Hot Water Bag: Benefits and Harms, What Does It Do?

Hot Water Bag

Hot Water Bag; On days when the hot season changes and the weather gets cold, solutions are sought to keep the body warm. Thick knit sweaters, wool socks, cotton clothes and winter shoes are among these solutions. With these alternatives outside the house, body temperature is balanced. But what if you want to protect yourself when you come home? What do you do to protect your body at home and outside?

We will talk about a product that is used by almost everyone, especially people with low blood rate. We will re-examine what is known about hot water bags that preserve boiled water , and we will enlighten you with the existing damages. We offer you details that will save your life with tricks so that you do not experience accidents while you want to warm up a little.

When you look at the different answers in the list of what a hot water bag is good for, you may be surprised to see how useful a tiny invention can be. Here are the unknown aspects of hot water bags that are with you like a savior whenever you are cold…

What is a Hot Water Bag?

  • Hot water bag, also known as thermofor; It is a product made of materials such as rubber, filled with hot water and preserving the heat of this hot water for a certain period of time.
  • It is generally preferred in cold situations and cold days.
  • It has such a widespread use that; You can see all kinds and colors of hot water bags in the market.
  • Hot water bags, which are produced for all ages, are sold in the market with smaller sizes for children.
  • It is used with a cover in order to attract attention and not to scare children.
  • These covers can be cotton, fleece and patterned. While this hot water bag cover becomes attractive for children, it also protects all users from the burning effect of hot water.
  • Doctors recommend using hot water bags with a protective cover.

What Does a Hot Water Bag Do?

  • Care must be taken when using hot water bags.
  • With possible carelessness, explosions may occur and injuries may occur as a result of these explosions.
  • The explosion of hot water bags, which happened to many people in our country before, caused injuries in different ways.
  • The situation has reached such a serious level that; Even fatal accidents were reported in the news.
  • It is necessary to know the rules of use in order to avoid unfortunate situations.
  • It is not suitable for diabetics to use hot water bags and is not recommended by doctors. The same is true for people with neurological disorders. Since these patients experience numbness, they cannot feel a possible burning and irritation.
  • This issue should not be ignored in order not to cause wounds on the skin.
  • Using a hot water bag without knowing the cause of the pain can become harmful to the person.
  • So, what does the hot water bag do and when can it be used? Especially those who suffer from menstrual pain know the answer to this question very well. A hot water bottle can be an ideal heater for the menstrual period .
  • However , if a hot water bag is used for pain caused by infection, this will cause the infection to spread faster throughout the body. A hot water bag is applied immediately, especially for pain in the abdomen. If this pain is caused by appendicitis, hot water applied to the body rapidly enlarges the appendix and can cause it to burst in a short time.
  • It is recommended to use it with its sheath in order to prevent a possible explosion. It is also not suitable for direct contact with the skin.
  • If you do not have a cover, it will be healthier to wrap it with a cloth and use it. If your skin is sensitive, you should choose different ways to warm up.
  • Hot water bags can cause burns, as well as cause redness with the effect of heat.
  • Another answer to the question of what the hot water bag is used for is that it is a savior for muscle aches and times when tension is felt.
  • Especially if you are experiencing stress-related pain, a hot water bottle can help you relax and relax.
  • There is another question of interest. Is hot water bag good for diarrhea? When you have diarrhea, an infection occurs in your body and hot water makes the infection even more active. It also accelerates the pain. It is not recommended to use a hot water bag in cases of diarrhea.
  • The temperature of the water to be added to the hot water bag is also an important factor. The sudden addition of boiling water into the bag causes it to explode. Therefore, allow the boiling water to rest for at least 5 minutes.
  • Do not apply a hot water bottle in case of fracture or joint dislocation. Edema can be collected in the problem area with the effect of hot water. This will cause swelling in the bone.
  • A hot water bag is applied to stomach cold, which is one of the most common problems on cold and cool days.
  • In such cases, it will be healthier to stay in the lower part of the abdomen. Never sit on it while using it. Also, do not apply pressure, otherwise an explosion may occur and burns may occur with boiling water inside.
  • To add hot water to your heater, first boil water with a kettle or teapot. Then let the hot water rest for 5 minutes. Hold your hot water bottle slightly inclined and fill it. Do not fill the water up to the mouth of the bag.
  • Be sure to leave space for air inside. Otherwise, pressure may build up and the bag may burst.
  • It will have a lid that acts as a valve for you to close your bag. Turn it until you are sure it is closed and then check it. If there is no leakage, you can heat the area deemed necessary.

Hot Water Bag Benefits: What Is It Good For?

  • Hot water is known to accelerate blood circulation. Especially in the complaints of low back and neck pain, hot water is applied.
  • Experts answer the question “Is a hot water bag good for the waist” for two different situations. A hot water bag can be applied for new back and neck stiffness.
  • They state that it would be more appropriate to apply cold instead of hot water for fracture and post-traumatic pain.
  • Does a hot water bag make menstruation break? Does a hot water bottle work for menstrual cramps?
  • You can relax your blood circulation by using a hot water bag during your painful and painful menstrual periods.
  • Even though it’s called a hot water bag, you can apply cold water in case of crush or sprain with the cold water you add.
  • You can also heat your bed with your hot water bag. Thus, it will also save you economically.
  • With the benefits of hot water bags, it will create a more comfortable sleep environment for you.
  • The hot water bag will also relieve the pain of hemorrhoids. Although it is not a factor that ends the disease, it can at least temporarily relieve the pain.
  • An alternative answer to the question of what is a hot water bag good for is for those whose feet are constantly cold, when you put the hot water bag on your feet while lying under a blanket in front of the TV, especially on cold winter days, you will feel cold immediately.

What are the Harms of Hot Water Bags?

  • If there is an infection in the body, the infection can spread to the body faster with the effect of hot water.
  • Causes irritation on sensitive skin.
  • It can cause even more swelling in people with edema.
  • It is not considered appropriate to use in people with stones in the gallbladder. It causes the stone to grow even more.
  • Possible explosions and burns are also among the damages of hot water bags.
  • Another issue that experts draw attention to is the concern “Is the hot water bag harmful to pregnant women” . During pregnancy, expectant mothers should maintain their body temperature. They advise not to rise above their own temperature.
  • Since the sudden heat that will occur in the body will greatly affect the blood circulation, it can endanger the health of the fetus.
  • They also add that a short-term hot water bag can be applied from time to time for pain that occurs during the pregnancy period. If it becomes a habit, it will pose a risk of miscarriage.

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