How Is Back Pain Treated? 6 Herbal Remedy

How Is Back Pain Treated

Especially in the modern age, where desk jobs are increasing, pain occurs in various parts of our body due to inactivity. The back region is also among the regions where pain complaints are most common. Which of us does not feel the need to put our hands on our back at least once a day and give a light massage? Back pain relief can sometimes be a light massage, while sometimes it may require more serious treatments.

How Is Back Pain Treated?

  • Banana peel application
  • Herbal tea support
  • Massage with herbal oils
  • Potato Cabbage Massage
  • Garlic – Turmeric
  • Clove

According to studies, one in five people suffer from back pain at some point in their life. If back pain is severe and accompanied by other alarming symptoms, you should definitely consult a specialist. You can try natural methods that can be applied at home for back pain caused by reasons such as inactivity, staying in the same position and stress.

If you say how to get rid of back pain and what can be done at home , applying hot and cold compresses can relieve the pain. It is beneficial to apply compresses for more than 15-20 minutes. In addition, small exercises and movements that will relieve the aching area can also be effective. If you say how to get rid of back pain and what can be done as an exercise, first of all, put your hands on your neck in a sitting position. Then you will need to get help from someone. The helper should press your elbows slightly back 4-5 times with their hands while your back is firmly against a straight chair back.

If you are going to exercise alone, you can put your right hand on the left side of your head and relax your head to the right, and you can do this exercise in the opposite direction. Moving your shoulders up and down, back and forth and circularly can also reduce back pain.

You may also be thinking that it is possible to relieve back pain with massage . It is possible to relieve pain caused by fatigue and working in the same position all the time, with massage. Even light massage movements on your shoulders and neck can be effective to relieve your back pain.

How Is Back Pain Treated? 6 Herbal Remedy

We take advantage of nature’s blessings for many ailments. If you say what is good for back pain, we can say that you can apply to nature in it. You can use herbal methods to relieve back pain. Of course, the issue of whether there is a serious illness underlying the pain should first be clarified by consulting a specialist.

1) Banana Peel Application

We know the taste and nutritional content of bananas, but do you know the benefits of banana peel? The relevant part of this article is that the banana peel is good for pain.


  • 1 banana

Preparation of:

  • Rub the inner side of the banana peel on your back with light massage movements.
  • You will see that your pain is relieved.
  • Moreover, banana nourishes and rejuvenates your skin.

2) Herbal Tea Support

Herbal teas come to our aid in many ways. You can also consume herbal teas for back pain. Chamomile, anise and basil teas are effective options in this regard. Herbal teas are good for back pain due to different reasons, thanks to the content that reduces inflammation and eliminates stress.


  • 1 pinch of herbal tea (Chamomile, anise or basil)

Preparation of:

  • Boil the desired amount of water according to the ratio of 1 pinch of herbal tea for 1 cup.
  • After the water boils, put your herbal tea material in it.
  • After 5-10 minutes of brewing, your tea will be ready.
  • Soaking the herbs in more water can make your tea taste bitter; Therefore, we recommend that you strain it immediately after brewing.

3) Massage with Herbal Oils

Herbal teas as well as oils can relieve back pain. In particular, some vegetable oils are very effective in relaxing your muscles and joints.


  • 5-10 drops of thyme, peppermint, almond, coconut and/or eucalyptus oil.

Preparation of:

  • You can apply these oils individually or as a mixture.
  • Apply the vegetable oil to your back with the help of a cotton ball and massage in circular motions.
  • If you are going to do the application yourself, you can apply by attaching an oily cotton to the end of a back scratching stick.
  • After the massage, it will be beneficial to wait for your skin to absorb the vegetable oils.

4) Potato – Cabbage Massage

You can also use different vegetables besides vegetable oils to massage your back.


  • 1 raw mashed potato or sauerkraut

Preparation of:

  • What you will do is very simple; wrap raw mashed potatoes or sauerkraut, which has cooled after boiling, in a cloth.
  • It will be enough to press this cloth with strong movements on the parts of your back that hurts.

5) Garlic – Turmeric

If you are experiencing back pain caused by mild inflammation, you may be able to get rid of the pain by changing your diet.


  • 1-2 cloves of garlic or turmeric

Preparation of:

  • You can also relieve your back pain by adding foods and spices with antibacterial properties such as garlic and turmeric to your meals.
  • You can benefit from garlic and turmeric, especially if you are researching how to get rid of back pain in a cold.
  • If your meal time has not come yet, you can add garlic or turmeric to yogurt and consume it as a snack.

6) Clove Miracle

How to cure back pain is a question also examined by İbrahim Saraçoğlu, and in response, Saraçoğlu recommends cloves.


a few cloves

Preparation of:

  • You can swallow the cloves with water without chewing. To increase the effect, you can break the cloves and drink them with water.
  • You can also consume cloves by adding them to the black tea you brew.

What are the Causes of Back Pain?

The most important cause of back pain is working at a desk. Back pain may even become unavoidable, especially if there is no proper sitting arrangement and if you spend long hours in a slightly hunched posture. If you do not sit in a healthy position and do not do simple exercises to prevent staying in the same position for long hours, back pain can also lead to poor posture in the long run.

When you say what is good for back pain, you want to find a solution at home , sometimes the methods you apply may not be enough. Because it can cause serious discomfort to your pain. We can list the diseases that are among the symptoms of back pain as follows:

  • Lung diseases
  • Heart diseases
  • Gallbladder ailments
  • Calcification problems
  • Ankylosing spondylitis, which is more common in adolescence
  • Shingles, inflammation of the nerve endings
  • spinal cord inflammation
  • If there is weakness, numbness or tingling in the arms as well as back pain, the possibility of neck hernia is high.
  • Tension-based, nervous problems are seen in many of those who apply to the doctor asking how to get rid of sudden back pain.
  • Some of the people who consult a specialist with a complex complaint about how the lung back pain goes away, are found to be caused by a lung tumor.
  • Another discomfort that is among the symptoms of back pain is fibromyalgia, that is, soft tissue rheumatism. In fibromyalgia, general body pain can be felt as well as back pain.
  • Scoliosis, the name of which you may not have heard of, or curvature of the spine can also cause back pain.
  • In particular, rheumatic diseases, which can cause awakening from sleep at night, can cause pain in the back.
  • Although it is a low probability, let’s add; Severe back pain hitting the scapula can be a sign of a heart attack.
  • Back pain is not actually a disease itself; is a symptom of a disease. Therefore, the source of the pain should be well investigated and the problem should be resolved radically. Thus, as the underlying problem disappears, back pain automatically disappears.

Which Department Takes Care of Back Pain?

If you are researching how to get rid of back pain , you must have been suffering from these pains for a long time. If the questions about how the back pain goes and which doctor can find a solution for these pains, your problem has reached a serious level. If you want to consult a specialist but are confused about which doctor or hospital department to go to for back pain, we can help you.

Let’s start with the definition of back pain first:

  • If you have pain starting from your ribs to your legs and you cannot stand for a long time,
  • If your movements are limited when turning right and left,
  • If you have a stressful feeling in your legs,
  • If your sleep quality has decreased, it means you have back pain and are experiencing the negative consequences.

For the treatment of your back pain:

  • If the source of your pain is your bones, you should go to the orthopedics department in the hospital .
  • The doctors of the neurology department take care of the back pain caused by nerve compression .
  • In advanced stages , you may also need to go to the physical therapy department and work with the specialists there.
  • If the source of the pain is stress and psychological problems, consulting a psychologist will help you solve your problem radically.

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