Okra Benefits – 10 Healings That Will Make Even Those Who Don’t Like It

Okra Benefits

Okra is a plant that loves hot climates, especially adapts to South Asia and West Africa. Okra, which is collected without waiting for maturation, has a highly nucleated structure. Okra, which is consumed to flavor vegetable dishes in many countries, is also consumed for medicinal purposes in the Asian region. It has a secret feature that eliminates many ailments with its healing properties. Okra, which is also grown in our country, is referred to by the name of the land where it grows. Balıkesir, Sultani, Bornova and Amasya okra varieties are very famous and delicious.

For more information about the okra plant, whose general characteristics we have mentioned, continue reading our article.

What are the Benefits of Okra?

  • Okra is among the vegetables that will support you in your weight loss process. There are about 3 grams of fiber in 100 grams of okra. Fiber has an active role in the functioning of your intestines. It is also a source of nutrients that will make you feel full throughout the day.
  • The balancing feature of stomach acids also draws attention among the benefits of okra. We will recommend you to eat okra to prevent stomach ailments. One of the remedies for serious diseases such as reflux and ulcer will be okra.
  • When you want to buy plant-based protein, okra may come to your mind. You can meet high quality vegetable proteins through okra.
  • Okra is in the group of antioxidant foods. Since it is rich in vitamins A and C, you can consume it to remove harmful substances accumulated in your body.
  • To protect your skin and keep it healthy, okra will be a good source of nutrients.
  • Okra also prevents eye problems such as cataracts. If you want to have healthy eyes, you should take care to consume okra.
  • Okra, which is also effective for respiratory diseases, is a useful vegetable to reduce the effect of asthma in conditions such as asthma.
  • Okra is a food that diabetic patients should consume frequently with its benefits to sugar. It keeps your sugar level in the ideal balance by regulating blood sugar.
  • Since it is a vegetable with a high water content, it prevents the occurrence of intestinal problems. Therefore, if you consume okra, you can easily get rid of intestinal complaints such as constipation.
  • In addition, okra is a food that should be consumed for people of all ages with its immune system strengthening feature. You should take care to eat okra in its season.

Benefits of Okra Seed

  • Okra seed will be very effective when consumed as coffee in bronchitis disease. It softens the throat and allows you to breathe more easily.
  • Okra seed, which is high in fiber, is recommended for people with a weak immune system. It strengthens your immunity and protects you from diseases.
  • Okra seed, which will be preferred for those who have intestinal problems, will prevent intestinal problems due to its fiber source.

What are the Benefits of Okra Juice?

When you boil the okra and rest the water, you can get okra juice. Okra juice contains vitamins and minerals that okra has. If you are looking for slimming methods with okra, you can consume okra juice.

Apart from slimming, another area where you can evaluate okra juice; hair care and health. You can wash your hair with okra water during the shower. If this application is regular, you can add volume and shine to your hair. Okra and okra juice are very useful. If you have questions about the harms of okra, we can put your mind at ease. Because okra is not harmful. Only too much consumption can tire your stomach.

Does Okra Juice Make You Weak?

Okra is a low-calorie food. The calorie amount of 100 grams of okra meal is about 30 calories. The juice of okra, whose food is so light, is just as light and effective. Okra juice regulates digestion. It eliminates intestinal problems. It removes the edema accumulated in your body. It activates the good bacteria in the intestines. As a result of these features, it has an important place among the vegetables that support weight loss. When you want to lose weight with okra juice, it is recommended to be consumed regularly and patiently.

Okra Calories and Nutritional Value

Okra is a vegetable with high nutritional value. It is powerful in terms of iron, magnesium, vitamins A, C and K. It is one of the sources of folic acid that should be taken during pregnancy. 100 grams of okra meets almost 20% of the amount of folic acid that should be taken during the day. This figure is quite satisfactory. In addition, the amount of calories in 100 grams of okra is very low. 100 grams of okra containing 30 calories can be preferred in diet and healthy nutrition programs.

