From The Heart: A Gift-Giving Guide For All Five Love Languages

A Gift-Giving Guide

Human beings are social creatures. We thrive when connected to friends, family and colleagues. Left in isolation, we can quickly deteriorate; that’s why it’s essential to remain connected to your network if possible. Sure, a little time on your own is fine and is necessary for introverts, but too much time alone is bad company. 

And your life partner – whether your spouse or de facto partner- is someone you can connect with on a deeper level. A romantic relationship can mean genuinely getting to know someone, flaws and all. For some people, it also means raising children, fur babies, or both – together. Yet how do you show your appreciation for your special someone? This helpful article will share from the heart, and you’ll learn how to give gifts that speak all five love languages. Read on to discover more.

Receiving Gifts

Receiving gifts is one of the five love languages. Some people feel loved when their partner buys them a gift. You can get a heartfelt gift for someone who values this love language. For instance, buying them some restaurant gift cards can be an excellent way to let them feel the love of receiving a gift. Perhaps they have a favourite eatery, or a favoured cuisine, in which case a gift card for that venue is an excellent idea. They will truly feel valued and unique, knowing that you care for them enough to give them this incredible gift. If you both dine out together as they use the gift card, you get a bonus gift in another love language – quality time.

For other ideas for this love language, think about their tastes and preferences and try to choose a gift that speaks to these, that they will appreciate receiving. 

Quality Time – Activities

Spending quality time together is another of the five love languages. If your partner loves to spend time with you, you can give them a gift, which means you’re guaranteed to spend time together. For instance, you could take them to a fun activity such as mini golf, laser tag, rock climbing or an escape room. These are perfect ideas for an active person. Or suppose your partner is more into absorbing culture than physical activities, in which case a trip to an art gallery, tickets to a play or Opera or seeing a favourite band of theirs is a great idea. 

Acts of Service

Here are some gift ideas for people who value their partner’s actions and how they demonstrate their care. Acts of service as a love language means these people value being cared for or how their partner’s actions speak louder than words. A great gift idea for this love language is to create an IOU booklet. You can create pages of the booklet that are like coupons they can tear off. You might offer to do their weekly chores, give them a foot massage, or run them a sensual bath with oils and salts. Some other ideas could be giving them a sleep-in on the weekend or offering to mind the kids while they go and enjoy some time with friends.

Words of Affirmation

Some people with this love language value their partner’s words to affirm their love. An excellent example of demonstrating this love language is during wedding vows. A gift idea for this love language is to write them a poem and read it to them on a special night. If you are musically inclined, you could write them a song and serenade them on a date night. Some other gift ideas include a watch or bracelet engraved with a message of love or writing seven things you love about them and giving it to them in a note each morning. 

Physical Touch

Finally, this love language is about tactile connection. Some people love being touched – cuddles, snuggles and more. If your partner values this love language, there are a few gift ideas you can try out. One is to offer them a loving, long massage. Use massage oils and relaxing essential oils. You might also consider buying them a massage wand or a cosy blanket you can cuddle under. If they like to play with sensory modulation items, you can get them a gift basket full of things to fiddle and play with. You could also consider buying them a professional massage, which they might appreciate if they are particularly stiff or sore at times. 

Cupid’s Conclusion

This helpful article has been shared from the heart, and you’ve learned how to give gifts in all five love languages. This article is by no means exhaustive, and you should think about some other excellent gifts you can provide that demonstrate the five love languages. Have fun, and enjoy the gift of giving.

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