Double Yolk Eggs: Is it natural?

Double Yolk Eggs

The double yolk egg, which is a matter of great curiosity how it was formed, is a large structured egg with two yolks in it. It would not be right to attribute a special meaning to it. It emerges with a form of egg laying that is completely related to the biological structure of the chicken.

Since it is larger than the other egg and contains double yolk, its nutritional value is doubled. Slightly more expensive than regular eggs; The reason is that it is large and has double yellow in it. Other than that, it has no other nutritional properties.

We’ve gathered everything you want to know about double-yolked eggs in this article! Are you ready?

How about a double yolk egg?

When the egg is cracked, everyone is happy to see that a double yolk comes out of it. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. So, how to get a double yolk egg and what’s the secret?

  • This egg is taken from young chickens with a fast metabolism.
  • The double helix ovulation pattern is the equivalent of the identical twin in humans.
  • Young chickens begin to lay eggs after 22 weeks. Since some chickens have a fast metabolism, double yolk eggs can be taken from them for 3-4 weeks starting from the 25th week.
  • One or two out of a thousand chickens lay a double yolk egg in this process. The reason for this situation is that a large number of eggs fall into the oviduct during laying and the hen takes two eggs into a single shell at the same time. That is, before the egg cells released from the ovary can separate from each other, 2 yellow structures are covered with a shell together. Thus, a double-yolked egg is formed.
  • Not only chickens but also all bird species can lay double yolk eggs.
  • But for this type of egg laying, the bird that lays eggs must have a fast working metabolism in its most productive period.

Double Yolk Egg Chickens and Their Characteristics

  • It is out of question to make a distinction as to the breed of chicken that gives double-yolked eggs.
  • Double-yolked hens are young chickens that have laid their first eggs and have just emerged from the broiler stage. Due to their fast metabolism and the stress of spawning for the first time, they return to normal after spawning this way a few times and begin to produce single yolk eggs.
  • 2-year-old chickens produce double yolk eggs as they are in the most fertile period of the laying period. This form of spawning continues for about three or four weeks. Then they switch to normal chicken egg production. In short, there is no such thing as a double yolk egg chicken.
  • There are opinions among the public that chemical supplements are made to chickens to obtain fraternal eggs; but this belief is wrong.
  • Double-yolked eggs are no different from single-yolked eggs.
  • Double yolk eggs cannot be obtained with chemical aids.
  • Only large young chickens are stronger than others, so they have a higher capacity to produce double yolk eggs.
  • Whether the egg is single-yolked or double-yolked, it contains the same characteristics; There is no difference in terms of vitamins, proteins and minerals. The nutritional value of these eggs will be higher because they have more yellow structure.
  • The nutritional value you will get from two eggs is collected in a single egg with approximate measurements.
  • Because it contains double yellow, it is not more nutritious or superior than the single wrapped one.

How to Identify a Double Yolked Egg?

Thanks to today’s marketing strategies, all food products are classified according to the features they contain and offered for sale. For this reason, double-yolked eggs are also sold in separate packages and with their characteristics. In addition, the price of double yolk eggs is more expensive than normal eggs; because this type of single egg offers the equivalent of two eggs.

  • When you buy branded eggs from large supermarkets, you can buy them knowing that they are double-yolked.
  • If you are one of those who have the habit of shopping at the markets that are common in Turkey, you can tell whether an egg has double yolk or not by looking at its size.
  • Double yolk eggs are larger than other eggs. It can even be sold in the markets by specifying this feature.
  • It is possible to encounter double-wrapped hens in every region and in every climate. In this regard, climatic conditions and nutritional conditions do not constitute decisive criteria.
  • As it is known, the eggs of chickens that are grown, roamed and fed in a free environment are more preferred.
  • They are much healthier and tastier than chicken eggs grown indoors in large production centers.
  • The light yellow or dark yellow color of the eggs is related to the diet of the chicken. Village chickens’ eggs are darker yellow.
  • As a result, it is possible to say that there is no chicken breed that is bred to produce double-yolked eggs. It is a form of egg laying related to the natural structure of chickens.

Are Double Yolked Eggs Natural? Is it healthy?

  • Like a single-yolk egg, a double-yolk egg is a very healthy and nutritious staple food.
  • It is known that it does not cause any harm.
  • Since it is not possible to produce double-yolked eggs with chemical supplements, such rumors should not be heeded.
  • The taste and nutritional values ​​of both eggs are the same.
  • Only the double-wrapped ones are higher in calories because they are larger and have a more yellow structure.
  • A double yolk egg contains 140 calories, while a single yolk contains 80 calories.
  • This type of egg laying is less common in chickens raised in a village environment.
  • This egg laying is found in crowded chicken communities in large production centers.
  • Since there is more stress in farm chickens in a closed environment, the possibility of producing double-yolked eggs is high. However, this stress does not have a negative effect on the nutritional value of the egg.
  • This egg, which is about double the size of the normal egg, cannot be laid by a special chicken breed.
  • Experts on the subject say that newly laid young chickens get stressed as they get used to this period and produce double-yolked eggs.
  • Once their ovulation habits are in order, they return to normal. However, in some poultry farms, there are reports that the chickens are particularly stressed and that they are trying to obtain double yolk eggs in this way. It is stated that it is not healthy to consume the eggs obtained as a result of this event, which is a bad process.
  • Double-yolked eggs are not incubated. Because, unfortunately, it is not possible to get chicks from these eggs. For this reason, a chicken breed that constantly lays double-yolked eggs has not been developed.
  • As a result of the researches, it was understood that the development of offspring in double-yolked eggs is not very likely. Therefore, possibly double-yolked eggs are not incubated; is offered for sale.
  • Some chickens can lay double yolk eggs for a long period of time due to genetic factors. Rarely, even if a double yolk egg is fertilized, these fertilizations are very rare.
  • The production of double-yolked eggs takes place under completely natural conditions.
  • You can find eggs with this feature everywhere. You can come across them in big grocery chains, markets, and places selling organic products. You can easily find them because they are big and bulky or their features are specified.
  • The size of these eggs is usually the size of a goose egg. Since young chickens produce eggs with this feature, those who keep chickens know in advance which chicken will make double yolk eggs and make their classification accordingly.
  • In addition, the price of double-yolked eggs is different from the others. However, whether it is a single or double yolk egg, it is a very important and essential nutrient that should be consumed.

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