, do not forget about the possibility of gaining weight in this case.

Puff Pastry with Sausage:

  • One puff pastry with sausage: 93 calories
  • One serving of puff pastry with sausage: 186 calories

Puff Pastry with Cheese:

  • One puff pastry with cheese: 212 calories
  • 100 grams of puff pastry with cheese: 302 calories

How Many Calories in Leek Pie?

If there is leek in the freezer, you can make a pie and consume it deliciously. Leek is a vegetable that should be consumed abundantly in winter days. It protects the health of your intestines with its fibrous structure. After sautéing the leek a little, bring it together with the phyllo dough. Look what a delicious pastry it will turn out to be! So how many calories are in a leek pie?

  • One slice of leek pie: 217 calories
  • One serving of leek fritters: 433 calories

How Many Calories in Eggplant Pie?

Eggplant pastry is a type of pastry that draws attention with its delicious taste. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for dietary nutrition as it is prepared with phyllo and various ingredients. But by eating a very thin slice, you can sacrifice bread during the day. The calories that the pastry prepared with eggplant will give you are as follows:

  • One slice of eggplant pie: 214 calories

How Many Calories in Pumpkin Pie?

Zucchini is a vegetable consumed in many ways in the kitchen. When combined with yufka, it will come out of the oven as a pumpkin pie and will cheer up your stomach. Did you know that the pumpkin pie you eat with a great appetite can also make you gain weight? If you consume it in moderation, you can continue weight control. So, we can take a look at the calorie values ​​in pumpkin pie from the list:

  • One slice of pumpkin pie: 164 calories
  • One serving of pumpkin pie: 328 calories

How Many Calories in Green Lentil Pie?

The meeting of green lentils with spices after boiling forms the main ingredient of lentil pastry. Lentil fritters are also a food high in protein and carbohydrates. It is recommended to stay away from bread for a few meals while consuming lentil pastry. The amount of calories that lentil pastry will give you can be expressed as follows:

  • One slice of green lentil pie: 328 calories


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