Easy Teeth Whitening Methods at Home

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Teeth Whitening Methods for Healthy Smiles

The outermost part of the teeth is called enamel. Tooth enamel is covered with a layer after a certain time with the effect of the food eaten and the drinks drunk. These layers cause tooth staining. If the necessary dental care is not done, these stains settle on the tooth enamel and cause permanent dental discomfort. For this reason, dental care should be a task that needs to be taken care of in one’s daily life.

Teeth Whitening Methods at Home

  • Carbonate
  • 3 Ingredients Teeth Whitening Cure
  • Strawberry
  • Banana peel
  • Glycerine
  • Orange peel
  • Sage
  • Carrot

Teeth whitening treatment is applied for oral and dental health. In this treatment, the layers in the tooth enamel are cleaned temporarily. Thus, the teeth appear cleaner and brighter. From time to time, teeth whitening devices need to be cleaned by a specialist. If you can’t find the opportunity to go to the dentist, we can help you with our teeth whitening natural solutions article.

Although teeth whitening prices vary according to the clinic, tooth whitening can also be performed to some extent by tooth cleaning performed in state hospitals. You don’t have to worry if teeth whitening hurts. These applications can only cause mild pain in those with sensitive teeth and gums.

To feel better with healthy smiles; The teeth whitening methods you are looking for are here!

Easy Teeth Whitening Methods at Home

You can find a practical solution at home to make your teeth look whiter. Here is the secret of a freer and more comfortable smile! Natural methods of not hiding your smile and having whiter teeth:

1) Carbonate

  • Tooth whitening with baking soda is a traditional but very effective method.
  • We can even say that this method has the strongest effect among teeth whitening types.
  • All you have to do is wet your toothbrush and dip it in some baking soda.
  • Then brush your teeth.
  • When you make this practice a habit, you will instantly notice that your teeth are whitening.

2) 3 Ingredients Teeth Whitening Cure

  • The cure you prepare with baking soda, vinegar and salt that whitens your teeth will be like medicine to you.
  • Mix the three ingredients and dip your brush into this sphere and brush your teeth.
  • The result will make you very happy and you will say that teeth whitening is possible at home too!

3) Strawberry

  • Strawberry contains malic acid.
  • This acid is effective in destroying the layers formed on the teeth.
  • Your teeth will become whiter when the layers are removed.
  • When you want to whiten your teeth with natural solutions, you can brush your teeth with mashed strawberries.

4) Banana Peel

  • You can use banana, a fruit rich in potassium, to whiten your teeth after brushing.
  • Take a small banana peel and massage it on your teeth.
  • It will clean the tartar and make your teeth look white.

5) Glycerin

  • Glycerin, which is used in many areas due to its antibacterial structure, will also be your choice to clean the dirt and layer on your teeth.
  • You can brush your teeth with glycerin once a week.

6) Orange Peel

  • You will be amazed to hear the effect of orange in whitening your teeth.
  • Mix grated orange peels with dry bay leaves and brush your teeth with this mixture.
  • With regular application every week, the result is great!

7) Sage

  • Among the herbal solutions for teeth whitening, we can count sage.
  • Regular consumption of sage will keep the teeth white all the time.
  • If you wish, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda, cinnamon and infused sage.
  • Brush your teeth regularly and without interruption with this mixture.
  • Over time, you will see that your teeth gain whiteness.

8) Carrot

  • Carrot will clean the layer formed on your teeth thanks to the acid it contains.
  • Therefore, you can massage your teeth with a carrot slice.
  • Or grate some carrots and make a paste.
  • Then brush your teeth with this paste.
  • In addition to these items, you should gain the habit of brushing your teeth daily.