For those who love okra food, it will be good to share a healthy knowledge. The calorie information of a serving of okra with olive oil is 77 calories. It can be consumed with pleasure and peace of mind. Okra is also beneficial in terms of protein. You can gain 3 grams of protein from 1 serving of okra.

Okra Cure İbrahim Saracoğlu Recipe

Doctor İbrahim Saraçoğlu, who is interested in plant science, recommends okra cure for diabetics. It emphasizes that you slice 3 or 4 okra lengthwise and add it to a glass of water at room temperature. It will be healthier if you prepare it in the evening and drink it the next morning. It states that blood sugar is balanced in people who regularly apply okra cure.

How is the Okra Diet Made?

Those who try the okra diet to lose weight state that they get rid of their edema within a few days and feel better. While following the okra diet, you will continue to eat what you eat as always. A little more selectively, of course. You can consume low-fat meals during this diet. In addition to the diet, you will add okra juice. You should consume okra juice 3 times a day, in the morning, noon and evening. With okra juice, your intestines will work and you will get rid of your edema. Keep okra juice from your meals regularly for 7 days. After 7 days, you can see the lightness of the scale with your eyes.

Delicious Okra Dishes Recipes with Tips

If you want to prepare delicious and healthy recipes with okra, this title is just what you are looking for! To see the many benefits of okra first on your plate and then on your body, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Delicious okra recipes are with you…

1) Okra Meal With Its Delicious Smell

If your okra is waiting to be cooked in the freezer, this recipe contains information on how to cook okra. There are many reasons to have okra in your kitchen. Click on our recipe for a delicious dinner. 

2) Meatless Okra Meal Flavor Suitable for Dietary Nutrition

If you are eating light and healthy foods, the meatless okra meal will be a very appropriate recipe. When you want to prepare an easy and practical okra dish, we await you with this recipe with its delicious details. 

3) Konya Style Okra Soup, Famous for Its Great Taste

The people of Konya gather in this recipe. How about trying okra as a soup? Okra soup, which is frequently consumed in Konya, will be a guest at your dinner as a different flavor. Click to try! 

4) Crispy Flavor in Okra: Corn Flour Okra Fries

You always prepared okra as a juicy dish, right? With this suggestion, you will love okra even more. Okra fried with corn flour leaves a delicious taste on the palate of those who try it. If you’re wondering, here’s the recipe! 

5) Meals That Keep You Full With Chickpea Okra Meal

You can add different flavors to okra dishes with small touches. Chickpeas are used in this flavor stop. Let’s leave our recipe as follows to learn other details about the okra dish. You will love it when you try it. 

6) Vegetable Inspired Ravioli: Okra Ravioli

When you want to eat a low-calorie ravioli, okra ravioli will be a very delicious recipe. Don’t be left without trying the okra ravioli that will fill your stomach with its appetizing appearance. Come on schedule now! 

7) Don’t Be Left Who Doesn’t Try: Okra Pickle

In the magic kitchens, where anything can be pickled, okra finally took its place in pickle jars. With this recipe, you can easily and practically make pickled okra. Here is the recipe for those who are curious about its taste: 

8) Try Okra: Okra Kebab

You will love this dish, in which okra is cooked in a very different way from the usual cooking technique. You can crown the taste of okra kebab with a pilaf of rice. If your appetite is just right, here is the recipe:  

9) Dried Okra Feast with Lamb Meat

The high protein of lamb meat and the abundant vitamin of dried okra meet on the same plate. Do not forget to add this recipe with step-by-step cooking tips to your recipe book. You will love it when you try it. 

10) Another Different Interpretation: Fried Okra with Olive Oil

You can get the benefits of okra this time with the flavor of fried okra in olive oil. You can click on our recipe to accompany your meals at breakfasts and all meals:  

11) Okra Pan Flavor from Urfa Region

If you are wondering how to cook okra and how to present it, this recipe will be on point. You will also love the okra pan, which is frequently prepared and served in the Urfa region. Click on the recipe to share this flavor! 

12) Storing Okra in the Freezer for the Winter for Delicious Meals

For those who want to eat okra out of season, this recipe includes suggestions for storing okra from the beauties of the freezer. Everything you need to do for long-lasting okra is presented to you here.


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