How to Remove Stains from Silk Fabric?

How to Remove Stains from Silk Fabric

Although silk fabrics are very advantageous in terms of use, they are among the fabric types that need to be paid utmost attention due to their many features.

Although silk fabrics are very advantageous in terms of use, they are among the fabric types that need to be paid utmost attention due to their many features. Silk fabrics are among the fabric types that need to be treated carefully in terms of cleaning.  Dry cleaning must be done to remove stains on these types of fabric.

How to remove stains from silk fabrics?

The first thing to do when removing stains from silk fabrics is to remove the stain from the fabric. First, a clean cloth moistened with cold water is applied to the area where the stain is located to remove the stain from the fabric. After this process, you should sprinkle talcum powder on the area to remove the stain from that area and then press it so that the powder is thoroughly absorbed into the area.

It would be better to wait for the fabric to sit overnight so that the powder can penetrate the stain better. Once you are sure that the fabric has waited long enough, you can wash it by hand with water and gently clean it by rubbing it with shampoo. After you finish the washing process, you will move on to drying. Do not use a dryer for drying, hang it in a place where the fabric can dry on its own.

Tea and coffee stain

If hairs from drinks such as tea or coffee have formed on silk fabrics, you can apply a tampon to the stained area with a sponge moistened with warm water. After applying the tampon, apply some glycerin to the stained area and then rub it gently on this area and wait for half an hour. After adding, rinse the silk fabric with warm water and then apply drying procedures.

Blood stain

It is the most difficult blood stain to remove from silk fabrics. In order to remove it during blood transfusions, you can gently wipe the stained area by combining cold water and salt mixture, applying a gentle tampon to the area with the resulting mixture. Then, after rinsing with cold water again, you can finish the cleaning by proceeding with the drying process.

Sweat Stains

Ammonia is also used to clean silk fabrics. Especially in sweat stains or stains caused by make-up, ammonia will remove the stains better. However, in order to use ammonia to remove stains, it must be diluted with water. The ratio of ammonia and water should be measured exactly. After removing the stain from the fabric, the silk fabric should be hand washed with cold water and allowed to dry normally..

Apart from these methods, specially produced stain removers are also used to remove stains on silk fabrics. Cleaning agents such as bleach should never be used on silk fabrics. After removing stains on silk fabrics, washing should always be done with cold water and natural drying methods should be preferred instead of drying the clothes.

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