How Many Calories in a Pancake?

Calories in a Pancake

The place of dough in Turkish cuisine is indisputable; but we still wanted to touch on this subject a little bit. With this article, we have added pancakes to countless foods made with dough. The pancake, which is a savior in the morning, lunchtime, dinner and sudden hunger, is a legacy from the Ottoman cuisine. In ancient times, pancakes made with handmade dough were flavored with various ingredients. All the vegetables you can think of were added to the pancake and cooked on the sheet metal. Pancakes, which share a delicious taste with a brewed tea, are now prepared in a more practical way with ready-made phyllo dough. In fact, pancakes made with phyllo pastry have become popular lately.

Pancakes are known by different names from region to region. It is called bending around Uşak, squeezing in Mediterranean cities, patile in Elazig. Regardless of its name, it flavors the tables as a type of pastry that is consumed with pleasure in all regions. Pancakes made on sheet metal, in a pan, in a toaster are a food that attracts many people’s attention. The fact that it is both warm and satisfying attracts all the attention.

Flatbread is usually made with vegetables, cheese and ground meat. Do you know that pancakes have been added to the dessert culture recently? Moreover, it is prepared with honey and cream. This innovation, which dessert lovers add to pancakes, attracts attention in many cities. The pancakes with honey and cream that flavor the dessert hours are made with a different dough than katmer dough, although it resembles katmer.

How many calories in a pancake combined with dough, oil and ingredients? You can continue reading our article to get the answer to this question. If you get hungry towards the end of the page, we have added the 5 most practical pancake recipes for you. The calorie information of the pancake, which whets the appetite with its name, will be as follows:

How Many Calories in Curd Cheese Pancake?

Cheese pancakes can be said to be the lightest and easiest to make pancakes. Whatever kind of cheese is available at home, the cheese pancake prepared by adding it will have different calories according to the salt ratio of the cheese. Let’s give the information on curd cheese according to the average salt amount. You can prepare it with cheddar, curd, feta cheese, herb cheese and other flavors according to your taste. Note that if you add too salty cheese, you will also increase the calorie count.

  • How many calories in 1 small pancake: 524 calories
  • Half portion pancake: 210 calories
  • 60-gram quarter pancake: 150 calories
  • How many calories in a large ready-made flatbread: 748 calories
  • A medium serving is 611 calories.

Even when prepared with curd cheese, which is one of the cheeses with the lowest fat content, pancakes are among the foods that are not low in calories. For this reason, “Can you eat pancakes on a diet?” The answer to the question will be no.

How Many Calories in Cheese Pancakes?

The cheddar pancake, in which the cheddar cheese melts between the dough, is one of the delicious details of breakfasts. How many calories does a pancake with cheddar contain, which fills the stomach of students, employees, intercity travelers?

  • Medium cheddar pancake is about 882 calories.
  • A 100 gram serving contains 334 calories.
  • 200 grams of cheddar pancake has 668 calories.

How Many Calories in Potato Pancakes?

Potatoes need to be boiled for a good potato pancake. Boiled potatoes are blended with various spices and are recommended as pancakes. Since phyllo and potatoes contain carbohydrates, potato pancakes are a high-calorie food. How many calories are in potato pancakes, which are frequently preferred by potato lovers?

  • How many calories are homemade pancakes with small potatoes: 393 calories
  • 90 g quarter portion potato pancake: 177 calories
  • Half a serving of potato pancakes: 344 calories
  • 350 grams of medium potato pancakes: 688 calories
  • 100 grams of potato pancake contains: 197 calories.

How Many Calories in Spinach Pancake?

Spinach is a food with high iron content. It is used in many dishes and pastries. When consumed with phyllo containing carbohydrates, almost 6 slices of bread and 2 spoons of vegetables are consumed. We can express the calorie amount of the pancake prepared with spinach as follows:

  • Half portion of spinach pancake: 321 calories
  • A quarter serving of 90 grams of spinach flatbread: 165 calories
  • Medium portion of spinach pancake: 633 calories
  • 100 grams of spinach pancake serving: 183 calories.

How Many Calories in Meat Pancake?

The glycemic index of the pancake prepared with ground beef is very high. Therefore, it should be consumed in moderation. Eating pancakes with minced meat every day will be dangerous for health. Protein and carbohydrate loading causes permanent weight after a while. Since the nutritional value of the pancake with minced meat will be high, it also affects the calorie amount. Minced pancake calorie information, which is recommended to be consumed in moderation:

  • Quarter portion of mince pancake: 192 calories
  • Half portion of mince pancake: 436 calories
  • Medium mince pancake: 667 calories
  • 340 grams of large portion of pancake with minced meat: 872 calories
  • On the other hand, 100 grams of mince pancakes contain 256 calories.


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