Teeth Whitening Methods: Other Solutions

  • If you drink drinks with the help of a straw, your teeth will be less damaged and will not lose their whiteness easily.
  • Try to brush slowly, not fast.
  • Prefer dental floss so that the layers between the teeth do not turn your teeth yellow.
  • If you want your teeth to be whiter, the important thing is to be sure that the method you will try is healthy because the inside of the mouth is a very sensitive area.
  • You should definitely not try dangerous ways such as teeth whitening can be with bleach.
  • In addition, teeth whitening may lose its effect after a while if you consume a lot of tea and coffee and if you smoke.
  • In order to smile for a long time with white teeth, it is necessary to pay attention to these negative factors.
  • In some cases, the yellowing of the teeth is caused by genetic factors.
  • In some cases, it is seen in people who consume tea, coffee and cigarettes heavily.
  • The main reason is the neglect of dental care.
  • There are various teeth whitening methods to make your teeth look cleaner and healthier.
  • Regardless of the option used, teeth whitening is usually a process that gives immediate results.

If we examine these effective methods, they will appear as follows:

  • Laser: This method is performed by dentists in clinics with teeth whitening lasers. The laser light is kept on the teeth for the specified time. Then, tooth whitening gel suitable for the condition of the tooth is applied. The effect of the laser light is for the teeth whitening gel to be used more efficiently. The laser method, which gives results after the application, can continue with a few sessions depending on the tooth structure and discomfort. This method is known as power bleaching in the dental care field.
  • Toothpaste: Creams produced for oral care in 5000 BC are today used as toothpaste. Toothpaste are the most used and practical among teeth whitening methods. Tooth whitening paste , which is produced according to every tooth structure and age, shows its effect in regular use. The amount of use recommended by physicians is 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. The person can brush more than two teeth when he deems it necessary. There are flavored toothpaste produced by each brand at different prices on the market. It is recommended to take care of brushing your teeth to have healthy teeth.
  • Mold Whitening: The tooth mold, which is very popular among teeth whitening products, is applied by the dentist. The size of these patterns is taken by your doctor. Teeth whitening medicine is applied to the molds that the patient can easily use by himself. Generally, the molds used in the state of sleep should remain on the tooth for at least 6 hours. It continues to be applied for about 1 month. The patient applies this mold under the control of the dentist until he gets the desired result. This method is called home bleaching .
  • Whitening Pen: The savior teeth whitening pen, which has been in almost everyone’s bag lately, is attracting attention like other products. These pens, which are sold in cosmetic stores and pharmacies, have a gel that is applied on the tooth. In cases where the tooth is desired to be whitened, a pencil is applied so that it does not touch the tooth enamel. Wait 3 minutes for it to dry. After 3 minutes, it is noticed that the teeth are whitening. Suitable for natural teeth only. It is not suitable for use in children and during pregnancy.
  • Whitening Tooth Tapes: Teeth whitening tape, which is very practical for teeth whitening, is available in every pharmacy today. During the periods when you will care for your teeth, you should stick the dental tape on your upper and lower teeth. After waiting for about 30 minutes, you can brush your teeth to make them look cleaner and whiter. Teeth whitening tapes are sold in packages.
  • Tooth Powder with Whitening Effect: Teeth whitening powder, which was used many years ago, is preferred from time to time today. They usually have herbal ingredients. By adding a small amount of toothpaste, the teeth are brushed and the teeth become white with regular use.

Teeth Whitening Prices 2021

  • The cost of teeth whitening laser to be applied by a dentist who is an expert in his field may not be the same for every doctor. But in order to form a figure in your mind, we can say that it varies between 500 TL and 2000 TL.
  • Cosmetic companies produce teeth whitening devices with the aim of allowing everyone to easily whiten their teeth at home. These devices are around 150 TL in the market. The price of the teeth whitening pen, which is easier and more economical, is about 50 TL. Tooth whitening paste, which you can apply at any time during the day, is sold for 5 TL. This figure can reach up to 40 TL depending on the brands.
  • The teeth whitening tape, which you can easily carry in your bag, is sold in multiple forms in a package for approximately 25 TL.

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